June 20, 2014

“White House Learned of Lerner’s Crashed Hard Drive 6 Weeks Before Congress”

Funny that Obama couldn’t use either his pen or his phone to pass along the info, isn’t it?  CNSNews:

In sworn testimony Friday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen admitted that the IRS told the Obama administration about Lois Lerner’s missing emails in April, six weeks before telling Congress, even though Congress had subpoenaed Lerner’s emails as part of its investigation into the alleged muzzling of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status before the 2010 election.

“The IRS knew in February, or maybe even in March, and Treasury and the White House knew at least in April — but Congress and the American people didn’t find out until June. Were you purposely not telling us?” House Ways and Means Chair Dave Camp (R-Mich.) asked Koskinen. “Were you purposely not revealing this to the American people?”

“No, as I told you…our original thought was to complete the Lois Lerner email production–complete the review of what other custodians (IRS employees) had a problem, and produce a report to you, laying it all out,” Koskinen said.

“So why did the IRS inform the Executive Branch agencies, the White House, the administration, but kept it secret from the Congress, who was conducting an investigation?” Camp asked.

“We were not keeping it a secret,” Koskinen said. “It was our public report to you that has in fact provided you this information, there’s been no attempt to keep it a secret. My position has been, when we provide information, we should provide it completely. If we provide you incomplete information, people sometimes are tempted to leap to the wrong conclusion, not based on any facts, so we thought it would be important to give you the full description–

“It’s okay for the White House and Treasury to leap to a conclusion six weeks before the Congress,” Camp shot back.

Camp also asked Koskinen if there had been any discussion within the IRS about when to tell Congress about Lerner’s crashed hard drive and the missing emails, which were written during the critical 2009-2011 period of the investigation.

“Certainly,” Koskinen said, but he added that those discussions did not include the Treasury Department.

“Well then how did Treasury find out about it?” an incredulous Camp asked.

Camp told the committee he received a letter from the White House two days ago, telling him that the Obama White House learned about the missing Lois Lerner emails in April and was informed by the Treasury Department.

This is criminal.  No two ways about it.   All of it.

It matters not that the hard drives of key players crashed in ways that were statistically near impossible; because the information is still out there somewhere [the NSA, perhaps, as noted by BBH in the comments? Or archived by an off-site back up company?], and forensics experts would be able to find it. But Boehner still has not empaneled a select committee — and no one is ever going to get to actual bottom of this if Congress can help it, because as I’ve surmised since day 1 of this breaking scandal, it isn’t only Democrats who were complicit, either actively or by omission, in the targeting of TEA Party groups.

Hell, a look at the in-our-faces attacks on GOP primary favorites who aren’t incumbents tells us all we need to know about how far the GOP establishment is willing to go to protect its own interests.

Does anyone really think that the cozy one-party Big Government ruling class didn’t have members from both sides of the aisles working to keep out the upstart Visigoths — the unrefined riff raff who keep presuming the founders and framers were actually serious about both citizen legislators and representative government…?


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  1. Lois Lerner’s hardrive “crashed” ten days after initial inquiry was made about conservatives being targetted: http://ace.mu.nu/archives/349965.php

  2. “The IRS knew in February, or maybe even in March….”

    Didn’t IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testify some time in **March** that they had archived the emails and it would take a year to go through them (to redact confidential info)?
    Thought the clip that a Republican Congressman tweeted last weekend was dated from March 2014 – or was it March 2013?

  3. I honestly think the information is not out there, at least not on the IRS’s devices.

    They’ve had enough time to find any damning information and disappear it. They’d be incredibly foolish to put forward the “my dog ate it” defense while leaving incriminating information in existence. Because if it does exist, it will come to light. So I think they’ve whacked all they can find; they’ve certainly had long enough to disinfect while Congress was dithering about with strongly-worded letters and stern harrumphing.

    So I don’t think we’ll ever know for certain what the emails said, bar the email recipients coming forward or a “rogue” sysadmin who kept a copy on a removable drive. But as others have said, the facts as they stand certainly allow us (and any judges or juries) to presume that the emails contained evidence of criminal wrongdoing, and I think we’re free to presume the emails contain evidence of exactly what Lerner and the IRS are accused of. By disappearing these emails, they’ve declared themselves guilty.

  4. I honestly think the information is not out there, at least not on the IRS’s devices.

    – There are at least copies of every email ever sent in NSA’s archives (this would be particularly true of gov communications), and there are probably other private copies scattered all over the place as well. People simply do not realize how widespread communications become once it hits the net. I will also guarantee you that some number of gov weenies involved in this criminal scam saved personal copies of everything they wrote just in case Bumblefuck tries to throw them to the wolves. When you are a traitorous scumbag that makes your living lying its the kind of thing you do.

