June 6, 2014

Pre-dry wall inspection today. Plus, societal upheaval at every level.

Dropping Satch off at a friend’s house, dropping Tanner off at a tiny tots daycare center, then the wife and I will be touring the new build this morning to check everything out before the spray foam goes in and the drywall gets hung, taped, mudded, and painted in place.

That’s morsel number one.

Morsel number two, via the Daily Mail (and many other sources, including our own racist speculations): a State Department liaison told a Pentagon official that the President wanted a diplomatic scenario that would allow him to “repatriate” the “detainees” at Gitmo. That is, he was looking for an excuse to release some terrorists, to set the stage for emptying the Guantanamo Bay camp. Evidently, he thought the Bowe Bergdahl swap, in the midst of the Benghazi scandal he can’t seem to dismiss and the VA scandal that was still fresh in people’s minds, would create a fine cover for the real objective, which is closing Gitmo before he leaves office. Having released the worst terrorists, there’s hardly a reason to keep the lesser terrorists. Plus, Obama seems to think that he can declare a war over without the other side agreeing to any such thing. He turned down opportunities to rescue Bergdahl on the ground because he wanted to trade terrorists.

It was a political maneuver that backfired badly, and now President Omoper is lashing out at critics and having his unconscionably disingenuous mouthpieces put out preposterous stories that the Taliban threatened to kill Bergdahl if Obama followed the 30-day notification procedure with respect to Congress. Which only makes it seem to me that, even were this true (and I very much doubt it is), what we have is a weak-ass President who can be bullied by some tribal throwbacks. More likely, though, is that we have a malignant narcissist who thinks he can run the world much better alone then when burdened with checks and balances, and he really didn’t anticipate the blowback from this swap, because he didn’t anticipate (or even realize) how reclaiming a deserter (who may actually be a defector who helped target fellow Americans) in exchange for five murderous terrorists and senior Taliban leaders wouldn’t be the lauded PR coup he was hoping for.

The Pentagon says it was unable to do a full threat analysis because the deal was so fast-tracked. The Taliban is crowing that Obama has removed the military option, with a high-ranking terrorist telling TIME that hostage-taking will now increase — all because a deserter and possible defector who’d converted to Islam and wished to renounce his citizenship (the latter, before leaving his post), wandered out into enemy territory. Praise be to Allah.

Military officials were reluctant to engage in a risky rescue operation for a deserter. And a private intelligence company, who provided detailed situation reports to James Rosen of FOX News, has detailed intel on Bergdahl’s incarceration from 2009-2012, some of which shows his being caged, others of which shows him engaging in AK-47 target practice with his captors and declaring jihad against the west.

Our adversaries across the world are growing emboldened, from the Iranians to the Russians to the Chinese to the North Koreans to the Latin American socialist and communist countries. And why wouldn’t they? Obama’s foreign policy is capitulation and kowtowing. He’s a fellow traveler, albeit one who is “handled” by certain puppetmasters, which is why they treat him like the red-red headed stepchild of the cause.

On the home front, our border is now a refugee staging area for children rushing to make it into the country. These are “Dreamers,” we’re told, and can’t be deported — and yet they are a systemic nightmare intended to provide cheap labor for GOP corporate cronies and bundlers, votes and future dependency for Big Government Democrats, and stress the infrastructure, Cloward-Piven style. Obama’s real fight is not with Iran’s nuclear ambitions or the Palestinian government’s embrace of Hamas (and the correspondent refusal to recognize the right of Israel to exist), but rather it is with teabaggers — constitutionalists and the Constitution itself, and those who identify and categorize his various instances of appalling executive overreach. The IRS has been politicized and unleashed against conservatives; bureaucratic agencies have been given license to crash entire industrial industries and bankrupt several states, as well as molest private farmers and ranchers; and Obama believes himself above the law, with Eric Holder providing legal cover, radicalized courts rewriting constitutional law in order to nullify state constitutions, and a feckless GOP leadership hoping to wait all this out rather than risk a media backlash against it for doing its job and keeping this imperial dictator in check.

Plus, the Rockies have lost 7 straight, with 3/5 of its starting rotation and one of its best hitters now on the disabled list.

Other than that though, all is well. Except that I need to raise about $60K in the next few months to close on this house we’re building, and sadly, I don’t have access to one of them QE machines.

Which probably doesn’t matter anyway, because the stress is likely to kill me before then, anyway.

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  1. Pee Wee Martin for President, goddammit.

  2. I hadn’t thought much about the Rocks but guess that — kinda like the United States though in a less pronounced manner — their great start, engendering hopefulness, makes the fall all the more painful.

    Our homegrown totalitarian ObaZma doesn’t have much excuse for being unawares of the nation’s backlash at his idiocy, since, think back to the brilliant idea floated quickly into the first year of his regnancy: ClownDisaster Justice would bring Khalid Sheik Muhammed to New York City for trial in an Article III court, rather than suffer the “indignity” of a military courts trial.

    And what did Americans do? They revolted, instantly. But hey, what possibly lesson can a little dictator learn when he already possesses all the knowledge he needs to rule an ignorant mass? Haveatchu.

