August 15, 2014

The view from Martha’s Vineyard [Darleen Click]


The executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police criticized President Obama Thursday for his remarks about law enforcement in Ferguson, Mo.

“I would contend that discussing police tactics from Martha’s Vineyard is not helpful to ultimately calming the situation,” director Jim Pasco said in an interview with The Hill.


The U.S. intelligence community thinks the Islamic State has an incentive to conduct a major terrorist strike against U.S. or European targets, in part to further assert itself as the true leader of radical Islam, the officials said. There’s evidence that the group is establishing cells beyond Iraq and Syria, they said. […]

IS began as al-Qaeda in Iraq, was suppressed by U.S. forces and local Sunni tribesmen during the so-called “surge” in 2006-2007, then transformed itself into the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant and finally into its current form, the Islamic State.

The Obama administration also may have underestimated the Islamic State’s capabilities in Iraq and Syria — with the president famously comparing it to a junior varsity team — in part because of the president’s reluctance to put his “toe, foot and then leg” back into Iraq, said Harvey.


President Barack Obama on Thursday promised to expand U.S. humanitarian relief to Iraqis threatened by the advancing army of the Islamic State militants. He took credit for alleviating the genocide threat to thousands trapped on a mountaintop but said the situation “remains dire” throughout the country. […]

“We’re going to be working with our international partners to provide humanitarian assistance to those who are suffering in northern Iraq wherever we have capabilities and we can carry out effective missions like the one we carried out on Mount Sinjar without committing combat troops on the ground,” Obama said in a statement.

His remarks highlighted the gap between the administration’s increasingly dire assessment of the threat posed by the Islamic State group and the limited air campaign it has so far undertaken, which military officials acknowledge has had only a temporary, local effect and is not likely to blunt the group’s momentum or ambitions. […]

Obama has said little about the potential external terrorist threat posed by the Islamic State militants, but he has been emphatic in his position that there is no American military solution to the insurgent threat facing Iraq.

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  1. In northern what used to be called Syria, there is a town called Ar-Raqqah (also Raqqa, Rakka, etc.) alongside the Euphrates river, on the northern bank, a mere 14 miles east of a massive dam on the Euphrates at As Saddayn, and only 25 miles from the even more massive dam called Tabqa Dam.

    Now this Ar-Raqqah has been declared, and is, the capital of the IS. In this town the IS keeps offices of government, quarters for its membership, housing for its leadership.

    Here’s a simple thing: obliterate these offices, this housing, these quarters. Kill as many of the IS leadership people there as it is possible to kill. It isn’t much to ask. And it wouldn’t be difficult to do.

  2. These murderers have an address. Annihilate them there.

  3. Ramirez has been rather…(READER POLL!!!)…unhelpful lately.

    I’d denounce him but he’s Latino/Asian, so I’m not sure I have standing.

  4. >obliterate these offices, this housing, these quarters. Kill as many of the IS leadership people there as it is possible to kill <

    kill our "allies" in syria? dude you need choom now!!11!!

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    had that on 8 track

  8. nice WhiteSox, nice, way to stomp those Corvidae

  9. this is why you don’t unilaterally disarm orangeclown and ruining class rinos:

    Rick Perry Indicted: Another Democratic Party Dirty Trick

    Leading ISIS fighters were former terrorist detainees

  10. Guffaws at the view from Turtle Bay: Security Council orders Islamic State to disband

  11. remember: top peeps on the job.

  12. well

    in the Security Council’s defense, the Islamic State has been very naughty lately

  13. The Security Council may as well order the Islamic State to cease wiping its ass with its naked left hand (it’s icky), for all the attention the Islamic State will pay to the orders of the Security Council

  14. boccos noes 4-5 nationals

  15. can we practice drone attacks on isis from a boat in the mediterranean?

  16. the important thing though is the Security Council feels like it’s done something

    just that in itself can be very empowering

  17. The Lord’s reply in Genesis 18:26 are extraordinary. They are our first clue about to how to think about the unthinkable. For God immediately raised the issues of numbers, not moral absolutes in the calculus of whether to strike the evil cities of the plain. The discussion between Abraham and God hinged around estimates of collateral damage. If it was too great, then the Judge of All the Earth would stay His hand. But if the collateral damage were acceptable, the strike was on. Immediately the problem of what number was too big became apparent. God answered the question with a question by turning the problem over to Abraham. He bids him count the number of righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah. There follows a haggling which could have foreshadowed Harry Truman’s weighing of the casualties the Atomic Bomb would cause versus the casualties that would be prevented by using it to avoid an invasion of Japan.

    the Three Conjectures

  18. well, keep the wasted monies rolling in anyhow

  19. yes participation trophies come in handy

  20. We could set the Security Council to studying the question why Showalter thinks he can allow Brian Matusz to pitch to righthanded hitters and never expect any answer to that either, but then maybe they’d be preoccupied when someone with a brain begins bombing the eternity out of Ar-Raqqah and so fail to pipe up with condemnations of innocent civilian deaths there. Killing jihadis, y’see, just isn’t jake with the Security Council.

  21. > just isn’t jake with the Security Council.<

    well w(rnc: we miss w @$18/cup) holding hands with the saudis is jake for the "ruining class" . prosit! mon ami

  22. get out the george bush national guard story – dan rather

  23. mr b

    special session of the legislature and impeachment for all to see – nationally!

  24. the proggtards are effin psychopaths start using stun guns clowns to take them down.

  25. Female Democrat prosecutors seem to be a high-risk segment of the population.*

  26. Obviously, McGehee, it’s the fault of The Patriarchy.

    That prosecutor really needs to attend a Womyn’s Study Course so she can find her salvation in RadFem [and get herself some Lesbianic strange while she’s at it].

    Re-Education is a bitch – ain’t it?

  27. Tweet of the Day:

    “Bartender! Another drink!”
    “Ma’am, you’re parked in a fountain.”
    “You mean Rick Perry?”

  28. Vodkapundit had a nice tweet about this.

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