July 24, 2014

“Hitler’s Long Shadow over Israel”

I’m getting beyond incensed over the rise of anti-Semitism both here and in westernized (socialist) Europe, and all the useful idiots who haven’t a fucking clue that they’re supposed “principled” stand against “Israeli racist apartheid butchers” is nothing more than a collaboration with none other than Hitler himself. It’s like his demons spirit has possessed them.

And I’ll say this: if I was paying $50K a year for a university education for one of my kids and found out that kid was “protesting” Israel or engaging in some ridiculous boycott or the harassment of Jewish students, I’d show up on campus, yank them out of class, pull my tuition assistance, and then take the assault charge that came with publicly beating the shit out of the first anti-Semitic Marxist-besodden, Said-fellating “professor” I got my hands on.

Never again means never again. You want to play radical chic? You’d best do it from behind the anonymity of your keyboard, then, you barbarian-stroking pussies. Because if I show up at a counterprotest in support of Israel and you lay your hands on me in some mob attempt to intimidate Jews, I guarantee at least one of you is going to pull back a fucking bloody stump.

Now. Having said my piece (and my peace-thru-strength), here’s a must read (h/t MarkLevinShow), first published in the American Thinker in 2012. I’ll quote at length so that we can bookmark this post and refer back to it as the need arises:

Why do so many Arabs sound like Nazis when they talk about Jews?  The answer lay buried for decades in the archives of the Third Reich.  Then a generation of younger German scholars expanded their attention beyond the death camps of Europe to Hitler’s activities in the Middle East.  What they discovered: it was Hitler who financed the modern jihadi movement.

Nazi-Arab collaboration was crucial to the Final Solution.  The Third Reich financed and trained the Muslim Brothers of Palestine and Egypt in terrorism and focused their anti-modernity rage on Jews.  One of the first people Hitler told about his plans to kill Europe’s Jews was the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine, the infamous mufti of Jerusalem, Yasser Arafat’s cousin.  Hitler and the mufti shook hands on a plan to exterminate all the Jews of the Middle East.  The Reich preserved the memo, the minutes, and a photo of their famous handshake.

Husseini was passed along to Goebbels, who established him as the Nazi voice to the Middle East.  It was the most popular radio program of the long war years, broadcast daily into every café.  This Nazi station was listened to by the entire male population, Arab and Persian, including most famously Ayatollah Khomeini.  It was an intoxicating mix of militant Islam, Nazism, and war propaganda.

The Palestinian leadership and Hitler successfully collaborated on a crucial step of the Final Solution — mob violence and a reign of terror pressured Britain to shut down Jewish immigration to what is now Israel.  They trapped the Jews in Europe, where six million perished in the killing fields and death camps.  Adolf Eichmann’s deputy, Dieter Wisliceny, stated at his Nuremberg trial that the mufti’s importance “must not be disregarded[.] … [T]he Mufti had repeatedly suggested to … Hitler, Ribbentrop and Himmler, the extermination of European Jewry[.] … The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and advisor of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of the plan.”

Winston Churchill spoke in the House of Commons against the shutting down of Jewish immigration to today’s Israel.  He clearly saw the Nazi hand behind the Arab riots: “We are now asked to submit, and this is what rankles most with me, to an agitation which is fed with foreign money and ceaselessly inflamed by Nazi and by Fascist propaganda.”

Hitler’s influence has been permanently embedded in Arab culture.  During World War II, there was a popular song among Arabs: “Allah in heaven, Hitler on earth.”  Sheikh al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood today, in his weekly sermon broadcast on Al Jazeera to an audience of 60 million, prayed about the Jews: “Oh Allah, kill them, down to the very last one.”  “Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler.”  In Tahir Square, a mob of Arab Spring celebrants screamed, “Jew, Jew, Jew” as they raped blond American journalist Lara Logan.  […]

The Palestinian national movement was founded by Hitler’s henchman, al Husseini, mufti and the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.  The founder of the PLO, Yasser Arafat, was trained by German Nazi army officers who were welcomed in Cairo after the war.  He adopted the name “Yasser” to honor the Muslim Brother’s terror chief of the 1930s, who kidnapped Arabs in Western clothes and threw them into pits of scorpions and snakes.  Their corpses would be left in the street for days, shoes stuck in their mouths, as a lesson for any Arab who believed in tolerating Jews or welcoming modernization.  During Oslo, Arafat’s personal bodyguard had sons named Hitler and Eichmann, according to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s book, A Place Among the Nations.

