May 22, 2014

The militization of law enforcement, local and federal, continues apace

From pre-dawn raids by body armor-adorned federal agents that result in the loss of livelihood and eventual lawfare that strips citizens of their savings in order that they may protect themselves from dubious arrest and prosecution, to bonds issued that, as part of the price of freedom, require that the truth (or at least, one first-hand account of events) be suppressed, we are living in what can only be described as an incipient police state. One that is ever-more routinely aided by the courts.

None of which should be surprising to readers of this site, because for years I’ve been making the argument that the only way to run the kind of nannystate the left is mapping over our constitutional republic is by way of some enforcement mechanism. This mechanism can and must consist of many parts, from onerous bureaucratic regulations that criminalize nearly every aspect of industrious behavior to the militarizing of government apparatchiks given far too much power, and who circle the wagons around their own, perfidy, overreaction, or downright cruelty be damned.

This is the New Left’s America. It is the now flaccidly-emitted wetdream of Bill Ayers and his like, who — having grown up as part of the radical chic and having found that rounding people up into re-education camps, with the sobering conclusion that perhaps 25 million of the most ardent dissidents to Utopian leftism will have to be disposed of, won’t exactly work in a media world where everyone has a cell phone and an internet connection — are finding other ways to marshal the jackboots, using the government and the law against the liberty of citizens it wishes to subordinate and subjugate.

To those of you who believe that the vast majority within the law enforcement community will turn on a tyrannical government should the shit ever really hit the fan and, forced to choose between the constitutional support of the citizenry and those barking out orders and paying their salaries, that they are natural allies to the citizenry … well, I’m afraid you haven’t been paying attention. Many, of course, will. But many, drunk on power and in control of vast reserves of firepower, will let their inner bullies shine through.

Why use fire hoses and dogs when you can shoot a nonagenarian for brandishing a cane, or beat a vet to death for expired plates during a traffic stop? — all while knowing the courts and your union will have your back, in most instances? Because shit happens.

There’s a reason left-liberals want guns in the hands solely of law enforcement and, increasingly, enforcement arms of bureaucratic agencies, should someone’s cattle need some killing, or should someone’s student loan fall in arrears: they need a police state to enforce their version of Eden.

But no worries. If you’re a good citizen, you’ll reap the benefits of Nirvana. Provided you surrender decision making to your betters.

(h/t geoff B.)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:38am

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  1. “To those of you who believe that the vast majority within the law enforcement community will turn on a tyrannical government […] well, I’m afraid you haven’t been paying attention.

    I agree there.

    I wouldn’t count on universal support from vets either.

    A lot of people seem to think when the time comes, superior numbers of armed citizens will be enough, but it won’t be. Not unless said citizens have an airforce, armor, artillery, supply and support lines, intelligence networks, and practice organizing it all into cohesive units.

    We should probably start now getting together with our buddies and making a list.

  2. What is up with the mentality of police departments the last 40 years… slowly and slowly more distrustful of their fellow citizens and contempt for sunlight on operations. I’d gladly support a civilization project that pushed to roll-back the us v them mentality and growing militarized police state. This mentality must be being taught in classes and forums for cops. Most people are good, but can quickly tarnish if the environment is corrosive enough.

  3. I don’t understand why they all aren’t sharing a beer on the White House lawn? That’s what happens when regular folks get hassled by the man, right?

  4. That said, Harbor Freight sells cheap-ass CCTV systems. Get one and hide it really well.

    I know my paranoid ass is.

  5. Many of the lefties setting this in motion will be dead in 20 years. I suppose that is some comfort.

  6. According to most estimates, there are a total of between 700,000 and 900,000 police combined at the State, county and city levels, nationwide, and another 120,000 armed agents scattered throughout the Federal Government. Call it an even million.

    There are roughly 50 million households that own roughly 300 million guns. According to the VA, there are 23 million veterans of active duty in the US, and almost all of them are familiar with weapons of various sorts.

    When the SHTF, the cops had better pick their side carefully.

  7. Reading the comments at the Big Bend Courier, it’s pretty obvious who “dropped the dime” on the people the DEA used as punching bags…

  8. Now the only question is… What stake does “Loretta” have in the upcoming E-Cig shop venture?

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