July 31, 2014

“Are Hostile Blog Posts Clues to Dan Markel Murder Mystery?”

Guess there are dangers to posting under your own name, after all.   Even if that danger is something other — and potentially more lethal — than people try to sic Anonymous on you.

I’m not familiar with Markel’s blog, but I can offer this general observation, based on historical evidence:  if Markel was indeed assassinated for his political opinions, there’s virtually no chance he was progressive.  Conversely, were he progressive, there’s virtually no chance he was assassinated for his political beliefs — at least, not by someone laying claim to constitutionalism and truly believing in it.

That’s just not how conservatives roll.  Generally speaking.

Me, I have a carry permit.  And cameras.  And dogs.

None of which are as cool as the bear traps, though.  Just to rub it in.

(h/t RI Red)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:29am

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  1. Big clue from linked article:

    “The neighbor reported seeing a silver Toyota Prius drive away from the scene.”

  2. “Bear traps.”

    Going all “Fargo” eh?

  3. I give 8 to 5 odds there was a “Coexist” bumper sticker on that Prius.

  4. I had not heard of him until his murder made Instapundit. I found his old blogs and read a few posts. One is more academically inclined discussing developments in criminal law. The other focuses on the bad deal which law school is these days. Neither seemed to be particularly controversial, other than the latter attempted to lift the veil of bogus law school representations about the job market made to get more students. My guess is his murderer was some nut for whom Markel personified his/her own inability to get a law job and pay off his/her student loans. But who knows?

  5. hah, I was think Lorne Malvo too.

    I am only semi-anonymous on most of my postings. Did it for fun at first but, it seem to be a wise option.

  6. When all power is in the hands of one elite then purges, not elections, are the only form that change takes outside of war.

  7. Cooke’s “Smarter Than Thou” is required reading for the day.

    Evathing you need to know about the cult of conformity in its “science” avatar, in one lively article. Tell your friends!

  8. at least, not by someone laying claim to constitutionalism and truly believing in it

    That would still leave those “conservatives” like that stonedtrucker and his ilk.

    When he is scheduled to swing by, Jeff? I want to make sure to clear my calendar for the viewing of Rumble in the Rockies!

  9. Dunno. Right now I’m saddled with sinus headaches and the need to get packed and the house in order, so if he stops by I’d probably just shoot him. I’m kinda busy. And cranky.

  10. None of which are as cool as the bear traps, though. Just to rub it in.

    And here I figured it was pink flamingos with “This side toward enemy” stenciled on them.

  11. No aquatic cobras swimming in the moat?

    What kind of pathetic excuse for a supervillain are you, anyways?

  12. Nope. If EPA sees a Flamingo on your property it must be a wetland.

    “But I live on a pile of sun-baked gravel!”


    “he Flamingo is plastic! It was made in Malaysia!”


  13. – You simply can’t go wrong with bear traps, particularly if they’re baited with arsenic.

  14. Are rocket launches clues to incipient journalist’s deaths?

  15. Nephew: :Did a guy stop by today and try to sell you a security system?
    Me: “Did you notice a corpse on the driveway when you drove up?”
    Nephew: “No…”
    Me: “Then no.”

  16. No security drones disguised as lawn gnomes or garden ninjas?

  17. Many links to stories on this continuing mystery.