July 23, 2014

Germany 1938 France 2014 [Darleen Click]

h/t Donald Douglas

Posted by Darleen @ 8:21pm

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  1. more and more Paris is the New Orleans of Europe

    where if you stray from a shrinkingly-few tourist-safe blocks

    you dead

  2. dead like James Garner dead

  3. the pikachu is in the building

  4. proggslams are hitler heavy. Haj Amin al-Husseini

  5. So is El Al flying empty planes into la France and flying full ones out?

  6. it’s like how u-haul operates in california

  7. i like how pogroms are so multicultural these days. yea “diversity”!!11!!

  8. France wasn’t liberated in 1945, any more than Germany was. It was conquered as a willing member of the Third Reich. Frenchmen were loading up their Jewish neighbors onto cattle cars even before the Germans had finished invading.

    And they keep claiming that we should listen to them, because we have been “allies since the 1790s”, despite the fact that there have been multiple changes of government (Monarchy to Republic to First Empire to Monarchy to Second Republic to Second Empire to Third Republic to Vichy government-in-exile to Fourth Republic to the Fifth Republic today, established 1958) from then until now, with each of them repudiating the acts of the previous regime…

    They were not liberated. They were conquered by the Allies. They have been rivals ever since.

  9. There was Le Chambon, a noteworthy exception among the few exceptions. I got to know the Trocmes through an old girlfriend’s folks. Awesome people.

  10. jeez that bird rotates

  11. One could argue that the French haven’t been liberated since 1789.

  12. Didn’t see the video, but were they Muslims or Leftists or both?

  13. “. . . skunk water fired from a cannon” says a JPost article about riot control in Bethlehem. Kid gloves still on. Meantime, the FAA ban has been lifted.

  14. Dicentra, they are unemployed young Muslims taking up the cause in sort of dead-end exile sticking it to the employed and peaceful. Bringing their nonsense with them wherever they go, failing to meld and angry about being left behind.

    And I am struck by how beautiful everyone is when they are young and how poorly they age. Everyone becomes fat and wrinkly and hairy and gross when they age. Doesn’t anyone age gracefully? No. They do not. Not in France. It gives new meaning to Good Bad and Ugly. The new meaning is Good Bad and Beautiful, Old, Odd, and Ugly. That is my point of view from watching this video. For I am an ageist and I denounce myself for that shortcoming.

    Come on, give me a role model. Something to aim for. Must I go to Monaco for that?

    I see what they did here by choosing a display frame of broken glass.

  15. Soccer, the sport of peace.

  16. OK just for fun, in case you missed it:

    From Glenn Beck’s first radio hour, a segment on Steven King’s Tweets. For background, they had been talking earlier about the Common Core presentation (in 700 theaters nationwide) and how one of their presenters was a guy who specializes in crisis management — as in, when a company screws up, he helps them with the messaging and things like that.

    And two of the points he made are that you can either be angry or you can win, but not both, and you either make all your points or your best point but not both. I’m guessing that if you “make all your points,” you end up making none.

    So with those two phrases in mind, Glenn, Pat & Stu “try” to apply those principles to Steven King’s tweets…


    …in the same way the would have back in the day. IOW, pretty damned funny.

  17. Dicentra, they are unemployed young Muslims taking up the cause in sort of dead-end exile

    Soooo… the summer of Car-B-Queues with a bit less fire?

  18. IT is a very sublime and very American novel i love it more than reese’s peanut butter cup creme oreo chocolate sandwich cookies

    well, almost

  19. The Jewish killers of the abducted Palestinian teenager burned to death a couple of weeks ago were also said to be soccer hooligans.

  20. Everyone becomes fat and wrinkly and hairy and gross when they age. Doesn’t anyone age gracefully?

    well yeah Ariana’s grandps

    brb i need a tissue

  21. <optometrist> This?


    Or this?


  22. it’s all good my friend

    the pikachu does not discriminate

  23. History repeating; tragedy, farce…

  24. Michal Ledeen, who is a Jew and lives in Italy, cautions us to note that Europe is not uniform as regards jew-hate — he does not hesitate to discover causes of this phenomenon, finding that the Jews of Italy have in part contributed to their own better condition and the French Jews to their worse.

  25. – In places like France and Brittan where the Caliphate and Sharia have taken over the best condition for a Jew is not to live there.