July 14, 2014

“Leaked Data Shows 10-Fold Increase In Obama’s Asylum Approvals”

It’s all about the love, you see.   Right, Jeb?

Which raises the question:  why do you even want to represent a party whose base (along with most independents and not insubstantial number of Dems) is at odds with both you and the Obama Administration when it comes to all that caring you exhibit about the noble Other?   It’s the same question I asked of Thad Cochran — who is being lauded for winning a GOP primary by getting Democrats to vote for him by promising them handouts and casting his opponent as a dangerous racist — but he was unable to respond because it turns out he’s being kept alive by strings and some sort of advanced system of vaccuum tubes and protein shakes that some of Haley Barbour’s underlings minister to.

We’re a sick lot, Jeb.  We TEA Party conservatives and constitutionalists are an horrific throwback, an amalgam of haters that you can’t and shouldn’t stomach.  My suggestion?  Take on Hillary and Liz in the Dem primary.  I’m sure there are a few things you disagree on, even if you do agree on amnesty, Common Core, and the great need to “compromise” for its own sake, at least putatively (Hillary doesn’t believe that at all; but she’d happily mirror your own willingness to keep moving government leftward slowly, then move quickly once she beats you for having the name Bush).


Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:22am

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  1. Take on Hillary and Liz in the Dem primary.


  2. I’m surprised the headlines don’t read “10-fold Increase in Obama Approval!”

  3. i think this mostly just means there’s been a 10-fold increase in Tom Donohue’s lust for young latino boys

    the man is insatiable

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