June 18, 2014

Hillary 2016: She’ll make the trains run on time [Darleen Click]


Posted by Darleen @ 11:52pm


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  1. maybe it’s just me but i find the word terrorizes best betrays this whore’s true nature

  2. Always nice to see Gill Sans getting some love in a Helvetica world.

  3. Since progressives are a minority, and they terrorize people with their actions, not their viewpoint, I guess she’ll be rounding herself up immediately.

  4. And you will use the train, for Gaia’s sake.

  5. John

    I found the Gill Sans reminiscent of the font used on the old posters

  6. Cranky, she’s been rounding herself up for quite some time now – Chelsea too.

  7. No gills?


  8. She won’t make the trains run on time at all. She’ll put a union in charge of them to bust out the public transportation budget though.

  9. You breathers really take the cupcake.

  10. *blurble !!!*

  11. In a world where the trains run late (per union rules) and get you to the unemployment office two minutes after it closes (at 3:30, per union rules), there’s no end to the merriment!

  12. I agree. I’d say that a minority of 48.04% (258 out of 537 — 234R-201D in the House, 45R-55D* in the Senate and the 2 lackwits in the White House/Naval Observatory being D) should not be able to terrorize the entire nation, not to mention all of our (former) allies around the world (Poland, the UK, Iraq, Israel, et alia). When polls indicate that only 37% of people support the President, and a clear majority think that he is doing all the wrong things, what’s next?

    * – technically, it’s 45-54-1, but that one is Joe Liebermann who always caucuses and votes with the Dems.

    So what are you going to do about it, Hillary? Oh, wait, you mean that’s not the “minority” you were talking about when you shredded both the First and Second Amendments?

    Cue the “If a Republican had said this” comparisons…

  13. Looking at the entire question/response it gets even worse as she is portraying this as a nuanced, moderate, caring, position. Plus I suspect, from how it went, that the questioner was a plant, by her or Bloomie, so as to get this position out along with some disinformation that is to be spread, “74 more.”

  14. That quote refers to tranny rights to use any restroom…….. correct?

  15. Or five members of the Supreme Court overriding the majority of California voters?

  16. Greetings:

    How’s she douching ???
    Same solution ???

  17. She’ll think your thoughts for you –prole.

  18. “. . . balance competing values.”

    Oof, so fucking pernicious. But people gladly, celebratively talk this way, clapping themselves on the backs for their wisdom.

  19. I’m such a silly hobbit. Here I thought that Shrillery’s emphasis in “Dissent is patriotic and we have a right to dissent!” was on dissent, when all this time it was really on we.

    Or is it We?

  20. – To Progs everywhere….”bring it bitches, please!”

  21. Values don’t compete. Interests compete. The place to balance competing interests is in contract negotiations.

    And Madame Secretary, your contract has expired and you won’t be offered a new one. Your interest in being president has lost out to America’s interest in … you not being president.

  22. They do so compete when what I value is your death and what you value is your life.

  23. nary a good was seen or heard once values took the prize

    except to the extent that ineluctable ineffable good prevails

  24. – Make the trains run?….and here I thought it was “a face that could stop a clock.”

  25. “Or is it We?”

    D-503 never saw a panopticon he didn’t like. Not since the benefactor mandated the great operation and made the people like unto tractors in human form. The green wall shall be repaired in time and the MEPHi eradicated or or forced outside the One State.

  26. I meant that as the royal “We” as in “We are the one We have been waiting for,” and “We have the right to dissent.”

    But yeah, I guess Zamyatin works too. Especially if she’s serious about doing away with terrorist viewpoints.

  27. – Make the trains run?….and here I thought it was “a face that could stop a clock.”

    Perhaps a face that could make a train back up and take a dirt road.

  28. They do so compete when what I value is your death and what you value is your life.

    You can value my death all you like, but if you’re interested in living you won’t try me. ;-)

  29. A value is simply a concept that can be expressed as a number. Numbers don’t compete.

    One can make one’s choices based on how one values a particular outcome, but in the end your interest in that outcome is what drives your actions.

    A highly valued outcome that risks something you value much more highly, is not in your interest. But that’s not a competition, it’s simple calculation.

  30. I found the Gill Sans reminiscent of the font used on the old posters

    Here ya go..