June 24, 2014

Cochran violating Mississippi State law, using race-baiting robocalls to turn out DEMS against Republican primary winner

This is why I say if Cochran wins — by blatantly violating state law, which demands that you vote in the general election for the candidate you vote for in the primary (in this case, a primary run-off), and does so with the brazen and open aid of Senate Republicans and local GOP establishment lobbyists and NRSC pacs — the GOP is over.  Done with.  Finished. Sleeps with the fishes. And we, the legal conservatives, will have no organized vehicle left by which to claim representation.

And we all know about how taxation without representation goes over in countries that purport to be free.

Let me make this as clear as I can:  the GOP establishment is working hard to defeat the will of the GOP primary voters in Mississippi.  They are doing so by actively courting Democrats, who they hope will illegally vote in the GOP primary today and push Cochran over the top to victory — after which, he’ll likely retire within a couple years and be replaced by the GOP establishment’s choice of corporatist. Meaning they would rather see Democrats choose the GOP Mississipi Senator than the GOP’s primary voter base. A campaign manager for Cochran was actually arrested, having been caught on camera, for removing pro-McDaniel yard signs and replacing them with Cochran signs. And of course, John McCain is one of Cochran’s biggest backers. Because Maverick! And Hobbits / wacko birds.

We, the people, are the owners of our government.  Our government is supposed to operate on the consent of the governed.  And yet here we are watching GOP insiders and crony capitalists rally support around the loser of the original GOP primary — and now funding robocalls that essentially accuse the TEA Party of being anti-Obama because of Obama’s color (well, half of it, at least).

Listen to this:

This is revolting.   It is outrageous.  And if it succeeds, its spells the end of the GOP as far as I’m concerned.

What we have now is a ruling class willing to protect its own over any upstarts the people may want — the only reason for this being that they distrust and dislike the people, particular their own party’s base, who they view as inconvenient morons and constitutional fetishists who need to be kept to the corner of their “big tent,” along with Mohammet, Jugdish, Sidney, and Clayton.

Screw them.  We conservatives have been on “double secret probation” among the RINO elites for so long that it’s time to either storm the party doors or leave entirely and start our own fraternity, one that brings in Reagan Democrats and the remaining liberals who still believe in the Constitution, a fair and stable rule of law, capitalism, equality of opportunity, and government, on both the federal and state and local levels, that leaves us the hell alone.

And we’ll be colorblind in our purging of what has become a rather dubious “big tent,” to boot.

(h/t therightscoop)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:16am

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  1. “Sleeps with the fishes.”

    I say leave it on the beach and let seagulls pick over its rotting corpse.

  2. I’m liking the idea of gibbetting. “Pour encouraged les autres.”

  3. I’m-a wait and see how it turns out. If the Secretary of State ends up tabulating a bunch of mud-covered ballots retrieved from a ’67 Valiant recently unearthed from a Vicksburg sandbar, I expect friend Squid to have a Mississippi pitchfork outlet already in place and open for business.

  4. It seems to me adequate that the establishment GOP would put its first foot in the Rubicon, rather than it only being sufficient they would take the last step out on the far bank. But then too, I’ve been done with them for well over a year now, so I might be biased toward judging a bit harshly.

  5. Oh, the Stabs are irredeemable. I’m talking about the runoff outcome.

  6. Ach, I apologize for my carelessness McG to cite Jeff’s “if it succeeds” as the thing to which I was responding, so causing this confusion, and hasten to confess I had barely read your just prior comment even as I typed that first of mine. Didn’t make the connection between mine and yours at all then. Though I can see something in the aftermath.

  7. What? No handcuffs available?

  8. right on news

    Our Ruling Class

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    looks like Meghan’s coward brainwashed piece of shit whore daddy’s candidate is gonna win

    yikes that can’t be good

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  17. stay tuned pikachu

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  19. these people are nasty

    they need to get Bobby Jindal to exorcise them a nice tasty bag of dicks so they can all have one they own to suck on

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  21. And so ends thoughtful comments for the night

  22. Meaning HF at7;39 (to be followed by a “why so mean, mr steph?”)

  23. say something super-thoughtful then I sure won’t stop you I promise

    I have to go bed early anyways, at least relatively early

  24. @71 % thad 52 mcd 48 good by team r

  25. Going to bed (7. Pm Cali time) Or cupcakes.
    Well, it’s always something .

  26. well i also have to get caught up on my True Blood so I can start the new season

    i hadn’t realized how behind i was

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  29. Mosquito bite at 8:02. swat, yuck.

