July 10, 2014

a CITIZEN JOURNALIST takes stock of Obama’s America, this time from his front porch (part 3)

Passing thought:  Empanadas de atún a la mexicana, good; hand, foot and mouth disease spreading among American toddlers, bad.

So.  It’s almost a pick ’em.

— You know what?  I’m going to withhold judgment for now. Especially so close to lunch time.  I think the fact that I’m starving may be having an undue influence on me.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:11pm

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  1. Your front porch? YOURS? You didn’t build that! Uncle Sam just lets you stay there for now. As long as you pay for the privilege. Maybe. Unless a wetland happens.

  2. I stared into the abyss and the abyss also stared into me and then it asked me for tree fiddy,and I looked at the abyss and it WAS THAT LOCH NESS MONSTER AGAIN dressed up like an abuss! And, I said, “No Monster! In this house we work for our tree fiddy.” And I slammed the door on that no account fake abyss monster and took one of my wife’s Pamprin ’cause I was starting to cramp up and I couldn’t find the Ecotrin.

  3. “Empanadas de atún a la mexicana,”

    Not known to be a thing in Honduran undocumented brethren future voters.

  4. Empanadas de atún a la mexicana sounds so much more pleasant than Coxsackievirus.

  5. I hear you all. But I have decided to disregard you.

    Yours in togetherness,

    The GOP

  6. i don’t even know what that disease is