July 1, 2014

Remember: ObamaCo planned this refugee crisis to “force his hand” on amnesty

Child abuse.  Human trafficking.  Rape pools.

In the United States. And being exploited for political reasons by the very establishment ruling class that created it, be it to force a demographic voting shift and an expansion of the welfare state, or to appease corporatists who buy and pay for the incumbency of “team players:”

With the oppressive summer heat “it’s going to be very, very dangerous in this part of the country to have young kids women and other folks to come in,” says Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo, TX).

On Monday a South Texas sheriff announced the discovery of a 11 year old Guatemalan boys body about a mile from the border. Cuellar said the discovery of the boys body reinforces just how perilous the journey is into the US.

“Certainly I hope they stop coming because we probably will have more deaths as the hot weather continues,” says Cuellar. “It’s not just the heat that could kill them but there are other dangers. Officials at Lackland Air Force Base told us that one-third of young girls that come across – and they were just like little babies; 10, 11, 14 years of age. That about one third of them get raped and/or abused on the way here.”

Cuellar says that as he was speaking to Customs and Border Patrol agents he was also discovering a disturbing trend of adults “renting” children in Central America in order to increase their chances of being able to stay in the U.S. once they cross over.

“I was talking to somebody that worked for Border Patrol, and he said that in the late 80?s there were a lot of kids from El Salvador coming in and what they were doing is they had a ‘rent-a-kid’ program.” says Cuellar “In other words they said ‘oh if I come in and I have a kid with me they’ll let me go.”  And the Border Agent told him “Henry, I’m seeing this again, I cannot believe it.”

“This is a phenomenon that has gone on for years if not decades,” says George Grayson a Professor of Latin American Politics at William & Mary “As far as I know they pay the families (and remember these economies are in sad shape) and therefore to get maybe a few hundred dollars you’re willing to give up your 7th or 8th child.”

Grayson says that coyotes (smugglers) will often use children as a distraction, “Because your heart goes out to children. If the same group of organized criminals is trying to move drugs you can distract them by having a group of children moving into one part of the McAllen corridor into Texas and then you have your drugs moving in a few miles away.”

Meanwhile Cuellar goes onto say that the wave of illegal immigrants coming across the Southern Texas border has not ebbed at all.

“It still is bad… about 1,200 to 1,500 people they’re catching a day and about 20 to 30 percent of them are kids with no parents.”

[My emphasis]

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to become anchor babies — that we may see them beaten and raped.   Should they survive their first attempt to break our laws, however, we’ll import them into city centers, contagions and all, and set ’em up for life, in Balkanized communities and with all sort of subsidies from xenophobic racist citizens who don’t deserve the same courtesies as these noble border jumpers, sent by their parents at the urging, some of it active, some of it tacit, of our own government.

Politicians, were they capable of shame, would fall on their swords upon learning about this.  Instead, they double down and try to defeat those who would shut down the whole miserable, illegal, and immoral exercise.

This used to be the United States of America.  I don’t know what it is now, but that ain’t it, that’s for sure.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:06pm

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  1. Looks all in all to be another gruesome instance of that aphorism ‘all that’s required for evil to prosper is that good men should stand by doing nothing’ kinda deals.

  2. He has invited an invasion of foreign enemies. Fill in the rest of the blanks yourself.

  3. i thought it was an overton window type of thinger

    the urchins are the focus now

    so the 12 million already here are home free

  4. Who was home free in the Weimar Republic?

  5. FDR did something similiar with labor unions didn’t he?

    The “forcce his hand thing” I mean.

  6. If we can’t build a fence, can we build an immigration superhighway or high-speed rail train from the Mexican boarder straight to Canada? The Canadians are generally nice people and maybe it is time they picked up the tab.

  7. If he has invited an invasion by foreign enemies, does that constitute “cleaving to [America’s] enemies, giving them aid and comfort”?

  8. Mexicans and other Latinos aren’t enemies; the denizens of the beltway and their cheerleaders are.

  9. In a manner of speaking it’s quite true that the bulk of our self-interested southern neighbors who presume on our patience as they march across the border haven’t a thought in the world about who accompanies them from other lands unseen amidst the chaos such numbers create by their sheer volume. So most of those sad people among our neighbors can’t be counted direct enemies as such, if neither as friends to us.

    Doesn’t mean we ought disregard those others among them coming from no one knows what Arab or other lands, nor the frittering politicians who enable the entire disgusting and dangerous mess.

  10. we need for abc or netflix to create a sitcom about the funny and uproarious goings-on at one of these detention centers

    it could be called like urchins are the new black, puto and the cast would have all sorts of charming latino/latino-looking youths and the bumbling yet good-hearted guards who run the facility

    plus a russian cook

    it would be like holding up a mirror to society, except with more tuberculosis

  11. How about, “Su Casa est mi Casa 17”, happy?

  12. i like it!