  3. Weaker at Home Disrespected Abroad.

    God bless the Democrat Party.

  4. That’s okay, Ernst, the surrender in Afghanistan will be blamed on the Republicans anyway, what with them being slightly more than 1/2 of 1/2 of 1/3 of the government.

    I’m waiting for all the poison pill Executive Orders pushed through in the final days of Obama’s ruinous regime, much like the ones Clinton signed off on after Bush won in 2000 — like the one that required all domestic water wells to reduce arsenic levels to levels lower than that which occurs in nature, which would have tripled or quadrupled the average water bill, and which, when Bush reversed it, to the standard that had been perfectly acceptable for the preceding six decades, allowed Dems to claim “Republicans want to poison your water with arsenic!” And the media will play along.


  5. . . . like the ones Clinton signed off on after Bush won in 2000 . . .

    Yep, there’s something redolent of the Clinton-Holder FALN pardons in ObaZma’s release of the SoftServeJihadiFive here, as the son of one of the FALN murder victims reminded us a few days ago, to say nothing of the political get-out-of-jail-free cards Clinton-Holder handed out at the wane of his term.

    Gee, y’think the ClownDisaster will suffer a Clinton to out-do his own munificence when it comes to dispensing justice in the name of the party? Ha, fat chance. And hoooo-boy, can we ever wait for that day to come?

  6. The trouble with that is that is if #IOnePenPhone dumps all the Gitmo terrorists, how will that help M’Shell’s Illinois Senate run in 2016? It’s not like Chicago has a massive Muslim voting bloc… (that’s Dearborn, MI)

  7. Plus, the Rockies have lost 7 straight, with 3/5 of its starting rotation and one of its best hitters now on the disabled list.

    You think you have it bad? I’m a Detroit Tigers fan…

  8. It isn’t clear that the people of the State of Illinois would make any linkage attaching Mrs.PenPhoneGuns to the troubling consequences of releasing the mewling underlings to the SoftServeJihadiFive, who all, being mere HalawahPeddlingUnderlings only slightly endanger the national health by offering tasty-fattening tahini-pistachio-honey concoctions to the children.

    Yet such tasty-fattening nutty-sweet concoctions replace or substitute some nourishing goodness, as overagainst that nasty ChocoloSucroseMurderCombine run by the evil KochBrosOligarchs, such that the HalawahPeddlingUnderlings should be conceived as a net boon to the commonweal. Therefore, we ought to think: no problems, pilgrims, we’ll all meet in unity with the hajj.

  9. *** No risk to America’s security? Michael Leiter, the former head of the National Counterterrorism Center under Obama, said it was “very, very likely” that the five Taliban leaders would return to the fight. An intelligence official who briefed the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, Rob Williams, the national intelligence officer for South Asia, said that there is a high likelihood that at least four of the five freed prisoners, and possibly all of them, will rejoin the fight. Even Obama, after downplaying the threat, conceded that “absolutely” there was a chance they would take up arms against America. ***

    Is it not troubling that the “risk to America’s security” is regarded by anyone as “taking up arms”?

    Let me put that this way with an analogy: was it necessary for Gen. George C. Marshall to trudge through the mire of a rain-soaked France, Thompson submachinegun in hand and in full battle-rattle in order to pose a “risk” to the Third Reich’s security in 1944? Or could not Gen. Marshall contribute to the “risk” to Nazi Germany from quite some remove from the frontlines of the war, at a desk in Washington, D.C. or Arlington, Va., say?

    So it seems to me that the SoftServeJihadiFive can in like manner do their jihadi-business right now, today, while they are at liberty in Qatar, simply by holding a recorded conversation with a courier to Dr. Zawahiri for example, or writing a letter to their compatriot Mullah Omar in Quetta. Isn’t that so? I mean, who is to stop that?

  10. I think the military ought to start their own version of closing down Gitmo, by simply refusing to accept surrender, or bothering to capture any more jihadis.

    One need not worry about airlifting a corpse to Camp X-Ray, after all…

    The ones we already have? Start a real-life version of The Hunger Games, except with the winner only being allowed to swim home. PPV the proceedings and we could probably make enough to afford to send #OccupyResoluteDesk and his progeny on a nice vacation to Nigeria.

  11. No risk to America’s security? (take 2)

    We have military bases in Qatar! I guess that there’s no chance these pukes will lead attacks on them.

  12. qatar good place for a baracky drone strike. dude be ruthless about peeps who make him look bad ask the tea party.

  13. “qatar good place for a baracky drone strike.”

    Risk of collateral damage is too high. Unless you think there has been a pre-arranged hellfire rendezvous with all of them at some isolated location.

  14. he’s not going to drone his friends that’s just silly

  15. ‘struth. Still, an enterprising initiative taking actual American trodding the ground in the Qland wouldn’t have need of so sophisticated an instrument as a bomb-bearing uav where a simple icepick will do.

  16. Sdferr,

    I wouldn’t want to bring an icepick to a IED fight.