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  31. @92 thad 50.7 mcd 49.3 start questioning thad voters for violating miss law

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  33. it sucks to be thad news

    @95% thad 50.3 mcd 49.7

  34. free and fair elections are nice myth

  35. The county in which is located my wife’s current alma mater (completing her Master’s this fall, yay) (and no, it’s an online program so she couldn’t have voted there) is hugely Thad-friendly, because of all the pork he’s directed at the university. They even named a big on-campus facility after him.

    Looks like he got slightly more than 70% of the vote in that county, which seems a bit low…

  36. @97 % thad 50.8 mcd 49.2 let the recount begin

  37. Recount, baby.

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  39. yea gotta stop the lawlessness here now or go outlaw

  40. @98 thad 50.6 mcd 49.4 rcp “picks” a ‘winner’ i say rebellion

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  42. If the GOP wants Democrats as Democrats choosing the Republican candidate in Mississippi, then it seems to me the least Mississippians could do is send a Democrat to D.C.

  43. Cochran picked up over 7K “new” votes in Hinds county.

    Any guesses on the demographics and political leanings there?

    I’m raging right now. If I decide to actually vote again, it’ll never again be for a candidate sporting an “R” by his or her name.

  44. @100% thad 50.9 mcd 49.1. how many phony votes?

  45. let’s support allison ” demonrat” grimes today! let’s go full demonrat with mitchy.

  46. . . . then what’s the use?

    To presume the Republican Party to be one’s own tool for use when any adherence to the Republican Party actually put’s oneself in the role of tool isn’t much of any use at all.

    To remind us of Machiavelli’s mantra in The Prince: use one’s own arms [David to slay Goliath, refusing Saul’s offer — then taking defeated Goliath’s sword with which to remove his head.]

    Make a party of one’s own. Owe these skeeze-buckets nothing. It’s called “independence”.

  47. curious to see if Palin full-throatedly endorses Meghan’s cowardwhore daddy yet again in 2016

  48. let’s go full 3rd party against thad cochran or mitchy or lindsey

  49. >curious to see if Palin full-throatedly endorses Meghan’s cowardwhore daddy yet again in 2016 <

    dues be paid pickachu. we be rolling forward

  50. forward

    Or, y’know, welcome to the world of Kevin McCarthy.

  51. Or we could just vote for the Democrat, since the GOP leadership believes Democrats to be preferable to the wrong type of Republican.

  52. Somehow or other it would probably feel more comfortable to just kill and subjugate the Democrats and let the GOP watch.

  53. >Or, y’know, welcome to the world of Kevin McCarthy.<

    caribou barbie would say no, you?

  54. Say no to what? The world of Kevin McCarthy is already here. Get used to it. Or else?

  55. “It may be a Republican runoff between GOP incumbent senator Thad Cochran and tea party challenger Chris McDaniel, but to these Democrats, allowed by law to vote in this race, party doesn’t matter,” Bash said, before showing short interviews she conducted with black voters outside polling places today. The “life-long Democrats” voted for their first Republican candidate on Tuesday, presumably thanks to increased outreach Cochran has done to that demographic.

  56. > The world of Kevin McCarthy is already here. Get used to it. <

    money will make it failshitamerica soon

  57. money will make it failshitamerica soon

    Soon, huh?

    Take to practicing saying, “Hey, it’s Kevin McCarthy’s World and we’re only pretending to live in it, since y’can’t really call this living.”

  58. >black voters<

    hi detroit

  59. >“Hey, it’s Kevin McCarthy’s World and we’re only pretending to live in it, since y’can’t really call this living.” <

    nah the house cards is going to fall soon. buy ammo and guns.

  60. I’m curious to see if divinewindfoot full-throttledly practices what he preaches.

  61. “Welcome to the world of Kevin McCarthy” is another way of saying “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

    Probably worse, in fact.

    So count Eric Cantor among the victims of the GOP Establishment.

  62. i practice a LOT

  63. The “life-long Democrats” voted for their first Republican candidate on Tuesday, presumably thanks to increased outreach Cochran has done to that demographic.

    Funny how when a Establican does that, it’s proof he has bi-partisan support/appeal, and when Democrats cross over to vote for a conservative it’s proof he’s an unelectable patsy.

  64. mcd has the votes in de car trunk. play alinsky

  65. mcd peel off all the demonrat votes toute suite. go by the law or what is left of it.

  66. Polish Airlines has nothing to do with this.

    Stick to Pipers.

  67. it seems to me the least Mississippians could do is send a Democrat to D.C.

    They will.

  68. Yeah, but which one?

  69. Vote Democrat In 2014! – Early And Often.

    Might as well bring this zit to a head so it bursts sooner and we can get on with cleaning-up the mess and applying the antibiotics.

  70. We need to get more of our folks doing the counting. (See: Stalin, Uncle Joe)

    Jeez. Do I have to do all the thinking around here?