June 18, 2014

Scratch a progressive engaged in “identity politics”

….find a fascist bleeding beneath. 

The Left has always been adept at projection.  It’s clear that, between this, Harry Reid’s attempts to demonize private citizens and use the government to bully PC speech enforcement, and the attempts by the IRS, under Dem insistence, to criminalize conservative political speech, these people are exactly who many of we “Visigoths” and “Hobbits” have been warning they were.

Just because you don’t sport epaulettes and a mustache and speak from balconies doesn’t mean you can’t be every bit the fascist as the more cartoonish versions we’ve all become so accustomed to.  And those who are willing to burn books would, I have no doubt under the right concentration of circumstances, find a way to rationalize burning the people who wrote them.

It can happen here. And in fact, it is.  My advice?  Open your eyes. 

(h/t newrouter)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:28pm

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  1. Godwin can kiss my ass.

  2. Yup. Christina Hoff Sommers and the Independent Women’s Forum does great work.

    Nazis, not so much.

  3. Those emails are on a server somewhere.

  4. If the IRS wants the wall, then let them have it.

    Care for an e-cig before you go?

  5. has anyone checked the nsa?

  6. the baracky house servers might be of interest?

  7. Carny Carney said today that a check of The Whitey House PC’s showed [wait for it] nothing!.

  8. – As I said yesterday, the simple answer to all this stone walling is to give the entire IRS staffs from the major offices associated in any way with Lerner a nice long greybar vacation.

    – In no time at all droves of email copies would be “found”. This would be especially true of all the progressive whores because they believe in nothing and they’re not about to rot in jail for some “stupid” principle.

    – Actually working girls have more principles than Prog gov slugs.

  9. oh good lord, would someone please take Issa aside and let him know that emails don’t live on local hard drives?


  10. He wants to test this excuse.

  11. speaking of progressives who else if tired of google’s ghetto-assed world cup logos

  12. *is* tired i mean

  13. Nazis. I hate those guys.

    Don’t matter much if you tack on “Femi-” or “Enviro-“

  14. One of these things is not like the others:

    A. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

    B. “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

    C. “Al Qaeda has been decimated.”

    D. “Two years of Lois Lerner’s emails were lost in a hard drive crash.”

    Oh, wait a second. I was wrong. They’re all the same damn thing.

  15. the american experiment at an end point. KATY LIED BY STEELY DAN (FULL ALBUM) 1975

  16. Plus a bit more than her hard drive.

    Here are the items Issa is asking the IRS to produce:

    + All back-up tapes, external drives, thumb drives, or other storage media the IRS used to capture, archive, back up, or otherwise record e-mails sent or received by Lerner from Jan. 1, 2009, to Sept. 23, 2013.

    + All hard drives, external drives, thumb drives, and computers Lerner used from Jan. 1, 2009, to Sept.23, 2013.

    + All electronic communication devices the IRS issued to Lerner from Jan. 1, 2009, to Sept. 23, 2013.

    + All electronic files, including, but not limited to, .pst files, relating to the IRS e-mail account Lerner used from Jan. 1, 2009, to Sept. 23, 2013.

    + All documents and communications that Lerner printed and/or stored for Federal Records Act compliance purposes from Jan. 1, 2009 to Sept. 23, 2013.

    + All documents and communications referring or relating to the production to any congressional committee or member of Congress of e-mail communications sent or received by Lerner from Jan. 1, 2009, to Aug. 2, 2013.

    + All documents and communications referring or relating to the creation of “Enclosure 3” from the June 13 letter from Leonard Oursler to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden and Ranking Member Orrin Hatch, titled “Description of IRS Email Collection and Production.”

    + All documents and communications between or among IRS employees and employees of any Executive Branch entity referring or relating to the IRS’ production of documents to Congress from May 10, 2013, to the present.

    + All documents and communications referring or relating to the subpoena issued by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Aug. 2, 2013.

    + All documents and communications referring or relating to the subpoena issued by House Oversight to Koskinen on Feb. 14.

  17. Darleen, they think people don’t know how an enterprise network works. I started as a lowly cable puller and went to get my MCSE thru Microsoft. The data is still there. Start putting the heat on the IT people and they will turn. There is also a law that requires the IRS to keep hard copies of E Mails. That is a crime by it’s self and should be prosecuted.

  18. From my link at 8:54.

    Emails considered an “official record” of the IRS couldn’t be deleted and, in fact, needed to also have a hard copy filed. Those emails that constitute an official record are ones that are loosely defined under IRS policy as ones that were “[c]reated or received in the transaction of agency business,” “appropriate for preservation as evidence of the government’s function or activities,” or “valuable because of the information they contain”. The letter sent to the senators suggests that it was up to the user to determine what emails met those standards.It’s not clear if Lerner had any hard copies of important emails.

    This “system” is designed to make emails not be accessible and make their destruction easy and have a deniablity even if implausible. Leaving no dead body to be found just the stains from a couple quarts of blood under the new carpet.

  19. the nsa has ALL THE EMAILS in utah: chitown losers

  20. hey val jar go get a vibrator

  21. “Scratch a progressive…”

    If only.

  22. Huh. Senator Queeg’s granddad was unreliable too. Who’d-a thunk it?

  23. I am going to drop this here.

    Any “conservative” reporter, pundit, blogger or Hot Air commenter who goes on about RAID! this and BACKUP! that and HARDDRIVE! over there needs to shut their damn mouth. In my opinion, they, and Congress, are being trolled by the IRS lawyers. Simply put, the pundits, etc sound like fucking idiots when they spout off, like the morons at The Corner.

    The email is accessible, they just aren’t asking the right questions, and the right people aren’t “available”.

    In 2004, the SEC subpoenaed just about every financial services company in the world looking for electronic records, emails, and other communications in a fishing expedition for insider trading and market timing, that’s when they got Martha Stewart. The judges in some of those cases threatened fines of $25 million dollars and up on companies who were found to be not in compliance with the electronic messaging retention regulations, some IT people involved were even threatened with prison time. Here’s a quick timeline on my favorite corporate fuck ups. Let’s get those judges in on this.

    If you know me in meatspace you might have some idea, given what I do for a living, how pissed off I am at this whole mess. You’d be underestimating my pissed-offness by a power of ten.

  24. Let’s get those judges in on this.

    I think Cleta Mitchell and Jay Sekulow, both representing parties injured directly by the IRS intrusions are working hard on this very thing (getting the judges in), even as we speak.

  25. I’ve said it before – the only way to stop the .gov machine (and especially the IRS) is massive non-compliance with tax payment requirements.

  26. Issa is a techy of sorts, he should understand.

    Of course if the past rumors about Issa were true, he could do us all a favor and set a match to the IRS.

  27. This is beyond getting the e mails. Start putting people in jail for obstruction. Oh wait. The FBI is part of this mess too. Holder?