August 22, 2014

A knock knock joke Obama might not like

Knock knock, Mr President.

Who’s there?

ISIS. Or ISIL. Your choice.

ISIS or ISIL who?

Dude, seriously?  We just cut off a guy’s head on film, have plans to do so to another, and threatened to raise our flag over your White House.  Do you not get cable TV?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:22am

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  1. Just don’t call them evil. Try to understand their motives.

  2. From Jack Klompus’ link:

    Should we call ISIS ‘evil’?

    Should we call CNN brain-dead?

  3. Well, the good news is that if such a beheading occurs in, oh say, Topeka, he’ll only play nine.

  4. Let me be the first to say in reference to joking about Our dear Leader President.


  5. Knock knock

    Who’s there?

    Warning Titlelists on your golf-cart rooftop.

    Warning Titlelists on my golf-cart rooftop who?

    Warning Titlelists on your golf-cart rooftop before the bomb which goes off in your major city killing thousands. Fore!

  6. Knock knock

    Who’s there?

    Warning Nikes on your golf-cart rooftop.

    Warning Nikes on my golf-cart rooftop who?

    Warning Nikes on your golf-cart rooftop that the DemocratFascists are fixin’ to shove a couple of sleeves of us up your ass and bury you in a sandbunker. Fore!

  7. When does he spend time with his kids?

  8. Just don’t call them evil. Try to understand their motives.

    Figures that this idiot teaches at Macalester. Also figures that he could write a whole damned book on Japanese atrocities again the Chinese before and during WWII, and never stop to think about how much time we spent “understanding” the Japanese, versus the time we spent slaughtering them wholesale with bombs and flamethrowers. And you know what? We haven’t had to deal with their suicide bombers since. Imagine!

    I also find it instructive that he spends no time talking about the enemy’s understanding of us. Has he reflected at all about how our reputation plays a part in this farce? Does he think these animals would be so bold if they didn’t perceive us as spineless, feckless, gutless losers?

    The barn cat is old and tired, and the mice have been feasting on the farmer’s grain and mocking the old tom. Their tune will change when the farmer catches on, and replaces the old tomcat with a young, hungry, foul-tempered killing machine. But that’s not going to happen until the farmer stops listening to his soft-hearted, gentle wife, who means well enough but doesn’t understand some of life’s more unpleasant necessities.

  9. Obama not only wouldn’t like it, he probably wouldn’t get the joke.

  10. Knock, knock.

    Who’s there? [putt]


    Reality who?

    [high pitched whining sound starts…BOOM!!!]


    God: I’m told what we’ll hear on our end will be a high-pitch whining sound – that will be the President’s phone melting.

  11. I don’t blame Obama if he doesn’t like the joke, I think it’s kinda dumb too. “Do you not get cable TV?” Seriously?