July 9, 2014

Just hand it over. For free. Cuz, like, I’m entitled, dude. [Darleen Click]

“Berkeley, California orders free pot for poor patients”

Berkeley City Council members voted unanimously late on Tuesday to instruct local outlets to provide marijuana equal to 2 percent of their sales to patients on low incomes.

“It’s an equity issue,” Council member Darryl Moore told Reuters. “We want to ensure that those who are in need have access to the medication necessary to treat their condition.”

Under the law, which takes effect next month, the marijuana given away free must be of the same quality as that given to paying customers.

The rule defines low income as medical marijuana patients who make at most half the area’s median annual income, or $32,000 or less for an individual or $46,000 for a family of four.

This helps explain the hysterical shrieking over the Hobby Lobby case. For the Left, people aren’t property owners, only the State is.

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  1. – By “treat their condition” I assume they mean “keep the assholes mellow so they don’t go on a killing spree”.

  2. takings clause no?

  3. i wonder what percent of medical marijuana consumption has anything to do with “treating a condition”

    and we’re back at 2%

  4. >(4) Nothing in this subdivision supersedes or modifies any
    provision of this Constitution, including the guarantees that a
    person may not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due
    process of law, or denied equal protection of the laws, as provided
    in Section 7.<

  5. nr

    You don’t understand — it’s just a BUSINESS which has no rights.

  6. >VI. The Penn Central “Factors”

    In 1978, in Penn Central Transportation Co. v. New York City, 438 U.S. 104 (1978), the U.S. Supreme Court applied the Pennsylvania Coal takings analysis to determine whether a local government had gone “too far” and identified three factors as of particular significance in determining whether a taking had occurred. Of primary importance is “the economic impact of the regulation on the claimant and, particularly, the extent to which the regulation has interfered with distinct investment-backed expectations”. In addition, the “character of the governmental action” – for instance whether it amounts to a physical invasion or merely affects property interests through “some public program adjusting the benefits and burdens of economic life to promote the common good” – may be relevant in discerning whether a taking has occurred.

    VII. The Agins “Tests”

    Three years later in Agins v. City of Tiburon, 447 U.S. 255 (1980), the Court established a two-part disjunctive test to determine whether a regulation amounted to a taking. The first part was whether or not the regulation “substantially advanced a legitimate state interest,” and the second was whether the regulation “denied an owner economically viable use of land.” Until recently, both the three-factor Penn Central test and the two-prong alternative test of Agins stood as part of U.S. Supreme Court jurisprudence.<


  7. – The Left needs to ignore all laws or lack thereof because if they don’t handout the goodies they’ll have an all out mutiny on their hands, and a mob of crazed junkies would be about as muteness as it could get.

  8. >You don’t understand<

    you're right. i don't understand how "we" lose all the time to such stupid peeps.

  9. – The modern Marxist Progressive party is at a point about where the Bolsheviks were at just before the revolution. They have to basically abandon most law and order to maintain a paper thin veneer of civility as long as they can before it all crashes down.

  10. What’s worse than Government ordering a for-profit business to give away it’s product for free? That business meekly giving in without mounting a legal challenge.

    Hopefully they will give these legally-entitled misfits only the cull.

  11. Power to the Pot[head] People!!

  12. Unless I’m mistaken, the ‘median income’ is the point where half the people make more, and half the people make less. If the criteria for ‘poor’ is ‘half the median income’, well… I don’t know enough about the income distribution to say how many people fall into that category, but it seems like a safe bet that considerably higher than 2%.

    So how’s that going to work, exactly? I mean, other than “not at all, by design” that is.

    “Look, angry and potentially violent pot smoker person, I don’t care how poor and medically-conditioned you may be, I’ve already given away 2% of my sales in freebies, so go bother somebody else.”

  13. Speaking of extortion, Chelsea Doody

    But think of all the good things the Foundation says that it does, its multiple mission statements. Heavens to Betsy Ross, they’re all good, nearly divine. Doesn’t look anything like 501 (c) (3) abuse, nothing like kickback to Democrat candidates, nothing at all like bribes, pay to play, nor graft.

