August 6, 2014

Predator 3: Sarah vs Jesse

And just for fun, here’s Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell.

Enjoy the blood money, Jesse. And by the way: you still got your ass kicked — and the $1.8 million you’re taking out of the pocket of a widow and orphans of an American hero doesn’t make it any less so.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:39pm

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  1. I really don’t get what all the vitriol is about. Author trashes some has-been in his promotional interviews, makes six million dollars, then has to give a quarter of it to the has-been he trashed. And his poor widow and orphaned children will have to get by on the measly $4.5 million they have left.

    Fact is, for as much as we like to say that Ventura’s reputation cannot be harmed any worse than he’s done to himself, he disagreed, the majority of a jury supported him, and the lawyers on both sides decided to settle. Other fact is, even if you’re an American Hero(tm), you still have to abide by the libel laws that bind the rest of us. Kyle and his publisher knew this was the case, which is why they obscured Ventura’s identity in the book. Letting the cat out of the bag in interviews meant choosing the publicist’s advice over the lawyer’s, which ultimately means that they have to share some of their loot with the bug-eyed former governator.

    Of course, my perspective is tainted by the possibility that Ventura can use the money to retire to Mexico permanently, and I’ll never have to see or hear him ever again. So my objectivity may be suspect.

  2. We still bear the pain of our former governor now being a truther. I actually liked the fact that he was governor, if only because it pissed off the lefties.

  3. When in doubt I assume anyone who has appeared on the Alex Jones show cares nothing about the truth and is a straight up charlatan trying to make money off the rubes.

    Sure, maybe this is only true 99 times out of a 100. Sue me.

  4. Let’s take a look at Jesse Ventura. This man clearly cares a great deal about the truth.

    Here we find the intersection of Occupy and Birchers. Again, sue me.

  5. I suppose what I’m saying is that Jesse Ventura is worthy of a great deal more vitriol and scorn than he’s currently experiencing.

    This has little to do with the simple fact that he was the best possible candidate in MN during any random election cycle. Other members of this group include houseplants and broken radiator hoses.

  6. We all agree on this, right? Jesse Ventura is 1) a fucking asshole who has either 1a) gone around the bend or is now 1b) pretending to be so that he can sell his nonsense to idiots.

    ‘Cause he is a fucking asshole and is completely full of shit. It’s only a question between madness and avarice now.

  7. … is what I’m thinking about the semi-famous demagogue Jesse Ventura.

  8. The trouble with the case is, witnesses supported Kyle’s version of events, and truth used to be a defense.

  9. I don’t know the details of the case, or the settlement. I imagine the usual “no admission of liability/fault” language is involved. So that leaves us with Squid’s the widow paid the worm 1.5 million so she and her kids could enjoy the remaining 4.5 million in peace.

    So, what did Kyle say about Ventura?

  10. Ernst, here and here.

  11. Not only is Jesse my former governor, so is Arnold. And Janet Napolitano.

    Not the trifecta I wanted to hit.

  12. You’re a jinx, Blake.

  13. Hey, three stars of the original “Predator” as your Guv’s, Dutch, Blaine, and the title star too.

  14. McGehee,

    The trouble with the case is, witnesses supported Kyle’s version of events, and truth used to be a defense.

    Jury nullification, for all intents and purposes. A very sympathetic Minnesota jury couldn’t believe their beloved former Governor would have ever said and done the things Chris Kyle and his Navy SEAL buddies said he did. Libel! Slander! they said.

  15. bh,

    I could only take about two minutes of the delusional former governor’s rant but found it interesting that he refers to himself as (merely) “A U.S. Navy vet”.

    Guess he was afraid of getting another ass-kicking from a U.S. Navy SEAL!

  16. Oh, and claiming he was silenced by MSNBC for being anti-Iraq war.

    That was just precious.