August 8, 2014

Ever wonder what kinds of people would show up to a protest…

… in favor of the curtailing of liberty, in favor of an increase of economic dislocation, and the burdening — if not outright elimination — of entire communities through the coercive and coordinated destruction of their industries? That is, ever wonder what kinds of people would actually take time out of their days to beg for more governmental intrusion into our lives?

Well, wonder no more:

Good Lord, man. Just listening to these pseudo-intellectual, contemptible morons and useful idiots belch out CO2 and trample green spaces in an attempt to justify the very kinds of “alternative energy” mandates that the uber-rich Cape Cod liberals have decided for them are a good idea, so long as the horrid eyesores don’t ruin their own water views, is enough to make you think that were every public school in the country to burn down — and we had to begin again with Ms Crabtree in a little one-room schoolhouse, with nothing available but chalk, pencils, and composition books — we’d be a whole lot better off, all things considered.

— If the pollution from the fires didn’t bring about global climate disruption, teary-eyed Native Americans, and forlorn polar bears drifting to their deaths on broken ice floes like elderly Inuits, I mean.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:42am

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  1. Don’t forget the McGuffey Readers.

  2. And a large paddle, with ‘Fool Corrector’ burned into it.

  3. There is only one way (short of violence) to deal with arrogant, ignorant nitwits like that: You out-radical them. Take the “logic” underlying their idea and amplify it back on them until they feel the pain. They want to charge the “externalities” back to the source? Fine. Find some activity they benefit from, identify an externality it produces and regulate the shyte out of it.

    Say they ride a bike to the rally: “Yeah man I agree with dealing with externalities, we need to crack down on the externalities caused by the Chinese factory that made your bike and all of its parts (so that your crappy bike costs $10,000, instead of $200). And we need to institute a bike-rider license program that costs $1500/year for the extra police and ambulance service you bike-riders cost. We need bike-usage fees on local trails and paths. We need a mileage tax.” And you have to buy expensive bike-rider insurance. And on and on.

    And be an asshole about it, too. Use every tool they’ve developed for use against us and bludgeon them with it.

    Conservatives need to understand that the people propounding these ideas are – right beneath their thin veneer of faux-intellectualism – violent, ignorant, unthinking fascists. They only care about science and reason as a beard for their fascism. They operate by violence, intimidation and fear. The more we yammer on and rebut their arguments with civility and reason and logic, the more it emboldens them.

  4. Why isn’t my fist to their face an externality entailed in their tyrannical view of life?

  5. thanks rightofgenghis I have been using the affordable bicycle argument for awhile. They have no clue how modern manufacturing works.

    The environmentalists love the bogus “externalities” argument. IT IS ALREADY FACTORED INTO THE COST OF MARKET PRICES! It is the cost of living which you already factor into all your market activities, contracts etc.

  6. Heck, I’d even go back to school if that happened – Miss Crabtree was hot.