June 25, 2014

The Colin Powell GOP

You’ve heard me mention this before, but if you call yourself a Republican and then vote for Democrats — or in the case of Thad Cochran (or rather, his NRSC handlers and lobbyists; Thad didn’t have to show up for a debate and only on occasion does he get awakened to do what Mitch McConnell tells him to do), actively recruit liberal Democrats with race-baiting, anti-TEA Party literature and robocalls — you aren’t really a Republican.

Instead, you’re a career politician whose interest is to remain part of the elite club; just as it seems to be in the elite club’s interest to keep you — even if that means using Democrats to thwart the will of the very people you’re supposed to represent.

Open primaries are an abomination. They allow people like Lindsey Graham and Thad Cochran, among others, to game the system — the result being that the system is corrupted, and they profit from its easy (though increasingly expensive, and increasingly offputting) manipulations.

I can see no reason to vote for any non-conservative / constitutionalist / classical liberal candidate for a Senate or House seat. Having said that, I’ll be told that my refusal to do so is a vote for a Democrat.

To which I reply this way: so is a vote for a non-conservative / constitutionalist / classical liberal candidate. But in the first instance, I feel refreshingly non complicit.

The NRSC not only declared war on us with their horrific tactics in MS (and you can read today all the “pragmatists” talking about the “strength” of the “strategy,” which strategy amounted to using liberal Democrats to disenfranchise Republicans in a Republican primary), but they fired upon us with their robocalls and their appeals to Democrats to cross over and keep the “racist” TEA Party out of power.

We have a one-party system and a lot of kabuki theater. A veneer of representative government. The rest is a vying for committee chairmanships and temporary supreme power.

When people like Karl Rove or the Bushies or Haley Barbour or Trent Lott or Mitch McConnell or John McCain or John Boehner claim ownership over who gets to be the GOP candidate, or ascend to leadership roles within the party machinery — and can do so against the will of those they putatively represent — they are exactly who we’ve said they are.

Colin Powell has voted twice for Barack Obama, a Marxist ideologue and far left radical. And yet he calls himself a Republican.

Sorry, but if your major efforts involving defeating the GOP base while hanging on to your title as GOP lawmaker or person of influence, you’re doing it wrong. And we, the people, are going to have to show you in some way that you’ll finally maybe understand.

With apologies to the anti-war movement of the 60s-70s, “what if they gave an election and no conservatives showed up?”

My plan is to work at the state level electing constitutionalists to local government, where national party elites seldom bother to tread. From there, I will push the second amendment from Article 5 and demand a convention of the states. In the meantime, I will support any governor or state legislature that asserts 9th and 10th amendment defenses of their active rebuke of federal overreach. Hell, I’ll even push for a “regressive” law that takes the vote away from those whose sole means of support is long-term welfare.

We need to act. Time is slipping away, and it’s quite clear the GOP as a Party is not, on the national level, a vehicle through which to reassert constitutional principles. In fact, they actively work to make sure people who’d come to Capitol Hill and agitate for such quaint humbug are smeared, discredited, marginalized, and “crushed.”

They don’t represent me. And in fact, I feel like I have no representation in the federal government whatever.

No taxation without representation? Used to be a rallying cry.

Perhaps it’s time to break out the tri-cornered hats again. Let the wingtip and crony corporatist crowd smirk. Right up until such time that they find themselves covered in tar and feathers.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:22am

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  1. What pisses me off most about the GOP in the Cochran/McDaniel race is that they obviously prefer losing the seat to a liberal democrat rather than allow another true conservative into Congress.

    Either that, or the GOP is incredibly short sighted.

    The democrats were probably more than delighted to help Cochran win, because they know conservatives will stay home and it gives them a good chance to pick up what otherwise would be slam dunk seat for the GOP.

  2. 184,495. That’s a lot of disenfranchised voters!

  3. Daniel Horowitz: This is Treachery

  4. All the propaganda that is fit to print, all the time:*** McDaniel’s loss is a major repudiation of the Tea Party at a pivotal moment for the movement. After a disappointing first few months to the election cycle for conservatives, the Mississippi runoff and Rep. Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) surprise primary loss breathed new life into activist groups and candidates, spurring many to talk about expanding their map of competitive races. ***

  5. The GOP wants to lose. The only way to stop this shit is to let them.

    Don’t vote Republican. Vote third party if you have one, or don’t vote at all until you do.

  6. They want to win only if they win with their choices.

    They can fuck off. Work at the state political level. Elect conservatives there. Demand they treat the 9th and 10th amendment as they would any other amendment to the Constitution they are sworn to uphold. If that means telling the feds to get stuffed or bring in troops to force them to comply, so be it.

    We’re at that point.

  7. Greetings:

    Well, following Mr. Powell’s compelling logic, the GOP broke him, so the GOP owns him.

    A while back, I channel-surfed into a documentary film entitled “Held Hostage” on the local PBS TV station. It was about the Islamist attack on an oil refinery in southern Algeria. The government quickly called out its anti-terrorism brigade and the filmmaker felt it important to mention that its commanding general’s nickname was “The Eradicator”. Good name for a general that, I thought to myself.

    I pretty much blame Mr. Powell (whom I refuse to refer to with the G-word) for his tortuous policy requirements for the use of military force. Requirements so tortuous, that he was asked by a lady Secretary of State something to the effect that if he wasn’t using the army could she borrow it. I’m pretty sure that Roman generals fell on their swords for less.

    I also blame Mr. Powell for his long term impact on our military. I see his career success as blazing a path for his successors who, if they had nicknames at all, would be referred to as “The Genuflector” or “The Breast-beater”.

  8. I pretty much blame Mr. Powell

    He’s really the one to blame for Iraq 2003 and ISIS 2014.

    Had we unseated Hussein in 1991, there would have been fewer (or no) terrorist cells to interfere with helping the Iraqis self-govern, fewer “shadow warriors” in the State Department undermining the effort, and less political resistance on the homefront.

    But no. Refusing to amputate an infected limb only permitted the gangrene to spread to the rest of the body, leading to awful, painful, prolonged death.

  9. 11B40: I like the old David Hackworth term ‘Perfumed Prince’.

  10. Remember that Paul Winfield’s character in Mars Attacks! was supposedly based in the Semi-Colin.