August 19, 2014

So. Will Hillary Clinton’s “Bill and I are po’ folk, too!” schtick bamboozle in 2016?

Not if local reporters like this one keep speaking Truth to cronyism and neo-aristocratic indulgences.

Sorry, but the “let’s hide Barack away” strategy ain’t gonna work with Hillary. At least, I hope not. Of course, I suppose that depends on who the GOP nominates.

Because I get the feeling, say, McCain would indeed volunteer to hold her crown for her.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:15pm

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  1. After nominating Ted Cruz for veep, of course. So he can blame the wacko-birds for his INEVITABLE!!! defeat.

  2. Well McCain will never be Royals either.

  3. someone will want to have a word with Kansas City about that business of the promotion of cows, bulls and horses into a monarchy — let them know there’s a pig about to displace all that

  4. The La Cosa Clinton schtick will only succeed if the Jarrett Junto and other Juntos on the Left let it.

    What once was America is quite a different place than it was in 1992 and 1996. The believes this is their moment that Destiny has called them to and no one – not even Barry Soetoro – is going to be allowed to screw it up.

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  6. hey team ryan – loser

  7. I’ve been hearing commercials on the local talk radio asking if I support Mitt for president. People in other cars must wonder why I’m screaming at my radio.

  8. President of what?