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  14. Di, I must respectfully disagree. These people are coming here not because they want to sign on to what being an American is. Rather, they come here seeking to avail themselves of all they can take from us while their loyalty remains south of the Rio Grande. They come, not to build, but to destroy and the those you mention have invited them in.

  15. at this point shutting down the fed gov’t is the patriotic act.

  16. newrouter,

    Surprise: Unaccompanied children crossing border may have right to stay

    Elián Gonzalez unavailable for comment.

  17. >Elián Gonzalez unavailable for comment.<

    clinton era dogmas are passe: see: doma, rfra, "don't ask don't tell" etc

  18. Rather, they come here seeking to avail themselves of all they can take from us while their loyalty remains south of the Rio Grande. They come, not to build, but to destroy and those you mention have invited them in.

    The Latinos don’t aim to destroy — that’s an unintended consequence. All they know is that they can get better wages in el Norte than in Mexico, and so people come up here and send much-needed remittances back to their families.

    The U.S. is a workplace for them, not a carcass to pick over. From their perspective, they’re picking up the crumbs from the table, which we insanely rich Americans can spare.

    The only people we should be mad at are the politicians who refuse to uphold the law. There’s no reason for us to demand that the illegal aliens take our immigration laws more seriously than our own government.

    A few of them are grabbers — they rent all kinds of furniture, load it up in a truck, and haul it off to Mexico. Some skip out on mortgages and go home when the can’t pay anymore. Others get pregnant up here so that they can get WIC. There’s no concept of “being too proud to accept charity” because they never lived under the Protestant work ethic. Their collapsed feudal system doesn’t reward hard work — only cronyism and favoritism and Old Money.

    If you were an underclass Latino and you knew that the Americans were totally lax about the border, and that you could easily get a place and open a bank account and get a driver’s license and enroll your kids in school and get a job that pays astronomical (by comparison) wages, your back would also be sopping wet.

    Again, our feckless, corrupt politicians (don’t underestimate narcotraficante $$ and threats) are wholly to blame. The Latinos just know a good opportunity when they see it.

  19. Fed-Up Californians Block Buses of Illegal Immigrants Being Shipped in from Texas

    California elected Obama. They deserve every refugee, every disease, every gang member that crosses their borders.

    Sorry, Darleen, but there it is.

  20. Their collapsed feudal system doesn’t reward hard work — only cronyism and favoritism and Old Money.

    So what you’re saying is, the only difference between Mexico and Obama’s America is that we let New Money have a seat at the table too?

  21. > The Latinos just know a good opportunity when they see it. <

    they "see it" via the cloward piven news. eff the wetbacks.

  22. they have scabies

    scabies eat you face

    this is a dealbreaker

  23. >California elected Obama.<

    no they didn't. the ruining class "elected" the proggtard.

  24. what goes good with scabies? some aids, a little small pox, oh maybe dysentery . americanfailshit

  25. “The Latinos don’t aim to destroy — that’s an unintended consequence.”

    “They deserve every refugee, every disease, every gang member that crosses their borders.”

    Bleeding heart, indeed.

  26. Maybe in some or even most instances don’t aim to destroy but for damn sure don’t aim to preserve either. They just don’t give a shit, and can’t seem to think far enough out to see whether their own actions could possibly ruin the very thing they seek. Ignorant motherfuckers, all taken in all, for whom we can have very little respect.

  27. Whether you’re here legally or illegally, and your actions, intended or otherwise, aid and abet those pushing systemic collapse, I consider you an enemy.

  28. what goes good with scabies is fucking ointment

    buckets and ladels and sloshings of ointment

  29. That’s a reasonable view guins, so far as I can see. And what little wonder that any Mexican would view our trespass on his land just the same.

  30. let’s start taking mexi co. apart. for the oil.

  31. Di: The Latinos just know a good opportunity when they see it.

    They do. Apparently, though, they don’t recognize their opportunity to do Good [ie: they lack a Moral Sense] and, instead, behave like Locusts.

    While they are not Satan, they serve him, as it were, and therefore, as guinspen remarked, they are to be considered Enemies. This is a War.

  32. An illegal invasion — which is by definition an act of war — is carried out by illegal invaders. Evil or not, they are an enemy and must be stopped (in a shooting war we don’t ignore the footsoldiers to target only their leaders). That means more than mere interdiction; it means deterrence.

    It means treating them like an enemy in war. Because it’s what they are.

  33. nr,
    The northern states of Mexico are ready to fall our way.

