July 8, 2014

“Violent MS-13 Gang Members Leave Graffiti on Bathroom Walls of Nogales Border Patrol Processing Center”

Katie Pavlich:

An internal Border Patrol executive summary obtained by Townhall confirms that at least 16 unaccompanied illegal minors (those under the age of 18, according to U.S. government policy), are members of the brutal El Salvadorian street gang Mara Salvatrucha—or MS-13.

Gang members left graffiti on the walls of the Nogales Border Patrol processing center, which suggested they had ties to the organization.

“Border Patrol Agents (BPAs) and Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPOs), assigned to The Nogales Placement Center (NPC), discovered that 16 unaccompanied alien children (13 El Salvadoran males, two Guatelmalan males and one Honduran male) currently being held at the NPC are members of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). The MS-13 gang members admitted to their gang associations following a discovery of graffiti at the NPC. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) were notified,” the summary states. “Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) were notified.”

The FBI describes MS-13 activity as “perpetuating violence—from assaults to homicides, using firearms, machetes, or blunt objects—to intimidate rival gangs, law enforcement, and the general public. They often target middle and high school students for recruitment. […]


It was reported earlier that these MS-13 gang members, some of whom have admitted to murder and torture in their home countries, are being held for placement inside the United States.

“But remember, this is a ‘humanitarian crisis.’ They are just kids,” a source working in the Nogales processing center said in frustrated and sarcastic tone. “They are MS-13 gang members. They’ve done everything from torture to murder. They act as teenage ‘enforcers.'”

Of course, notice that left out of this sneering, fearmongering, xenophobic, hate-filled, and decidedly anti-immigrant “news” report was what the graffiti actually said, which — I have it on the authority of a good source (who wished not to be identified, but whose name I can tell you rhymes with “Deb Tush”) — is that these close-knit teens came here as “an act of love,” a point proven by the graffiti’s message, which, loosely translated, is “Make love to America.”  Failure to accept the fact that these goodly creatures’ motives are pure and very American in spirit as a Rousseauean truism is proof of a rank nativism that is festering inside your blackened, racist soul.

So please:  Someone find that sarcastic hater at the Nogales processing center who leaked these filthy insinuations and hack off his head with a machete forthwith.  To send a message that we, a nation born of immigrants, will not tolerate the denigration of the noble Other who comes to our country longing for opportunity and a chance to live free!  In a place where hardened criminals here illegally are routinely set free, no matter what they do or have done — and where actual American citizens are just going to have to get over themselves.

Oh.  And don’t forget to vote for team R!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:18pm

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  1. Ah they irony that to vote for team R I have to constantly navigate the twists and turns of my gerrymandered district…

  2. taggers should be shot on sight, gang members or not

  3. But we’d be missing out on a lot of culture and important pop art. Don’t be such a blue nose.

  4. yeah i live in los angeles for now still Mr. Jeff

    they love multi-culti murals here almost as much as mexico city

    but it’s still just graffiti, mostly

    but yeah every once in awhile it can be very charming

    this one is down ventura a bit in sherman oaks, where jennifer aniston (“rachel” from friends” was born and where pamela hensley‘s dad’s veterinarian practice is/was located

    and if you keep going down the boulevard to tarzana you can get hypnotized by the black thompson twin guy, with whom you may or may not be able to have drinks/sliders with at a nearby Bar Louie location

  5. oh.

    insert closed parentheses thinger above or you’ll generate a syntax error

  6. gang members – another job “americans” won’t do.

  7. Happysmellyfeet is a brown nose to the Libertine Elites.

  8. Do I have this right? We are opening our borders so that scavengers can pick over the carcass of what once was the greatest experiment in human freedom. So that it will bring the world down to an equilibrium of poverty for all except a few elite. Sort of like all of human history before 1776?

  9. Not only, Red, do your have it ‘right’, but also ‘Right’.

  10. Glenn Beck is bringing them soccer balls and teddy bears.

  11. I hope no teddy I know or care about ends up in the hands of a gang member.