August 18, 2014

Obama’s malignant neglect: ISIS, the US, and you

Darleen did a fine job of encapsulating Obama’s remarks on Ferguson — bromides, moral relativism, platitudes so canned they’d make diced tuna envious — but what I want to note here is that, in his persistence in letting ISIS know that the US will not be using any serious military force to take them out, Obama is signaling to absolute barbarians that they have relative free reign to overrun Iraq and the Kurds, slaughtering our one-time allies with impunity.

Typical of this pompous faculty-lounge Marxist, Obama is framing the buggering of our allies as a kind of “tough love” — and yet we hear from his own Secretary of State (a lying traitor) and his dull Secretary of Defense (an anti-Semitic, impotent clown) that ISIS is a real threat to the US and its interests. Not exactly the kinds of gentlemen one would expect normally to appear to shit themselves at the notion of non-US action.

Which means that Obama is, in effect, turning over the national security of the US to the beleaguered Iraqis and the brave but bulletless Kurds, charging them with “stepping up” to quell the most ruthless, subhuman slime to bubble up to the earth’s surface since Pol Pot — barbarous, single-minded thugs longing for the “peace” that comes from the total subjugation to their ideology of everyone still wearing a head, and whom our own high government officials have determined are a bona fide danger to Americans and their interests.

This man is not just an enabler. He’s either a coward or he’s complicit. There’s no other way to read the signals he sends.

The left has perpetrated a coup. We have open borders, the rise of both anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, and a renewed Caliphate movement, and Obama golfs Martha’s Vineyard and refuses to take the kind of military action that could absolutely devastate ISIS, which is taking over lands, governments, governmental facilities, etc. — all for the purposes of killing those who deny their authority or subjugating those who do not.

Will no Democrat step up and say, publicly, that it’s time to turn ISIS into rubble, without remorse, without apology, and without fear of appearances?

As others have intimated, these zealots want to live in the stone age. So let’s provide the rubble. Failure to do so is a failure to act in our own interests — as acknowledged even by those in Obama’s own cabinet.

Perhaps Valerie Jarrett needs to be restrained and stuck in a closet somewhere until we can find a new puppeteer that will convince Obama it’s in his own interests politically not to look like such an absolute pussy unwilling to protect American lives and interests.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:33pm

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  1. next time around those sleazy scandis can shove their ridiculous nobel peace prize thingy up their retarded scandi asses I think

  2. Will no Democrat step up and say, publicly, that it’s time to turn ISIS into rubble, without remorse, without apology, and without fear of appearances?

    Their failure here does serve as a useful reminder that they have simply been lying since 9/11.

    (Well, okay, before then as well.)

  3. poisonally, seems to me that Valerie is the mostest most qualified of all the possible envoys from Americas to Kahlif Al-Baghdadi in all the world– so I suggest Valerie travel ostentatiously to Ar-Raqqah to make talks with the Khaliph, and take as many retainers along for the trip as she may like — y’know, hairdressers, clothiers, shoe-keeps, all the servants a person of her distinguished service will have earned at this stage of a magnificent life.

    While in Ar-Raqqah, Valerie may choose to signal the B-2 attack to begin, and thereby go down in history as a great martyr to freedom. Or lick the Khalif’s balls, her choice. But the B-2 attack on the other hand, is no sort of choice at all — rather, a necessity.

  4. B-52s attack. . .

    . . . different attack

  5. He’s either a coward or he’s complicit.

    I think you can safely swap out the OR for an AND.

    Those who open the gates to the barbarians figure they’ll be treated well by Our New Overlords; when things go wrong, they either scamper off into a hole (Nazis to Argentina) or get scooped up and shot without resistance.