  14. People who are chronically high on pot are a drag to converse with and they still need feeding, but they also don’t vote, run for office, march in protests, or engage in other forms of leftist mischief.

    Maybe all registered Democrats should be given free pot. I’d be glad to grow it if it kept them off the streets.

  15. i wonder what percent of medical marijuana consumption has anything to do with “treating a condition”

    “Doc, I get terribly depressed when I run out of weed…”

  16. Eminent domain?

  17. – If yahoo, a thinly disguised sister publication to HuffNPoop, wanted to get an idea of what the majority of people are thinking about Bumblefuck and his ongoing clown disaster border traveling circus the comments section reaction to this bald faced lie they floated should leave no doubts in their Lefty hive minds.

    – It shows the depth of elitist arrogance these morons believe they can get away with.

  18. Newrouter:

    >You don’t understand<

    you're right. i don't understand how "we" lose all the time to such stupid peeps.

    It’s somewhat simple: Leftist Thinking has so pervaded the Society that their perverted way of thinking – which is absurd, devoid of Right Reason, and twisted in it’s Logic – is now considered Normal.

    Until we restore Normalcy as the standard, such things as laws will remain the subject of the whims of the mentally challenged.

  19. I’m related to Betsy Ross, Bour, and she is, in fact, enshrined in Heaven, making flags for Jeez-us!

  20. So medical marijuana dealers will, from now on, be just outside Berkeley city limits.
    Hey! We’re high, but we’re not stupid.

  21. An obvious ploy by Oakland and Richmond to dump their bums on Berzerleley.

  22. Give a man a blunt, and he’ll toke up for a couple of hours. Give him some seeds and teach him about hydroponics and he’s off the public pot dole.

  23. – So now we know what was really going on. Lerner and the IRS staff engaged in targeting used an instant messaging system and avoided emails as much as possible. The crashed drive crap and “missing emails” was total bullshit to cover what they were actually doing to avoid leaving any record, a clear and obvious felony. Every staff member including Lerner should be tried for criminal acts.

    – If this arrogant bitch doesn’t get jail time then we no longer have a justice system.

  24. I think the City Council members should be forced to go our on street corners at night and inform all the corner kids of this requirement in person.

  25. BBH, oh, we have a justice system. A social justice system where the rule of law has been replaced by the rule of men. And women. And womyn. And whatever the transgendered call themselves.

    Your two minutes is coming Mr. Goldstein.

  26. – The Left in their echo chamber bubble are not going to see it coming when the hammer drops.

    – Check out the “Free Obama dolls” pic in the comments.

  27. Weenie, weedy, …

  28. – If this arrogant bitch doesn’t get jail time then we no longer have a justice

    Justice died when Bubba auctioned off pardons to the highest bidder.

    Or maybe it died when Randy Weaver’s wife was murdered by an FBI sniper and nothing ever happened to him.

    Or then it could have died when the FBI let a bunch of kids burn to death in Waco.

    Clearly, the poor bitch was suffering a slow brain-bleed.

  29. – Everywhere you look from the economy to immigration to foreign policy to the EPA to the ME the world under Bumblefuck is in total chaos. Its so reassuring to see what the young turk Progressive morons voted into office and what your tax dollars are used for.

    – All the madness and this is what the WH is focused on. God help us.

  30. Hey, BBH, Ernst, etc….

    Good news, via…well, me:

    On Tarring And Feathering

    I’m betting on tar futures.

  31. Could always go with molasses in lieu of tar.

  32. I want freebies from the likka sto.

  33. As I wrote over at my joint in response to the same suggestion about using molasses:

    I’m liking that idea if it will adhere to the clothes and skin like pine tar does. The idea is to humiliate Leftists and Loyalists, so whatever gets us there is just fine with me.

  34. – Everywhere you look from the economy to immigration to foreign policy to the EPA to the ME the world under Bumblefuck is in total chaos.

    Yeah, about that.

    Just chickens coming home to roost I guess.