The continuity is striking.  Reich set the Brothers up with a printing  press and fake photos of alleged torture of Arabs by Jews — just as today, Iranian, Egyptian, and Palestinian state TV broadcasts dramatizations of  Jews stealing Arabs’ eyeballs and killing Arab children to use their blood in matzoh.  Organizing in mosques, schools, and workplaces with Hitler’s funds, the Brothers spread lies that Jews planned to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and trample on the Koran — the same exact lies Yasser Arafat used to launch the second intifada.  On the Ramadan after 9/11, Egyptian President Mubarak launched a 41-week dramatization of that Nazi favorite, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, in an emotional call for genocide against the world’s Jews.

Hitler has never left the Middle East.  For almost 70 years, the Arab world has been pickled in Nazi Jew-hatred.  In the words of Matthias Kuntzel, author of Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11, “[i]f there is one theme … which unites Islamists, Liberals, Nasserites and Marxists, it is the collective fantasy of the common enemy in the shape of Israel and the Jews, which almost always correlates with the wish to destroy Israel.”  Jew-hatred is indispensible to Arab leaders, from Egypt to Saudi Arabia to Iran to the Palestinian Authority, in their fight against democratic Western values.

Nazi jihadism didn’t win without a fight from the modernizing forces in Egypt.  Many signs indicate that Israel would have been a welcome neighbor.  Religious leaders fought the Brotherhood’s attempts to politicize Friday prayers with false claims that Jews were attacking Al Aqsa and the Koran.  The rector of Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most important university, forbade anti-Jewish propaganda.  Ali Mahir, Egyptian King Farouk’s top adviser, called for a united Palestinian state based on mutual tolerance and regulated immigration for both Jew and Arab.

Today, the fight is lost.  All of those institutions are firmly entrenched in Nazi-jihadi anti-Semitism.  The coalition government of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, which is a terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization, are united in their denial of Israel’s right to exist.  Jew-hatred is so popular that it is possible that no Arab leader can speak out against it.  It explains why the Palestinians have turned down a state of their own four times.  They are holding out for Hitler’s solution.  Peace is the last thing they want.  Otherwise, peace would be here today.

Obama is quite wrong.  If desired by both sides, peace is easy.  It is Nazi-Islamic propaganda that is so hard to solve.

There are some signs, of course, that places like Egypt, having removed the Muslim Brotherhood from power (ironic that they’re more welcome in the White House than in Egyptian government, don’t you think?), are wearying of Hamas and its tactics.  But then other former US allies, like NATO member Turkey, are becoming increasingly Islamic where they were once secular.

I don’t think any of this is an accident.  I think Obama and the New Left hates Israel; and I think his friendships with Edward Said and Khalidi and Ayers, et al, coupled with his time under Reverend Wright and his having been steeped in Marxist propaganda including, on its outskirts, the thinking behind fascism and National Socialism as leftist offshoots, are all part of Obama’s attitude toward Israel.

We thought the Cold War was over, but Hillary’s reset button has rekindled that.  Turns out Obama’s policies and attitude may just be rekindling the Second World War, as well.

Makes one pray for the zombie apocalypse, if only so Zombie Patton can return and eat the shit out of John Kerry and all the other anti-Semitic retreads from the New Left now trying to throw the world into turmoil.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:23am

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  1. Turkey makes shift to fuck Jews by any means possible. *** Placing nearly four thousand stranded Israelis on outbound flights has been a challenge, no doubt aggravated by the fact that Turkey will not let El Al, Israel’s national airline, land at its airports to airlift out its citizens. ***

    Nato says what? Oh, wait, Nato’s already objectively on the side of the Turks.

  2. I get the impression that at some point Israel tuned their back on socialism and at that point the left started turning against it.