    All it’ll take to bring them into the fold is a President with some balls who’ll call for referendums in Sonora, Baja and Chihuahua states. Uncoerced, the people of these states would vote for our Bill of Rights, Constitutional government and free-ish economic policies.

    Which is why I like this proposal – Mexico City’s coercion in Mexico’s northern states rely on cartel violence for their ‘bang,’ and this covert patron/client relationship will become painfully obvious the minute it appears the referendum process is gaining momentum.

    And here in America, the patron/client relationship between America’s Left and Mexico City’s oligarchs will become evident, too, as our Left-wingers cannot help but voice Mexico’s elites’ objections to Mexican citizens participation in what would be an innocuous experiment in Democracy.

    In the Left’s jaundiced world view, there are no national borders. But, when they are faced with the possibility that America might expand its jurisdictions through peaceful referendums, then suddenly, the Left shifts 180 degrees and the buttress of Mexico’s national interests become paramount.

    A cogent, direct referendum process in Mexico’s northern state’s would highlight these serial hypocrisies, and others. As the Left will spare no weapon to disenfranchise Mexican participants in any referendum, it will unwittingly undermine the American Democratic Party’s claims to fight for the voting franchise for “brown-skinned” peoples.

    ‘Seems there’re a lot of hidden gains in pushing for this process, and few down-sides. Let’s give it a shot!

  34. Why in the hell would we want to add Mexico’s disfunction to our own?

  35. Ah, democracy! After all, who doesn’t love democracy? Especially direct democracy? Now there‘s a principle no good republican can eschew.

    Oh, wait.

    Oh yeah, but them was soooo over 100 years ago. What could they possibly know of progress?

  36. The best part of this referendum idea is, when the vote goes our way DHS and CBP can move their traffic stops and unwarranted personal searches down to Southern Chihuahua and Cabo, where our expanded republic abuts Mexico’s new Northern border.

    Then, we can push the Left’s “I didn’t cross the border, the border crossed me!” talking point back at them and argue that all those chillins’ crossing into Southern Sonora state deserve reunion with their families “back in Mexico.” And so, the rest of Mexico’s new border states should also join our union.

    I can see the heads exploding in Columbia University”s Latin American Studies departments as I write this. That joy alone should be reason enough to follow through on this!

  37. Why would we want to annex a territory that contains people who have no idea what the Protestant Ethic means?

    Why would any sane American want to support any activities that arise out of a belief in Democracy, considering The Founders set up a system of government that is, in part, designed to prevent the horrors of Democracy from happening here?

  38. The framers were, it has been decided, wrong. They mistakenly viewed democracy as witlessness, and thinking this way led them into error. For we have discovered [democratically] that witlessness is good. And whatever witlessness approves is right and just. Which is what it was necessary to prove.

  39. Bob,
    Northern Mexico’s political landscape is changing fast!

    Like some on the Right, the Left fought NAFTA because it believed that American capitalism is caustic to tribalism and that it breeds a desire for individual dignity and human rights. Both are anathema to the establishment’s plans for the Southwest’s polities.

    And they were right to worry: capitalism and free exchanges between peoples influence people to want freedom, mobility and full agency in their lives, and this weakens archaic networks like tribal and patronage ones.

    And it is working wonderfully! NAFTA is transforming the livelihoods and philosophical underpinnings of Northern Mexico’s political aspirations for the good. Give ’em a couple more years of marination in NAFTA’s juices, and Northern Mexicans, already pining for our Walmarts, hair products, second amendment and voting franchises, will choose to vote for union with us.

    It’s nothing to fear, guys…and just a matter of time.

  40. Hmmm. The ranch dust up a few months ago, now citizens blocking alien invaders in California. Do I sense a trend here? The beginning of a preference cascade?

  41. “Let’s give it a shot!”

    Right between the eyes.

  42. “It’s nothing to fear, guys…and just a matter of time.”

    So, bend over and think of the Founders.

  43. Perhaps, Steve, they’ll be ripe in a few generations, but firmly entrenching an attitude [in this case, the American one] in the hearts and minds of people takes time.

    Many of the various ethnic groups that came over from Europe were able to do it in a shorter period of time because they came from a tradition that was close to the English one, but they still had trouble [there is some blame for our current sorry-state of affairs that can be laid at the feet of these ones, especially the Irish and Italians].

    The peoples of Central and South America, though they have origins in Europe, are so far removed from Western attitudes that they are part of their own, unique Culture – one where corruptions riddle every nook and cranny of it. They really cannot be classified as ‘Western’, but rather, in the best case, as a mutant version of it.

    We are engaged in a struggle to preserve Western Civilization, specifically the version as constituted by the English-speaking peoples.

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