  17. It’s less literal an expression in this instance than need be Mr. Danger, though such lowly quiet pokey tools retain their usefulness where circumstance permits: here however take the expression for a .22, say, or some other suitably long distance hole poker.

  18. Radioactive injections as going away presents would be a nice touch.

  19. Frank Church hates this line of thinking. Hates it.

  20. Frank Costello on the other hand would already have taken care of business.

  21. Heh. Molto bene, sdferr.

  22. Paul Frank would make a purse what looks like a silly monkey

  23. Quick, put the monkey-purse in the wall cavity before the sheetrock goes up and maybe no-one will be the wiser.

  24. Can you still “dial” it in on an iPhone? Or is that a Blackberry still in the presidential pocket?

    Obama, Politico says, is “giving more thought to his post-presidency than his aides like to suggest.” But there is nothing really for Obama to think about. His ambitions in this office, just like his ambitions at Harvard, in New York, in Chicago, and in the Senate, are now exhausted. America has disappointed him, and it is time to look to the next challenge worthy of Barack Obama. His post-presidency has already begun.

    He has decided to relax. He has decided to fill his remaining days getting the most out of his presidential experience. The free travel and lodgings and security escort, the access to good tee times, the ability to get a reservation wherever and whenever he wants, the chance to meet VIPs who will flatter and ingratiate themselves to him—he is enjoying these perks and privileges to the utmost. His motto is not YOLO. It is YOPO: You’re only president once. Why not savor it?


    Jarrett, who serves the same role in this White House that Colonel House served in Woodrow Wilson’s, is the key figure in Obama’s premature post-presidency. She organizes the dinner parties in Washington and abroad, none of which appear on the president’s official schedule. For all the secrecy, the guest lists are entirely predictable. They include the sort of celebrities one sees on the red carpet at Cannes or on panels at Davos:


    “The bull sessions satisfy the president’s intellectual curiosity as he indulges in nuanced conversations about life, ideas, and art,” Politico reports. But how nuanced, really, can these conversations be? Has anyone at these parties ever suggested to Barack Obama that his take on life and ideas and art is incomplete, biased, shallow, or—gulp—wrong? Or that, you know, maybe he should devote some attention to his actual job?


    The next time the president indulges in his intellectual curiosity, perhaps someone will bring up the subject of political philosophy. I for one can not help thinking of Nietzsche when I consider the drift and lassitude and emptiness of Obama’s post-presidential presidency. The sort of exhaustion we see every day was predicted long ago. “Who still wants to rule? Who obey? Both require too much exertion,” wrote the German philosopher of the Last Men whom he predicted would appear at the end of History, would emerge when democracy was triumphant. These hollow-chested men, Nietzsche said, would blanch at the first site of difficulty. They would surrender and look inward, content to spend their days in the pursuit of pleasure. In Obama we have more than a Last Man. We have a Last President.

  25. Jarrett, who serves the same role in this Administration that Colonel Parker served in Elvis Presley’s

  26. Moral Narcissism is an evocative term for the almost schizophrenic divide between intentions and results now common in our culture. It doesn’t matter how anything turns out as long as your intentions are good. And, just as importantly, the only determinant of those intentions, the only one who defines them, is you.

    In other words, if you propose or do something, it only matters that you feel good or righteous about what you did or are proposing, that it makes you feel better personally. The results are irrelevant, as are how the actual activity affects others.

    Also, although it pretends (especially to the self) to altruism, moral narcissism is in essence passive aggressive, asserting superiority over the ignorant or “selfish” other. It is elitist, anti-democratic and quote often, consciously or unconsciously, sadistic.

  27. – Is it simply a case of the entire country suffering from Stockholm syndrom, where we seem to want to see how far we can play with communism and stick our asses in harms way with our enemies, coddle the sworn enemies of freedom at every chance, and yet still pretend we’re anything like a free market Republic.

    – Just fucking amazing what I’m seeing this pile of Progressive morons lead by a self proclaimed proud car carrying commie red diaper baby. unbelievable. I think Bumblefuck is certifiable.

  28. happyfeet says June 6, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Nailed it.

  29. “Atlas Shrugged” in Denver..

    DENVER (CBS4) – The owner of a bakery in Lakewood said he will no longer sell wedding cakes after the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled he did discriminate against a gay couple when he refused to sell them a cake. …

    That prompted Phillips to decide he would no longer make any wedding cakes. He said he would be fine selling cupcakes for a birthday party for someone who is gay but added, “I don’t want to participate in a same-sex wedding.”

    Good on Phillips.

    Let Phillips’ action be example for all citizens in this cowed and buggered nation. Stand up and shout “FUCK YOU!” to all the Leftist Coalition who’ve become so successful at destroying this Republic.

    Then offer them a cupcake.. )

  30. At this rate wedding cakes will be made from a Duncan Hines mix and iced with canned frosting.

  31. That last comment for the “societal upheaval at every level” clause.

    This more apropos for the main topic. Gitmo detainee Mohammad A Fazl, one of the five traded for Bergdahl..


  32. <taptaptap> Is this thing on?

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