  3. “. . . so Zombie Patton can return and can return and beat the shit out of John Kerry . . .” [?!]

  4. – Sometimes I channel you to the point of ridiculousness Goldfarb.

    – Absolutely true that the “National Socialists”, once they decided it was the middle class Jew that most stood in their way for totalitarian take over of the Hindenburg government, turned to manipulating any “natural enemy” to the Jews they could find.

    It was not democracy that gave power to Hitler. Hitler became Germany’s chancellor (prime minister) without ever having received more than 37 percent of the popular vote in the elections he had entered. His National Socialist Party had never received more than a third of the seats in parliament. Hitler had been appointed chancellor by a man – Hindenburg – who did not believe in democracy and had been maneuvering against the creation of a government that had majority support as the parliamentary system demanded, Hindenburg’s purpose being to keep the Social Democrats from power.

    – Notice that when you get past all the PR and hype there’s not a fucking dimes worth of difference between the Marxists and the Nazi’s, and really the only difference between the various brands of totalitarian Socialists movements is the lies they tell. They hate each other, not because of political differences, which are all but non-existent in terms of goals, but simply because they are in competition with each other for power.

  5. sdferr, zombies eat brains, so if Kerry is for dinner, shit it is.

  6. Obama is quite wrong. If desired by both sides, peace is easy. It is Nazi-Islamic propaganda that is so hard to solve.

    – Stability is the absolute kiss of death for the Left.

  7. Good point john, I think I missed that.

  8. bgbear, I think you are correct. Add that to Israel’s refusal to be a victim, as well as the unkillable virus of Antisemitism and presto!, you get where we are.

    As for the fresh-faced “protesters” on university campuses, the Left has done a fabulous job of fabricating a history which bears little if any resemblance to actual facts. People continue to be astounded by the fact that there are Arab Israeli citizens, who are quite happy, and indeed have representatives in the Knesset. Further, other Muslims, i.e. the Druze serve with distinction in the IDF. Of course, none of that is mentioned in any of the university “Grievance Studies” programs devoted to the Middle East.

  9. – Latest on missing Algerian airliner:

    Today (18:57) BST
    Malian President Says Wreckage Spotted In Country’s North

    Reuters reports that Mali’s president is stating wreckage of Air Algerie Flight AH5017 has been spotted in the country’s north. There have been conflicting reports throughout the day as to the location of the plane.

  10. Why is the world ignoring Hamas’ depravity? Because we expect depravity from the depraved.

    Not only can you not act against depravity (that would be intolerant), but you have to celebrate it as an authentic expression of the Other.

  11. OT: The Juggernaut Will Prevail

    Woman in labor prohibited from crossing the street — for 30 min — to get to hospital because Obama’s motorcade was going to pass.

  12. – Because really there’s no such thing as right or wrong. you either support Marxism and the Left or you don’t, and if you don’t then you are at war with the Socialists and anything is justified.

  13. Funny side thing about that pregnant lady story. Notice that there are not many people standing around to get a peek of Mr. Obama in any of the photos.

  14. EOD.

    What, Marie Harf can’t possibly be expected to know what that is in her capacity as spokesidiot for the Department of State? Surely no one in the history of spokesidiots for the Department of State would know, right?

  15. – We’re sure lucky the war on women is coming from the Right and not the Left, boy howdy….The entire “tolerance” meme is total Leftist bullshit.

  16. Best stump speech I’ve read on the subject.

  17. And I’ll say this: if I was paying $50K a year for a university education for one of my kids and found out that kid was “protesting” Israel or engaging in some ridiculous boycott or the harassment of Jewish students, I’d show up on campus, yank them out of class, pull my tuition assistance, and then take the assault charge that came with publicly beating the shit out of the first anti-Semitic Marxist-besodden, Said-fellating “professor” I got my hands on.

    That would never have to happen, because I’d guess your sons will be a lot more prepared for when they go off to college. It’s stupid parents who send their kids off to college without a single idea what they’ll be taught in those 4 years.

  18. – Yet another indication that Microsoft is doomed.