    – No honor amongst thieves, which is precisely why they should just jail them all and let the bastards turn on each other, which they would inside a week.

  5. – BTW, you’ll notice that the gestapo has carefully not mentioned NSA, and are no doubt praying that no one else thinks of it.

  6. As one of the governed, I hereby withdraw my consent.

  7. Once again, it’s the unspoken addendum to these excuses: “Of course we’re lying, everyone KNOWS we’re lying, but it’s not like you’re going to do anything about it, so just keep your uncomfortable questions to yourself unless you want to get caught up in the resultant fallout.”

  8. If I were an IRS IT employee, I think I’d be wary of any surprise offers to fly the department en-masse to an agency retreat somewhere.

  9. Lois lerners hard drive is a red herring. The IRS has an email archive system in place. I think it’s Symantec Enterprise Vault. Every Email sent or received by anyone should be in this system and searchable. If not, then the IRS was breaking its own retention rules. Congress needs to state without any bullshit that they want to talk to the Email Admin and the IT guy in charge of the email ARCHIVE. The hard drive story, if true means Lois destroyed evidence and she, and everyone else involved should be fined and/or imprisoned or both.

    I KNOW the IRS has this type of software.

  10. I want to put a bid in for escorting the kids. Pied Piper Transportation.

  11. Bus the kids to New York City, Washington, DC, and San Francisco. Let the liberal enclaves support the results of liberal policies…

  12. at some point we’re going to have to just accept that america has become a repressive fascist whorestate

    denial don’t help nobody

  13. Lost My Cookies.

    Whatever they may have had this story is what they claim they did about email backup. I posted some of it back here.

    If this is truly what they had in place for a backup system, and their manual says that they did, then it is designed to be used to coverup things just like they are doing. Anything further back than the Summer of 2012 would be hit&miss and going back to 2011 there is almost no chance that anything still exists on any IRS system.

    Other governmental agencies and private parties who exchanged emails with LL may have copies but I’m sure before she toasted her drive she reached out to all those others with a heads up to do the same if they could. All, and LL likely have a copy stashed in some very undisclosed location as insurance of a pardon if things go sideways.

  14. “Of course we’re lying, everyone KNOWS we’re lying, but it’s not like you’re going to do anything about it…

    Someone at Insty called it “implausible deniability”: they tell you an obvious lie, then snigger as you writhe in impotent wrath because you can’t do a damned thing about it.

  15. Blitz: that Stockman bill is brilliant. Yes, please.

    Happy: when you type like that and say that stuff I wonder if you are wearing a straight jacket and typing with your nose. Are you?

  16. The comment is right here.

    Thanks for making me search dicentra because I also from the same commenter found this [pdf] link.

  17. I think it’s Symantec Enterprise Vault.

    EMC’s Documentum.

    Outlook permits the option of archiving one’s emails on the local hard drive while the e-mail server either offloads the backups or overwrites after a specified period.

    I’m hearing from radio callers that at the time in question, the IRS’s policy was to keep emails for 6 months.

    Which, that’s insane.

    Storage capacity has increased exponentially, but given the glacial procurement procedure and butt-stupidity at all gubmint agencies, it’s possible they had just such a moronic policy in place.

    Yeah, a hard-drive crash could have destroyed her local archive. A mere 10 days after David Camp began the inquiry.

    Drat the luck. Musta had an archive-destroying virus in her emails that destroyed everyone else’s archive, too.

    Drat, drat, DRAT the luck!

  18. but does the nsa have lois lerner’s emails?

  19. >the IRS’s policy was to keep emails for 6 months.<

    i call that bs

  20. Link is to “Description of IRS Email Collection and Production,” or how to have a system in place to lose incriminating evidence, just in time.

  21. the first step towards recovery is admitting your repressive fascist whorestate has a problem, Maria person

    it’s not easy but we’re all here for you

  22. Have I mentioned I detest Ubaldo lately? I think it’s he reminds me of the ClownDisaster, though less expensive by a couple five or six orders of magnitude.

  23. I have to transfer all emails related to any decisions I make that may affect my company to a folder that will keep them for five years. I forget what the twelve year folder is for, but we have one. I think it’s for tax-related stuff.

  24. If I am contacted about any potential legal issues, I’m required to not touch my email at all until legal takes a look at it.

    Then again, I work for a private company, not the government. The government doesn’t have to follow its own rules.

  25. i still say bs

    >According to estimates, it would cost well over ten million dollars to upgrade the IRS
    information technology infrastructure in order
    to save and store all email ever sent or
    received by the approximately 90,
    000 current IRS employees. <

    ten million dollars !!11!!

