May 21, 2014

The fifth reich?

I say “fifth” because the Arab world, who notoriously have followed the tactics and rhetoric of the Nazis in their war against Jews, is the fourth reich. Whereas the fifth seems to be coalescing here in the US — not so much among the Klan or neo-Nazi groups, whose reach is minimal and whose tactics are often boorish; but rather among the left and higher ups in the Democratic Party leadership, who — in addition to actively courting groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, routinely condemning Israel as an “apartheid” state, and with the help of the media burying a tape of the President lavishing praise on the stone-throwing “intellectual” Edward Said and his pal Rashid Khalidi, a PLO mouthpiece and now Columbia Professor — have now taken to using imagery very much reminiscent of the anti-Semitic imagery so favored by the Nazis.  To attack private American citizens.

From Doug Ross, citing TVC:

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are using your tax dollars to host the premiere of a film that attacks conservative groups – in the U.S. Capitol.

This partisan attack in the people’s house cannot stand and we have filed an ethics complaint [PDF] to hold Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid accountable.

Congress expressly prohibits partisan political rallies and fundraisers on the grounds of the Capitol or within its walls. As House Administration Chairman Rep. Candice Miller (R – MI) said, the “work in this hallowed building must solely be in the interests of the American people and not in the interests of any political cause.”

Pelosi’s office denied that the event was the premiere screening, despite it being called such by Politico, Fox News, MSNBC, and the film’s own producers in an RSVP now removed from their own site…


Not only do rules prohibit the use of House rooms for screenings, but they expressly prohibit any events that are campaign or political in nature.

As Doug notes, the octopus imagery is familiar: “the theme was employed by the Nazis in the mid-20th century and by Islamofascists ever since.”  Ross follows this up with several pictures of propaganda posters to hammer home the point.

As someone raised Jewish after my adoption but one who is not particularly religious, I can’t and won’t pretend that I speak for any ethno-religious group.  So I’ll just say this as a human being:  these kinds of vile reprisals of horrific racist imagery from the not-so-distant past makes me wonder why any Jew in his or her right mind would back the organized left that has overtaken the Democrat party.  They are New Leftists, and as such, enjoy totalitarianism, often pining aloud for the power and control held by potentates of other countries in which the people are subjects to their government.

Further though, I’ll add — again as a human being — that I’d feel repulsed pulling the lever for anyone running as a willing representative of a party who keeps electing Pelosi and Reid to power, regardless of my religion, race, sex, and welfare-state dependency.  These same pieces of human shit will pander to Big Banks and Hollywood when they go on their fundraising binges, and we all know that the Jews control Hollywood, world banking, and the media.  So not only are they tacit anti-Semites, but they are filthy hypocrites, to boot.

Even still, I wouldn’t wish them crammed into a cattle car, taken away from family, and eventually disposed of in a giant pizza oven.  Instead, I’d rather see them tarred, feathered, and run out of DC on a rail with the shame forever attached to them.  If, in fact, shame was something they could ever feel.

Which is itself doubtful.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:41am

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  1. It really is stunning to see such unadulterated evil showing itself so brazenly in the seat of government power. I guess it’s good to know what we’re dealing with.

  2. . . . these kinds of vile reprisals of horrific racist imagery from the not-so-distant past makes me wonder why any Jew in his or her right mind would back the organized left that has overtaken the Democrat party.

    As strange as this phenomenon in America — and a very strange phenomenon it is, upon which much has been thought and written — how much more strange that in the land of Israel itself a political faction stands in much the same relationship to the possibility of a Zionist politics? But then, such is the power of the hold of the new progressivo-religious party over the moral imagination of its adherents, I guess.

  3. Which witch is which?

  4. We have a winner for the WORST sophistry on the Internet, and that includes Usenet.

    Some Hollywood anti-Frackers take Arab money to fund an anti-Fracking film, and in their defense, Ed Begley Jr. says (I am not making this up):

    “I don’t think it’s bad Josh Tickell is taking money from some Arab guy. It’s much better than giving money to Middle East oil, which I’ve spent my whole life against,” he said. “Think about it. My electric car. My bicycle. How much foreign oil is there in that? Unlike these James O’Keefe characters who ride around in gas guzzlers, I’ve given no money to foreign oil.”

    That is not a misquote.

    Congratulations, Ed, for providing the worst justification EVAR for doing ANYTHING.

  5. The Koch brothers support gay marriage and legal pot.

    Obviously therefore the Democrats oppose them, as revealed by this irrational frenzy of Koch-hate.

    What? It’s no worse logic than they use themselves; arguably it’s perfectly consistent with their own standards.

  6. To hark back to Squid’s mention of Dorothy Thompson’s “Who Goes Nazi?” a couple weeks ago, another Herschel Grynszpan may arise one day, after which, who knows?

  7. Harry Reid can go fuck himself, preferably with a sawfish bill. Pelosi, too. I have absolutely no use for either of them.

  8. I wonder what kind of cars the guys who built Ed Begley’s electric car drive and how big a laugh they have at his expense?

  9. Begley’s electric car burns juice generated with coal, the fool. Furthermore, the entertainment industry sucks down enormous amounts of energy just in hauling all the trailers to the location shoots, firing up the lights, and powering all the sound and cameras and whatnot.

    If Begley wants to go green, he can pedal the generator for the lights or tow the trailers to location with his bike.

    Or, he can join the Amish.

  10. “makes me wonder why any Jew in his or her right mind would back the organized left that has overtaken the Democrat party. “

    I wonder, sincerely having no clue, how much the average Jewish person in America actually weighs being Jewish on their self identity.

    That is, if they aren’t particularly religious, if they don’t really identify with Israel or really care about/practice traditions, has the designation become about as significant as me saying “I am white”?

    Which I’m privileged to say means absolutely nothing if that is all you know about me.

    Seriously, it does seem like WASP’s like me care more about Israel than most American Jews!

  11. Kristalnacht

  12. The place for octopus imagery.

  13. I can’t understand why so many Asian vote Democrat. The libs don’t seem to have much respect for Asians.

    Here in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area I assume it is the path of least resistance. Go along to get along. Too bad about your brilliant kid getting turned down at Berkeley.

  14. The Amish I did commerce with ran diesel powerplants (no spark plugs!) to drive air-compressors, off which compressed air systems they adapted their otherwise nominally electrical power-tools to spin by means of little turbines or somesuch. They’re a clever bunch when it comes to avoiding electricity, but they’ll burn coal and oil with the best of ’em.

  15. I happen to like cephalopods. They’re clever and elegant.

    They also don’t try to take over the world, despite all those Hollywood lies.

  16. I suspect that real shame comes after a crushing defeat and exile to the fringes of counter culture again, or some form of deprogramming for those who recognize how fully their thought processes have been altered.

  17. Ya know, I’m really getting sick of Harry Reid and his Kochthulhu obsession.

  18. Greetings:

    So, all those contributions David Koch made to underwrite that “NOVA” program on the Progressive (née Public) Broadcasting System didn’t buy him any slack at all. “Fair weather friends” is what my mother used to call people like that.