    – The video purports to give an easily understood explanation of quantum computing, but in fact it is written in the way P.T.Barnum would explain the elephant man or the snake girl.

    – As one wag in the comments says “Its written clearly like Windows 8 is written clearly, and it has both a start screen and a start button at the same time, which we all know will make everything easier to understand.”

  19. Would they make cupcakes for gay Jews?

  20. sdferr, zombies eat brains, so if Kerry is for dinner, shit it is.

    That wouldn’t be dinner, not even a light snack.

  21. Is is chic and trendy to hate Jews now a days, just couch it with some anti Zionism and you can be a follower of St. Pancake.

  22. No real surprise that Obama is all cuddly with the Islamic Brotherhood, is it?

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  24. Nr’s detour through Hot Air highlighted THIS LITTLE VOLLEY:

  25. Oops,

    Looks like Jeff already covered the Stern comments.
    Disregard my last (link).

  26. heh, not disregarded Danger, preregarded.

  27. Buddha’s reincarnation theory just got a boost: it’s obvious that the ‘Prophet’ Muhammad was reborn as Adolph Hitler.

    Mein Koran!

  28. Touche’ sdferr!

  29. Eating Kerry would give even zombies diarrhea..

  30. Thank you.. Your post was a catharsis for me.. I rode to work today just incensed over the anti-Israel, anti-Jew shit I keep seeing all over the media and internet.. The same thoughts were spinning in my head and I intended to vent them on my FB page.. but you’ve said it better than I could have so I just shared your post. This is the kind of passion that keeps bringing me back to PW.

  31. Murderous fascism rolls on as Hamas obtains (or displays) yet another “international” ally, on this occasion, the World Health Organization:

    *** 1:04 p.m. The World Health Organization (WHO) called on Friday for a humanitarian corridor to be set up in Gaza to allow aid workers to evacuate the wounded and bring in life-saving medicines.

    In a statement, the UN health agency said that four hospitals, including al Aqsa hospital in the coastal strip, had been damaged in the conflict that began on July 8 when Israel launched air strikes, followed by a ground invasion.

    “WHO calls for the creation of a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of the injured, as well as for the supply of life-saving medicines. The humanitarian corridor should extend to protect the safe passage of patients to access crossing points and exit outside the Gaza Strip for medical care.” ***

    “[F]our hospitals had been damaged in the conflict . . .” says the WHO.

    No, WHO.

    The hospitals were damaged before the conflict, long before — they were damaged when Hamas intentionally used them as sites for the location of their offensive war-fighting command and control, for their war-fighting communications, for the bunkering of their high commands beneath the hospitals, or when they prepped them as munitions depots and fighting positions — not even so late as when actual firing takes place from within those hospitals.

    That is when these instruments of nominal humanitarian effort were destroyed — not later when they are used in these warring capacities, and as a result come under defensive attack or strategic attack.


    “Humanitarian corridor”: which will of course be used in a war-fighting capacity, should it be created, just as ambulances in Gaza now are used to transport troops, munitions and equipment — for Hamas can presume the decent Israelis, despite knowing ambulances are used in this capacity, will not readily be willing to fire the ambulances up from the sky, and instead wait to be attacked directly from the ambulances, after which the Israelis have little choice but to destroy them, whereupon the Israelis will still suffer unjust accusations from the likes of the UN Human Rights Council that they attack “unarmed” ambulances, hospitals and schools.

    So sure, WHO. Pretend, do not mention these things you already know. Go ahead, make pretend that you are not aiding the murderous Hamas organization, murderous of not just Israelis but of Gazans generally, about whom Hamas cares so little they cannot keep their hands off what otherwise could save lives and prevent unnecessary deaths.

    No. Death, for Hamas, must spread everywhere: nothing must be spared.

    And the WHO organization agrees.

    Some fucking humanitarians.

  32. US and Islamic State: ‘We did see this coming’
    The group’s operations “are calculated, coordinated and part of a strategic campaign led by its Syria-based leader, Abu Bakr al Baghadi,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Brett McGurk told a House committee on Feb. 5, four months before fighting broke out in Mosul. “The campaign has a stated objective to cause the collapse of the Iraqi state and carve out a zone of governing control in western regions of Iraq and Syria.”