  26. A watchdog report released Tuesday includes potentially embarrassing examples of spending at conferences, including $17,000 paid to a keynote speaker whose specialty was painting unique pictures. He produced images of Michael Jordan, Bono, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln at the IRS event.

    Agency employees received hotel upgrades and a deputy commissioner spent five nights in a two-bedroom presidential suite at the Anaheim, Calif., Hilton.

    And, of course, the IRS spent about $50,000 producing parodies of “Star Trek.”

    In total, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that the IRS spent about $49 million on conferences between 2010 and 2012.

    It’s a dollar figure that has shocked many in Washington. – politico.com, 06/04/13

  27. uhm ? what was the irs going do for discovery requests relating to litigation?
    oh judge we erased that.

  28. there should be quite a few documented instances of exactly that Mr. nr

  29. i still want to know if the nsa has lois l stuff. they had difi’s stuff.

  30. Since Robert Shaw and Roy Scheider are both dead already, can we just go ahead and feed them Steven Spielberg?

  31. They recycled the backup tapes to save $200,000 per year. They stopped the recycling in May 2013. The same time that they told all employees to “retain” all documents that might be related to the investigation since Rep. Issa had just subpoenaed (May 20th 2013) the DOJ due to its “obstruction” of his committee’s IRS investigation.

    By that time LLs emails were gone, long gone.

  32. Yup, Happy. Just check out all the “Have-to-do’s” in the IRS’s small business regulations.

    A patriot could reasonably ask, is this really my America?

    We fought the British, the French, Hitler, Mussolini, the Viet Cong, the North Koreans, and the freakin’ Soviets only to shackle our entrepreneurs to this?!

    Ye Gads, Man! Did we lose a war someone didn’t tell me about?

  33. >They recycled the backup tapes <

    when you lie alot "they said" is devauled. subpoena their entire it network or subpoena the nsa for it.

  34. Did we lose a war…?

    Why yes, yes we did.

    We lost the Republic from within.

    Sorry, Ben.

  35. >Did we lose a war…?<

    no we lost giving their "self esteem" back. they're freedom loving peeps dontcha know?

  36. the monster ?

    got 1000 rounds .223/5.56 today

  37. evil organization news

    Bill Henck: Inside the IRS, part 4

  38. Good deal newrouter, I wuz gonna ask ya to link that.

  39. >I wuz gonna ask ya to link that.<

    cheaper than dirt

  40. this is starting to hurt my nose

  41. >this is starting to hurt my nose<

    stay away from the grindstone

  42. HDD failures are recoverable, if the data is important enough. Not after this crew, though.

  43. so where is the irs email server? lois’s hd ain’t it? effin big gov’t bs

  44. At the IRS once a hard drive has failed and the recovery has been done, whether information was recovered or not, if the drive still runs it is reformatted and then destroyed. If it doesn’t run it is degaussed to scramble any data on the discs and then destroyed.

    For LL she told the it recovery team that she only wanted some personal files so a minimal recovery attempt was made and then the drive was reformatted ( I believe) and destroyed.

    This happened 10 days after Rep. Dave Camp, Chairman of Ways & Means inquired about IRS targeting in June 2011. By December 2011 the backup tapes from June were in the recycle queue. Shortly after that they would be recycled and thus contain none of her earlier, before June, emails.

    The email server would only have emails that had not been downloaded to personal computer HDDs and even then, with a limit of 500 meg, older emails would be purged to make room for new ones unless the user did deletions themselves.

    With server drives being changed as they show signs of going bad I’d suspect that even at the server level there are no drives still there that were there in 2009-2011 and even if there were the constant rewrites have blotted out any trace of her emails.

  45. BTW as per the pdf. If they have, as stated, 90,000 employees and allow 500 meg per for email they are using approx. 25% of their server capacity of 178 terabytes. Before July 2011 [funny how many things went on that particular summer regarding email] the limit was 150 meg so then they would have used about 8% of the server for email storage.

  46. Carnage Assessment Request

    Just outside the front door, on the lawn, I found what’s left of a mourning dove. Lots of chest feathers, two intact wings, but no torso, head, or tail. I think it happened today while I was napping on the couch in the front room with the radio on. I didn’t hear a thing.

    Methinks a cat would not have torn off the wings and taken the rest. (My cat hasn’t caught anything for years.) A dog might kill it and relocate it but not dismember it.

    Would a hawk have done that? Only I thought a hawk would take its prey to a higher place (plenty of mature trees nearby) before picking it apart. My front lawn doesn’t seem a good place to protect one’s prey from other predators.

