June 22, 2014

Hoover vs FDR: Correcting the revisionist history about the Great Depression [Darleen Click]


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  1. Hoover lost this battle back then, which is why FDR managed to get elected four times and has his mug on the dime. And we have been paying for it ever since.

  2. The battle Hoover lost was the PR and dealing with a depression. Rather than curing the disease, FDR was more like a mother with Munchausen by Proxy to the sick USA.

  3. – FDR not only tended to mimic Hoovers economic policies, he actually caused a second recession in 38, just prior to the outbreak of WWII. He did not effect the rebound in any way, that was due to the ramping up of the war effort coupled with rationing in every sector.

    – But you dare not say anything disparaging (albeit accurate) about a beloved myth in a wheel chair. Fucking Democrats.

  4. – Speaking of Hoovers, maybe the first tiny crack in the dam.

  5. I say bad things about FDR all the time to misinformed libs just to watch them froth at the mouth and scream obscenities.

    FDR was such a prick that he changed the (working) name of the Hoover Dam when it was under construction. This in spite of the fact that the dam was a project the Hoover administration put together and that he (Hoover, who was an engineer) visited at least once and was well liked by the workers—who were of all races and creeds. Hoover was a stand up guy and people need to give him his due. It took an act of congress to change the name of the dam back to Hoover, years later.

  6. My dad was born in 1928 … he has nothing good to say about FDR at all from first hand experience.

  7. The depression shouldn’t have lasted four years, so people elected a guy who made it last eight more.

  8. I recommend the new graphic novel version of Amity Shlaes “The Forgotten Man.” Not as a replacement, but as an addendum to the print version.

  9. I’ve never understood why people don’t get the obvious…

    There were the same number of dollars in circulation the day after the markets crashed as there was the day before. Every stock sale must have happened only because there was a buyer.

    It was a simple loss of confidence in the banks and in the value of the dollar.

  10. Because people are stupid, Drum.

  11. “What are the marks of a sick culture?

    It is a bad sign when the people of a country stop identifying themselves with the country and start identifying with a group. A racial group. Or a religion. Or a language. Anything, as long as it isn’t the whole population.

    A very bad sign. Particularism. It was once considered a Spanish vice but any country can fall sick with it. Dominance of males over females seems to be one of the symptoms.

    Before a revolution can take place, the population must lose faith in both the police and the courts.

    High taxation is important and so is inflation of the currency and the ratio of the productive to those on the public payroll. But that’s old hat; everybody knows that a country is on the skids when its income and outgo get out of balance and stay that way – even though there are always endless attempts to wish it way by legislation. But I started looking for little signs and what some call silly-season symptoms.

    I want to mention one of the obvious symptoms: Violence. Muggings. Sniping. Arson. Bombing. Terrorism of any sort. Riots of course – but I suspect that little incidents of violence, pecking way at people day after day, damage a culture even more than riots that flare up and then die down. Oh, conscription and slavery and arbitrary compulsion of all sorts and imprisonment without bail and without speedy trial – but those things are obvious; all the histories list them.”

    “I think you have missed the most alarming symptom of all. This one I shall tell you. But go back and search for it. Examine it. Sick cultures show a complex of symptoms as you have named… But a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than a riot.

    This symptom is especially serious in that an individual displaying it never thinks of it as a sign of ill health but as proof of his/her strength. Look for it. Study it. It is too late to save this culture – this worldwide culture, not just the freak show here in California. Therefore we must now prepare the monasteries for the coming Dark Age. Electronic records are too fragile; we must again have books, of stable inks and resistant paper.”
    — Friday and Dr. Baldwin in Friday by Robert Heinlein

  12. It is a bad sign when the people of a country stop identifying themselves with the country and start identifying with a group.

    Leftists hate hate hate any sort of nationalism, especially American patriotism or Israeli patriotism (Zionism)

  13. Leftists hate hate hate any sort of nationalism

    Hmmm, have we heard any significant commentary from the leftists about the Palestinian three-fingered salute of insult regarding the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers? It would be odd, if not, right?

  14. Barack Hussein Obama haz a sad.

  15. The recession depression shouldn’t have lasted one four years, so people elected a guy who made it last eight more.

    Modernized for ya ;^)