July 28, 2014

“Weather Channel Founder Debunks Global Warming Hoax”

Guess we’ll have to boycott accurate forecasting channels, too, now. To teach these deniers a lesson!

Meh. This dude is old. Never trust anybody over 30. Unless it’s all the New Leftists now in their 60s and 70s under whose rule the modern progressive movement takes its orders.

That’s different. Because some of them have earrings. Or wear ponytails. And not just the men!

(h/t APNN)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:40pm

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  1. You can tell this video is dated. They discuss how “global warming” became “climate change”, which is so last spring. We now are to call it “climate disruption”, “change” being a slogan we are supposed to get behind.

    Normal people of course still call it what it always was. Weather.

  2. heh, which reminds me to check in at the National Hurricane center to see what, if anything, is brewing. Not much just now, as it happens.

  3. Unfortunately since The Weather Channel became part of MSNBC, Coleman no longer has any say in it. Now they report on how a polar vortex in July is proof of [whatever the fuck they call it this week].

  4. Today was a good example of why I never put much stock in “scientists” predicting the weather twenty, fifty, a hundred years out.

    Yesterday morning I tuned into the local weather forecast as is my habit, and they said today was going to be sunny and 107 degrees, which is not at all unusual for July, though as usual they noted that is 10 degrees above “normal” (a disgustingly misleading term for a phenomena where “normal” is anywhere between the record high and the record low for that time of year) .

    This morning they had adjusted it to 101 with a 20% chance of sprinkles. Actual weather is overcast with a high of 97.

    Yeah, I really believe what they say about the temperature in 20 years. Sure I do.

  5. I can’t imagine this “whdt” operation will have a broadcast license too terribly much longer

  6. Talking about rebuttal, your “favorite” establishment Republican apologist Michael Medved was giving grief to Sarah Palin today on his radio show and she called in to his show to argue for impeachment.

    Unfortunately, I do not see how we impeach Obama without the Senate and the votes to do so (and the idea of President Biden is…disquieting). But Sarah was not afraid to make her position with Medved.

  7. “Former President Al Gore”? Thank God we dodged that bullet.

  8. Palin is awesome.

  9. FWIW, the Senate isn’t needed to impeach — only for trial. No one serious is expecting a trial, if there is one, to be anything but a whitewash, but there is something to be said for making the effort and forcing the bad guys to react.

  10. – I’m encouraged by the feeble, almost totally lacking Lefty response to the impeachment movement.

    – Why, it’s almost as if the Progressives have given up on Jug ears.

  11. oh the orangeman should say: “the baracky is too incompetent to impeach”
    mock them on the beaches…

  12. Heh. Double-take on McGehee’s new hat. I said, “that guy looks like my Dad!”..in 1975.

  13. Speaking of old-timers, came across Elmer Keith’s autobiography, “Hell, I Was There!”, written in 1979. Here he’s writing about his Grandfather…

    He went to this onelegged man in town and told him he would pay him the rent as soon as he could get a crop. The one-legged gentry pulled out a sheath knife and stabbed him through the heart. He fell on the sidewalk and a friend of his came along, stooped over to pick him up, and the one-legged man stabbed him through the heart also and he fell across him. Then he got on a horse and high-tailed it to a ferry going over to Lexington, Missouri, across the Missouri River.

    Granddad Merrifield took a deputy and went after him. They trailed him up over the south side of the river and corraled him beneath a big bridge across a gulch. Granddad had his deputy shoot into the culvert from one end and attract his attention, while he sneaked around behind and got the drop on him and took him alive. They got him back across the Missouri River via the ferry, and they tied his peg leg and good foot together under the mule’s belly and handcuffed him to the saddle horn. They got back in about the neighborhood of Father’s farm, three miles west of Hardin, and a hard thunder shower came up.

    They stopped under some water oaks, and took the man off the horse and tied him to a tree. They left the saddle horses and mule that he was riding under another tree and Grandfather and the deputy got under a third tree. Lightning was coming down in heavy bolts all around. The prisoner started cussing “God Almighty”. Finally he says, “Damn You, if you’re so smart, hit this tree.” A bolt came down the tree, killed him instantly, blew his wooden leg off, and took a strip of hair off the top of his head. Granddad said they tied him across the mule and took him on to Hardin for burial.

    There’s a lesson in there somewhere, you see.

  14. Actually I don’t have that hat anymore. This pic is from ’07.

    It was a good hat.

  15. The prisoner started cussing “God Almighty”. Finally he says, “Damn You, if you’re so smart, hit this tree.” A bolt came down the tree, killed him instantly, blew his wooden leg off

    And still there are atheists. Once you come to grips with that, nothing much can still surprise you.

  16. Palin is awesome. She is polarizing in a good way and using it to her advantage.

  17. “John Coleman – Former Founder of the Weather Channel”


  18. good catch

  19. The left knew they had to destroy Palin, and they did their best. All the pragmatists consider her to be radioactive.

    I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

  20. But will she do her Duty and run?

  21. She won’t run.

  22. Too fat?

  23. Cranky-D: She won’t run.

    Then, as I wrote to her back in April: ‘If people like yourself do not do the right thing now, there will be much blood shed later’.


  24. I would not only vote for Palin, I’d take a leave of absence from work to campaign for her. Like most people, I do have things in my closet that I’d rather stay hidden. Unlike most people, I don’t give a fuck, so I’d get out in front of any attempt to smear. And I play for keeps, unlike the current ball-less GOP. Imagine the following conversation:

    Q: Mr. Geek, we’ve heard you talk about [insert misdeed of choice here]. Don’t you think that disqualifies you on voicing your opinion.
    A: Well John (default name), you have a point, but it’s poorly made. We as a country as very forgiving of people who screw up and offer a mea culpa. It’s not like they were caught snorting cocaine off the belly of a couple of hookers in Vegas and got their DC connected parents to buy off a local politician to get them off, is it? (Assume that this is what I had people discover about this person in the press).
    Q: ::crickets::
    A: I’m glad we had this little talk. Thanks for seeing it my way. Now back to the issue at hand.

    Frankly, neither Palin nor Walker (who has some issues, but would be a decent president I think) could win in today’s political climate. They don’t have ::gasp:: Ivy degrees or, in Walker’s case ::double gasp:: a degree at all. The fact that both are savvy, smart and effective will be rendered irrelevant. All that will be important is that they are, and will be portrayed, as borderline retarded people who need drool cups and keepers.

    It would be nice to have someone run for president who was both a decent person and a good executive. We currently have someone who is neither.

  25. … hookers in Vegas … local politician …

    No one’s gonna believe that’s Harry Reid unless the hookers were underage boys.

  26. I would think God would be rather indifferent to such taunts but, I guess every once in a while he must have his fun.