June 3, 2014

Re: my last post. If true, the following changes much

Basing my emotional reaction off of a WaPo story, and off of my own attempts to put myself in the (unimaginable) position of Bowe Bergdahl’s father, I was willing to apportion him some measure of sympathy.  After all, the love I have for my sons would probably lead me to do things that under other circumstances would be unconscionable, if it meant saving them.  However, if as early as 2012, Bergdahl’s father was actively, if only obliquely, pushing him to desert, which it is appearing is what he did, then what we have is just another leftist moron whose selfishness and sanctimony, coupled with his mush-headed, cosmopolitan anti-Americanism, have potentially changed forever the way we are forced to fight wars.

Of course, the upside of that is we may, under the right kind of CinC, fight wars to win them again, and not to posture as compassionate victors.  When attacked, we need to identify our enemy, identify their stooges and enablers, and with cold resolve annihilate them and leave a marker where they fell as a warning to all who might wish to attack us in the future.   Yes. Blow the tops off of mountains.  Turn swathes of land to glass.  Show once and for all that we here haven’t lost our resolve, and no matter the manufactured grievances of countries wishing to scapegoat the US for the misery of their own people, we don’t much care:  attack us unprovoked and we will respond with lethal force of the kind that would make so many international tribunals shriek and weep and rend their garments.

Which, sucks for them.

But that for another day.

Fox News:

Email exchanges between Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and his parents, statements from fellow GIs and a purported letter he left the night he disappeared into the rugged Afghan terrain are painting the picture of a troubled and disillusioned soldier who was “ashamed” to be an American.

While Bergdahl remained at a U.S. military hospital in Germany following a swap for five high-level Taliban members — dubbed a jihadist “Dream Team” — two of Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers told Fox News Channel that the 28-year-old Idaho native willingly walked away from his post in Afghanistan on June 30, 2009. Their claims that Bergdahl’s departure from the base was premeditated jibes with emails published in 2012, in which he told his father of his growing disenchantment with the Army’s mission in Afghanistan.

“The future is too good to waste on lies,” Bergdahl wrote his parents. “And life is way too short to care for the damnation of others, as well as to spend helping fools with their ideas that are wrong. I have seen their ideas and I am ashamed to even be American. The horror of the self-righteous arrogance that they thrive in. It is all revolting.”

Bergdahl’s father, Bob Bergdahl, who learned the Pashto language spoken in much of Afghanistan while his son was held hostage and chanted an Islamic prayer as he stood alongside President Obama for Saturday’s Rose Garden announcement of the deal, wrote back to his son with a subject line in all capital letters: “OBEY YOUR CONSCIENCE!” That email, one of several between the Bergdahls revealed in a lengthy 2012 Rolling Stone report, was sent three days before the-then private first class left his post.

Fellow soldiers who remembered Bergdahl as an outsider who studied Rosetta Stone lessons in the native language and talked of hiking to China, told Fox News they believe Bergdahl is a deserter, an offense punishable by death in the military code of justice

(my emphasis)  If it is the case that Bergdahl’s father was in fact some hippy-dippy muddle-headed wannabe 60s throwback, and his encouragement to his son was to follow his feelings rather than attend to his duty and obligations, then yes, I hold him accountable, and I don’t  have the sympathy for his suffering I might otherwise feel.

And in fact, I’d be the first to say that if, upon his return, Bergdahl is found to have abandoned his post and deserted, he should be tried.  And if convicted, he should be hanged — to show that his actions have consequences, in this case, the death of other American soldiers who stayed true to their oath, and the release of barbarous terrorists who, under no convention, are POWs, but are rather unlawful enemy combatants.  That is, terrorists.  Bent on killing more Americans.

The irony of having returned a soldier just to have him executed is not really ironic, at all.  It is in fact justice, if the facts in the emerging stories are correct.  And if we believe in justice, then we do what must be done, despite the price that has been paid.

As for the Obama Administration, should it be shown that they knew Bergdahl deserted — and that his sympathies lay with the enemy — then they are guilty of releasing high ranking enemies of the United States in order to bring home an anti-war fellow traveler.  And that should be grounds for impeachment.

Of course, this means we’ll need another investigation, and Mr Boehner is too busy weeping, tanning, and taking pot shots at teabaggers to do his fucking job.

Watching Obama circumvent them on everything he can’t get them to capitulate to — and watching them take it — has made many of us question the very need for a Congress in the first place.  I mean, if we wanted a bunch of feckless dickheads to lord over us and steal our money, we could just go directly to the Administration and skip the entirely useless middle men.

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  1. Miscalculation at al-Quds on Pennsylvania Ave?

    Could be. It’s tough world out there for a princess ever praised.

  2. Hearing Harry Reid believes “Guantanamo has been there far too long”.

    And . . . scene.

    The reading is ended.

  3. I had not heard of that email. I wonder how many other shoes will drop in the coming days/hours? Enough to validate this and invalidate this effort?

  4. Having been in the Army, I knew what its purpose is. At any time you can be called into harms way. This kid joined while we were at war. He was in the infantry. They do the fighting. He knew that. What he did was desertion. He was not listed as an official pow. An investigation was done in 2010 and it determined that he left on his own. Also there is this.
    With the current regime in place He will probably get time served and a Bronze Star.

  5. Can we exchange Bergdahl for that Marine in Mexico?

  6. With the current regime in place He will probably get time served and a Bronze Star.

    Since at the time of his “capture” he was an E-3 and has received promotion already while the facts of his disappearance were known, you may not be far off there charles. Indeed, have we not heard that another promotion is in the works?

  7. Yup. being promoted to Staff Sergent.

  8. Y’know, on reconsideration I think Chuck Todd must merely have gotten the identity of the expected euphorics garbled in his head. He somehow heard it was to be the US military, when the proper identification intended the victors in the exchange. But it’s an innocent mistake on Chuck’s part, no doubt.

  9. I’m trying to avoid jumping to any conclusions until more info comes out. I think it will. My wife and oldest kid, however, are not.

    They think that the President and his handlers were stung in a very personal way by the reception at USMA graduation, and that the White House will be trying very hard to look as if they have been looking out for the “troops” behind the scenes. The scuttlebutt (heh) from the Army guys (and the Army moms facebook group) is that the current administration has it in for the Army in general, special forces command in particular.

    I don’t think it’s that deep, I think they just wanted all the loose ends tied up before they leave Afghanistan, and as usual, didn’t think of the ramifications. I think they wanted to create a Washington Post/Jessica Lynch style hero to show everyone how much they care.

  10. As a winner of a “McMarra Scholarship” in my twenties, I would be interested in how Sgt. Bergdahl was listed on his unit’s Morning Report when he left his post.


    Should have been a clue, since any American father would have said, “Obey your voluntarily given oath to protect, support and defend the Constitution. If you walk away from your squad mates, don’t expect to find refuge here.”

    If he wanted to obey his conscience instead, they have a specific category for people like that (Conscientious Objector), even though it is effectively worthless in an all-volunteer military like our own. Kind of like taking a vow of chastity while working at a brothel. If one has the urge to serve while not being exposed to all that nasty bloodshed or threats of unpleasant strangers, there is always the Peace Corps, religious missionary work or (if you just GOTTA wear the uniform) the Chaplains Corps.

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  13. If Obama had a son…Bowe. And BHO would have likely given the same advice DadBowe did, if he did give KidBowe advice leading to his deserting and getting other’s son’s killed.

    BHO does have, purportedly his, daughters. Can we expect a couple new Jane Fonda sorts shortly?