July 7, 2014

a CITIZEN JOURNALIST takes stock of Obama’s America, this time from his front porch

Dude, are those piñatas?   Swinging in the trees?  Because I could have sworn that when I went to bed last night that the only thing hanging from those trees down the block was a whole entire shitload of not piñatas

— Although I have to say, I’m not hating this sudden craving I’m having for smothered chile rellenos and a post-July 4 fireworks show.  So, glass half full and whatnot, I guess.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:29pm

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  1. is that the new or the old front porch?

  2. Oh, Man, I made the best chile relleno t’other day with a chicken breast inside it. And I mean it. Not the egg roll method, and not the omelet method, more careless than that. You see, it is not sealed, but coated with egg and panko. Everything is already cooked so it goes very fast. Of the recents, it’s become a bit famous already. Has heavy cream poured on top. Want to see it? Okay, goes like this.

  3. I’m working on a chile relleno stuffed with southern pimento cheese today. Synchronicity.

  4. My wife makes a standard chile relleno. Well, okay, standard as in ingredients. Way non-standard as to outcome. We are talking 95% percentile on the texture/flavor Bell Curve.

  5. Invasion of the Not Piñata Snatchers

    “They’re coming! They’re here already!”

  6. …but coated with egg and panko.

    If you had been around in the 18th Century and had thrown eggs at Thomas Jefferson then he would have been coated with egg and Pinko.

  7. The America which the left takes stock of is quite a different animal than what most of us see.

    In a post I can’t seem to find today our host mentioned how Bill Ayers and Obama used two large foundations as their private slush funds. This is a common thing on the left to take control of a foundation’s board which then with little effort gives them a huge pile of money to parcel out to fellow travelers and themselves.

    Hillary and Bill have amassed their fortune in that way and now will parcel out funds from their own foundation to fund themselves and their fellows on the left. Some pieces tiptoe up to seeing that huge shadow world that makes the left machine run but then back away for fear of not getting their own “fair share” of the slush in the future.

  8. Israel returns to battle with rockets from Gaza and King ClownDisaster stands for Hamas in a gesture of Palestinian unity. But heck, what else would a close friend of Rashid Khalidi do?