July 5, 2014

“MAP: Where feds are trying to relocate illegal border surgers”

But remember:  this is all about compassion and “acts of love,” and has nothing to do with politics, or creating a permanent ruling class by turning demographically to an electoral welfare state.  And how dare you suggest such a thing, racist xenophobes who hate!

As an aside, I’ve often referred back to the Weathermen’s Prairie Fire, and the discussion these Utopian radical elites had about the numbers of recalcitrant bitterclingers (25 million or there abouts) they’d need to kill off in camps for their Utopia to take shape. Which should have been shocking and disturbing enough to sink anyone connected to Bill Ayers in a political and/or ideological capacity.

But then, John McCain.  So that opportunity was lost.

Now, however — just as the New Left took over the Democrat party by surreptitiously adopting the language of capitalism and classical liberalism, even as they worked to deconstruct that language and invert its meaning to fit the Marxist worldview — I wonder if this call for a border crisis, coupled with relocation efforts and a gag order on doctors and nurses, etc. (and of course, Rep Bridenstine’s having been turned away from a facility in his own district, despite being a member of the Armed Services Committee) — is a backdoor way of “pruning” certain types of voters by helping reintroduce into this country disease that has long been eradicated here.

Such a plan would be, by my lights, not terribly different in terms of strategy than the decision by the communists in the US, in the aftermath of years-long debates at Cooper Union (with young Barry in attendance), to reject outward promotion of Marxism and instead create Trojan Horse Marxism/progressivism/Fabianism, and promote it through linguistic sophistry and then, by either executive dictate or an ideological court, helped out through form shopping cases.

Here, some sort of outbreak that prunes the wrong kind of voters from preventing progress?  Not entirely inconceivable, particularly when you consider those in power were influenced by the likes of Ayers, who coldly noted the necessity of downsizing the population and removing those who stood in the way of the bureaucratic Utopia he, presumably, would be happy to run.

Just a thought.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:36am

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  1. I had to wonder why they would be relocating these kids into small towns and Red States, rather than in the so-called “sanctuary cities” where the authorities would be falling over themselves to accommodate all those new “taxpaying new workers”, until I heard about the diseases they were carrying, most of whom had been stamped out to almost nothing here.

    And then it became clear.

  2. Sadly, it is not at all beyond The Pale to think this way.

    I would not put it past the rat bastards to try this.

    But, hey, this is no longer The United States Of America.

  3. This is just part and parcel of the cold war being waged against America and the Constitution.

    It won’t be fun if and when the cold war goes hot.

  4. Meghan’s coward daddy redefines “useless” in ways the term was never meant to encompass i think

  5. why doesn’t texas build its own fence across the state maybe 0.1 miles back from the border?

  6. the EPA won’t give them a permit cause of it might could interfere with fire ant migration patterns

  7. but the republic of texas should act more texan an eff’ the epa

  8. no much fed gov’t land in
    the republic of texas

  9. The O’s have their Hispanic “The Punisher” going tonight nr.

    Who does he punish?

    His teammates, his management, his owner, his team’s fans . . .
    anyone but his opposition.

  10. Some links to reports about this crisis.

    An interesting quote from the first link:

    BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division spokeswoman Krista Piferrer

    BCFS is Baptist Children’s Financial Services which was founded in San Antonio in 1944. Another organization operating along the same lines with the same mission is Southwest Key which was also founded in San Antonio but in 1987. Southwest Key also has close ties to HHS and HHS is their spokesperson for the child illegal immigrant programs. They also are affiliated with La Raza.