    The testimony raises an obvious question: If the Obama administration had such early warning of the Islamic State’s ambitions, why, nearly two months after the fall of Mosul, is it still assessing what steps, if any, to take to halt the advance of Islamist extremists who threaten U.S. allies in the region and have vowed to attack Americans?

    If that question is not rhetorical then how stupid is the press and/or how stupid do they think their readers are? That one is rhetorical.

    The events surrounding ISIS in Iraq are not only not a surprise to the administration but are the logical outcome of their actions there. They want something just like ISIS to happen and are pleased as punch that it has. Period!

  33. They want something just like ISIS to happen and are pleased as punch that it has. Period!


    or . . .

    Trees . . .

    Fruits . . .

    Know them.

  34. JohnKerryInternationalDiplomat ceasefire proposal “flatly rejected” by Israeli security cabinet.

    Which, good. Thanks be someone on the scene is still thinking clearly.

  35. Hamas called down the thunder, now let ’em reap the whirlwind.

    Kurt Russell style!

    Yet another all time top ten favorite movie scene.

  36. By their actions you shall know them.

  37. Caroline Glick wrote a few days ago how the ClownDisaster was out to save Hamas. Today, we see intimations of the need for which Hamas has fears of not being saved.

    Don’t join ClownDisaster’s clownshow: don’t save Hamas.

  38. Jonah 9:11, which I’ve mentioned before as perhaps the funniest joke told in the Bible. Good old Nineveh, of which is said:

    11 And should not I spare Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand; and also much cattle?

    Despite the intervening centuries, hasn’t changed much, has it?

  39. sorry for the typo, that’s 4:11

  40. *** Every single European country that is a Council member abstained: Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom. ***

  41. Paul Ryan shows himself a jackass. Too bad, since it does not have to be that way.

  42. War weary Gazans lash out at Hamas over refusal of cease-fire.

    *** “You need to understand that Palestinian blood has been shed by Hamas itself,” a 28-year old journalist who asked not to be identified told FoxNews.com. “Living under Hamas is a tragedy.” ***

    wow, whadda ya know. That’s actually close to the mark, if not yet quite on top of it.

  43. *** Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has told US Secretary of State John Kerry that Israel will begin a 12-hour pause in Gaza hostilities starting at 7 a.m. Israeli time on Saturday, a US official said on Friday.

    The official, who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity, made the comment when asked about Kerry’s earlier statement on a goodwill gesture by Netanyahu at a press conference in Cairo. ***

  44. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/07/25/Reports-Massive-Terrorist-Invasion-of-Israel-Thwarted-by-Security-Forces

    So the premature kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens leads indirectly to the discovery of a Hamas plan to kidnap and murder possibly hundreds, if not thousands of Israeli people.

    End Hamas. End it.

  45. So Sen. Barbara Mikulski plays the pig for the ClownDisaster’s aim to screw Israel. Nice, Babs, you ancient yet barren sow.

  46. TIP held a conference call yesterday in which one expert described how Hamas filled emptied UNRWA relief bags with dirt and then drove them away in UN-painted trucks, so that drones overhead saw what looked like a UN-sanctioned aid convoy.

    UNRWA, the gift that keeps on giving, to Hamas.

  47. Some wag on the Twitter started the #BEHEADHAMAS hashtag couple days past. Shame it hasn’t caught on in #Gaza.

  48. food stamp has nothing but contempt for all the traditional allies of the United States not just Israel

    it’s one of his things

  49. right now on their home page, national Soros Radio is using this AP pic to promo their piece on the “12-hour cease fire”

    not to ruin the weird freaky enigma of it all, but the caption they give says “Palestinian residents look at the wreckage of a vehicle, destroyed by an Israeli strike, after Palestinian fire fighters put out the fire, in Gaza City, early Saturday.”

    what’s extra weird is that none of these bloodthirsty freaks is actually looking at the vehicle

    it’s just weird

    how is this not weird

  50. and someone please tell the momo dude to put some shoes on there’s broken glass all over the place