May 22, 2014

Dhimmi Dhimmi coco-pop, Dhimmi Dhimmi pop

Which, translated into Swedish, goes something like this:  sure, it’s true.  But when the truth proves potentially explosive — literally! — it needs to be criminalized. 

For the Greater Good.

Reached for comment, Swedish Supergroup Abba noted, “Really?  And here I thought we were Sweden’s most famous pussies.”

(h/t sdferr)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:59am

Comments (6)

  1. People act like every country honors truth like our libel laws claim to do, and gets all shocked when submitting to threats turns out to shit all over the truth even in those enlightened countries with the wonderful socialism and tolerant notions about sex and drugs.

    Silly, silly people.

  2. A little bit of Taquya helps the Dhimmi go down, the Dhimmi go down, the Dhimmi go down…

  3. A hot letter!

    That’ll cow ’em.

  4. You can tell they are not serious.

    No hashtag.

  5. Vorausgesetzt, dass die Wahrheit ein Weib ist -, wie? . . .

    . . . wrote the jester.

    What then? Rape her.


  6. Yeah, and a video caused the spontaneous demonstration in Libya as well…I never ceased to be amused that God botherers are the final group left that can be demonized, or caricatured-take your pick; or by the oft repeated mantra about being entitled to one’s own opinion, but not a personal set of facts. Unless, you know, those facts inconveniently undermine the preferred multi-culti-cult’s narrative.

    Or scared of reprisals.