June 23, 2014

“Texas Man Told to Remove American Flag Because ‘It’s a Threat to Muslims’”

I Tweeted this out a few days ago, but to address it here, let my simply repeat (in slightly altered form) what I wrote on Twitter then:  unless and until this headline reads, “Texas Man Told to Remove American Flag Because ‘It’s a Threat to Muslims’; Responds by Telling Apartment Complex Manager to Go Blow a Donkey,” outrageous, PC restraints on speech, political or otherwise, will continue to grow ever more onerous.

To his credit, the occupant, Duy Tran, has refused to remove the flag, and the blowback on the rental complex has been rather enjoyable to see — including a local newscast in which it was revealed that no complaints had been filed, that other apartments boasted patriotic decorations, and that neighbors were largely supportive of the flag.

Which are fine steps forward in addressing these kind of workaday tyrannies imposed by petty tyrants.  And the idiocy of living in a culture that defines its “progressivism” in the freedom to burn the American flag, and yet not in the freedom to display it, is simply too surreal to comprehend.  If the American flag makes Muslims feel uncomfortable, they’re in the wrong country to begin with.

Here’s my suggestion:  have local city councils begin passing ordinances that allow them to revoke commercial zoning licenses for these kinds of abuses of a citizen’s rights.  You’re a freaking apartment complex, not a demi-god, after all; stop creating phony problems to insinuate your beliefs into people’s personal lives.  Collect the rent, keep the pool clean, and shut the hell up — or else go find some other business to go into.

Like, for instance, becoming a “liberal” politician.  Or some other kind of thief.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:10pm

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  1. What’s a Muslim that a Muslim could possibly be threatened by an American flag?

  2. sdferr, good point. It is the apartment complex owners which imply that all Muslims are anti-American, perhaps because a liberal, pluralistic, civil republic of free citizens is anathema to those steeped in the Koran. Given that it’s Texas, I’m surprised the owners didn’t invoke Mexican sensibilities in attempting to impose their will upon Mr. Tran.

  3. I don’t believe in offending Muslims. Shaming them is a better strategy.

  4. My flag is not a threat to Muslims. I have other items to serve that purpose.

  5. Duy Tran

    Isn’t that a Vietnamese name? Cambodian?

    Good for him. Them what fled from CommieRed countries know what freedom is, and it ain’t “freedom from offense.”

  6. How come Ed Snowden isn’t dead yet, or for that matter his partner in treason Gleens? If the US gots no more self-preservative care for its own than to permit these two to run around determining who lives and who dies all on their own holy accord, shouldn’t be anyone anywhere threatened by the American flag.

  7. If you feel threatened by the mere sight of the American flag, I have two things to note:

    1) Good! Just remember that the next time you call us The Great Satan.

    2) If you are scared of the symbol, what in hell are you doing on American soil?

  8. I’d go over the unit manager’s head to his company and to the city council and ask if that is their official position on the american flag and would they care to have that made public?

    If you take my money and then fuck with me instead of provide the service you agreed to provide then you will become my hobby. You want a bunch of fake weekend bikers protesting at your manager’s office and handing out free copies of the constitution while grilling weenies and playing a mix tape of songs about America? Okay.

  9. I think the “threats to moslems” might be an excuse for “threats from moslems”. It seems, and I am willing to be corrected, that the I-10 corridor in that neck of Texas has a high concentration of the followers of Mohamed, and I fear, based on an unpleasant occurrence with them, they may be short on a sense of humor.

  10. Texas also has quite a lot of Lebanese Christians and former Pakistani Hindus. It would ultimately be a bad place to try and get all militant in.

  11. Texas also has quite a lot of Lebanese Christians and former Pakistani Hindus.

    Also, lots and lots of straight up Indian Hindus.

    If we’re to finally Balkanize then lots of old school feedback loops are back on the table.

  12. I once had an hour-long discussion with a tech-ish vp trying to recruit me down to Texas telling me about how he made his bones figuring out the manufacturing challenges of maintaining quality optics of a rear view mirror in the third (second-ish maybe) world. This same guy is not a friend of the religion of peace. Not even a little.

    He lives around there. And he’s smart. Extremely capable. Able to motivate large groups of men. I almost, almost, took a pay cut to work for him.

  13. the religion of peace™ was a W thing for his saudi friends. allan’s army are murderous thugs. kinda chitown.