  47. i asked the googles and together we’ve ruled out the yellow bellied marmot and the western burrowing owl

  48. That’s the way peregrines eat.

  49. – I reiterate, NSA has the files. Problem is that rat bastard Obama and his gestapo feel safe because the laws protect anything that can be shielded under the guise of “national security”.

    – This is the reason why they are all lying with glee. They think they’re immune as long as the courts hold that position concerning NSA records.

    – We need another more current Snowden.

  50. Edward is too cool for school

    I hope he’s somewhere eating moist and delicious carbs and drinking choice vodkas

  51. “Sorry, Ben…”


  52. ****Andrew Joseph Stack the third

    was like a sheep who left the herd

    a rebel sheep with wings of steel

    the fascists brought him not to heel

    on wings of eagles this sheep he flew

    and struck a blow for me and you

    more of his kind this nation wants

    cronuts to rise from the croissants****

    You first, slewfoot.

  53. “Ms. Lerner, under the circumstances I’m afraid Congress is entitled to regard your inability to produce what you now claim to have been exculpatory evidence as proof of guilt. That is, after all, how the IRS treats taxpayers, no?

    “I realize that recycling the backup media was agency policy. Shredding receipts as company policy wouldn’t have passed muster if an auditee had done it.”

  54. Di, I”ve seen owls eat like that.

  55. Congress: “We will assign your intentions to you. Now sit down and shut up, lest we take further what we have thus far deigned to leave to you.”

  56. ClownDisaster signs treaties the United States has rejected, does not want, and will not enact, saying: “Fuck you, America. Wha’ch’a gonna do about it?”

    How about impeach the piece of shit, America? Do that.

  57. The IRS would not lie with such aplomb if they didn’t know Democrats and Establicans have their back. The IRS and Progressives have common goals, which is why the IRS knows it will get away with lying. Considering the function of the IRS, and it’s naturally adversarial relationship with citizens, it’s but a short step from adversarial to contempt and working to become the enforcers for the totalitarian tendencies of progressives.

  58. ClownDisaster signs treaties the United States has rejected, does not want, and will not enact, saying: “Fuck you, America. Wha’ch’a gonna do about it?”

    Doesn’t matter how many he signs if the Senate does not approve of them. Remember that Clinton signed the Kyoto Protocols in 1997 (primarily to please his base), but the Senate rejected them 97-0.

  59. Doesn’t matter how many he signs if the Senate does not approve of them.

    This is merely a sort of recapitulation of “. . . will not enact.” However, it does matter. Why? Because of the gesture itself. The gesture is tyrannical. Get it?

  60. Blitz says June 21, 2014 at 7:36 am
    Di, I”ve seen owls eat like that.

    Owls don’t normally catch birds. Either do hawks for that matter. It was a falcon. They tear off the head and wings and just eat the good parts. Hawks will do that too with rabits and squirrels. tear off the head and take off with the rest.

  61. “I didn’t hear a thing.”

    Neither did momma.

    ****[European Herring Gulls have] been observed using pieces of bread as bait with which to catch goldfish.****

    Are you sure the former bird wasn’t a seagull, LGBT or otherwise?

  62. Doesn’t matter how many he signs if the Senate does not approve of them.

    It does in a way I’d not heard of before.

    Even if the Senate fails to approve the 1997 treaty, as is expected, signing the document holds Washington accountable under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, which requires that signatories not act contrary to the pact’s “object and purpose.”

    If there is a constitutional convention called one other change to be made might be in just how treaties are put into effect and treated.

  63. . . . which requires that signatories not act contrary to the pact’s “object and purpose.”

    The nation might take Abraham Lincoln’s stance with respect to the Dred Scott decision: it applies to Scott and to Scott only. That is, in this sense, ClownDisaster’s signature applies to him and to him only. If he wishes to travel to the Korean frontier and begin removing land mines, he is welcome to do so. Otherwise, no one else will lift a hand.

  64. If he wishes to travel to the Korean frontier and begin removing land mines, he is welcome to do so….

    – Actually if the rat bastard and his fat ass ho-ho will go I’ll take up a collection for their plane ticket and expenses.

  65. Falcon it is. And I’m guessing a peregrine, given their penchant for pigeons, which are really doves with an uglier name.


  66. It’s at least a strong possibility, the duck-hawk, though could be a Merlin or maybe a Prairie (the latter of which I’ve little experience at all) too.

  67. I think Merlins are too small to take a Mourning dove. Can’t rule out a Prairie falcon, though.

    Wish I’da seen it. That would have been cool.

    I’d hoped the scavengers would have found it this morning but they didn’t, so I gingerly picked up the wings at the tips and put them in the gutter so the magpies or crows find them.

    Or the neighborhood kids. Either way.

  68. Merlins are too small

    nah, not a chance. Mourning dove would be easy prey.

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