  6. they tried to portray beck as this but it fits the baracky better

    Our ‘Face in the Crowd’

  7. Phony Populism and Bourgeois Neo-Bohemianism

    “Intellectuals began their modern historical career as effective revolutionary militants during the bourgeois revolution, when they spoke as ‘Jacobins’ in the name of the ‘people’ and the ‘nation.’ The emergence and development of Marxism itself is the social product of a network of young intellectuals, the Left Hegelians. Marxism arises in part as an outcome of the propertied middle class’s Thermidorian halt to its own revolution. After that, revolutionary intellectuals could no longer ally themselves with the propertied middle class and had to move on in search of another ‘historical agent,’ an identity they later assigned to the proletariat.”

    — A. W. Gouldner, Prologue to a Theory of Revolutionary Intellectuals

  8. happyfeet says August 18, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    Where do you think they pull the winners’ names out of?

  9. >had to move on in search of another ‘historical agent,’ an identity they later assigned to the proletariat.”

    global warming/climate change works too

  10. nr,

    Exploit a class or “scientific” theory. The bottom line is power, though some may be convinced they really are philosopher kings — better than those of us they deem to be of baser metal.

  11. ot: Chris Sale is better than “you” through pretty much all the iterations where “you” are a batter attempting to hit his pitches into fair territory. Hence Chris Sale must be wondering about now how come he’s down 3zip to these bums. Can’t blame him, either, if that’s what he’s doin’.

  12. “Fair is foul and foul is fair”

  13. hbp, the way it starts, then a double, to be followed by . . . Abreu hitting the first offering to a shallow center flyout? can Dunn do the heroic deed, just bring the two home or better, tie it up? nope, K. But Garcia singles — huzzah. 3-2. and Gillaspie with an “a” hits what might be a homerun, but it’s caught for the out. phew. thanks nicky. so enough of Bud for tonight then.

  14. schoopy! Curaçao rules

  15. nicky! greeks rule

  16. – The thing about the Marxists, and sometime in the near future the Progressives as well, sooner or later whomever is actually in the true power seats get fidgety and see such people who sit all day dreaming of elite ways to fuck everything and its brother up, as decidedly dangerous and at that point the Left gets it in the ass.

    – This has happened countless times in history but there is no lesson for them to learn because they have no investment or convictions, just cutesy ideas of how to manipulate. It’s always about the art of manipulation, which is the prism through which they judge every ones intelligence. Nuance is their god. With such a vacuous base how can they be expected to be any thing of substance. As a result when they are eventually unmasked they run.

  17. Jeff wrote: Perhaps Valerie Jarrett needs to be restrained and stuck in a closet somewhere until we can find a new puppeteer….

    -I don’t think Lady Michbeth is going to allow that to happen.

    -Axelrod may come around and see this, but, if he acts on it, he will be their Trotsky.

    -Good excuse to pull out my favorite Lenin quote again:

    We’ll ask the man, where do you stand on the question of the revolution?

    Are you for it or against it?

    If he’s against it, we’ll stand him up against a wall.

    Source: Paul Johnson, Modern Times

  18. Thank you, TaiChiWawa, for the Gouldner quote.

    A PDF of the full prologue may be found here:

  19. Yikes! HTML rescue.

  20. TaiChi, he says that like he doesn’t know where the word “sophisticated” comes from. He may be “super-sophisticated” but his education missed a spot.

    Or several.

  21. At least, according to Plato, Euthydemus and Dionysodorus knew they were con men.

  22. Talk about a low bar, “more than five-minutes” has to reside beneath Hades as a measure of dedication.

  23. Assclowns, who can always be portrayed as mistaken about the purposes of government, while remaining delighted to provide excuses to morons so to portray them.

    *** However, Congress is only in session for 12 days when it reconvenes in September ahead of the midterms. And congressional leaders from both parties would be reluctant to press ahead with an Iraq vote before November’s elections. ***

  24. You’re a pal, McGehee.

  25. – Don’t let his wry smile and fuzzy legs lull you into a false sense of HTML security Bob.

  26. ObaZma’s malignant neglect: ISIS, the US, and James Wright Foley

    There is another American journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff, who lives under the threat that he too will be treated to this barbarism.

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