May 15, 2014

“Watch these Teachers Explain White Privilege to Young Students”

Oh for fuck’s sake:

It looks like these teachers haven’t read this Princeton student’s account of his own “privilege.” That, or they didn’t want to become confused with the facts.

Teachers Diana Reeves and Rosemary Colt held a session titled “Examining White Privilege and Building Foundations for Social Justice Thinking in the Elementary Classroom” at the 2014 White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. It seems they wanted attendees to find “opportunities to begin to insert social justice, anti-racist information for even little kids to understand.”’


In the video, eight-year-old students spoke about what they learned.

“White privilege is when people that are white get an advantage to the people who are people of color,” one student explained. “So if there was like a job, and a person of color was applying, and a white person was applying, and the owner was a white person, they might pick the white person just because of the person’s color, even if the black person was better.”

Any NBA fan might question this since 78 percent of players are black, even though the league has just one black team owner.

“White privilege is something that white people have, meaning they have an advantage in a lot of things and they can get a job more easily,” another student said.

Meanwhile, one student realized what a “racist” he was at the end of the conference.

“I can talk about how the racism inside me, I feel like I’m going to go home and tell my parents that I’m a racist and I’m not proud of that but I’m proud that I can say that,” he said.


In a comment here yesterday, dicentra drew the parallel between this kind of “social justice” doctrinal “education” and the brainwashing typical of religious cults, concluding:

We’ve long described progressive antics as quasi-religious, but I never made the express connection to the brainwashing technique of forcing constant confession but withholding salvation until after the next set of excruciatingly subtle sins is purged.

And then there’s this:
Perhaps the saddest aspect of religious brainwashing is what Dr. Robert Lifton calls “The Dispensing of Existence.” Lifton writes:
The totalist environment draws a sharp line between those who have a right to exist and those who do not. They claim that those outside their group have no right to exist, or at least say that those outside their group are inferior. The group thus has an arrogant and elitist mentality, considering themselves superior rather than having equal rights as other humans. Those who do not conform to their path of existence are targets of rejection or annihilation.
…They develop a fighting mentality which bristles often, takes offense easily, and delights in cutting other people down. … Unhealthy religious groups brainwash their followers by convincing them that people outside of their group are sub-human.

I think we’re practically there. We don’t have to tolerate the h8rs because they don’t deserve it. They’re evil incarnate. Racists by definition. And any means to expel them from the body politic are justified.

This is precisely the kind of indoctrination techniques progressives are trying to insinuate into public school curricula, with “global warming” an early trial balloon, as I learned when Satchel — who goes to a charter school in a conservative community — told us, on the way home from school recently, that we might be having outdoor barbecues on Dec 24 by 2016, and that if both polar ice caps melt, both the US and China would be underwater.

He regaled us with tales his teacher told him of the perniciousness of carbon dioxide — human exhalation — and of scientific consensus, with “only 1 out of 100 scientists” disagreeing with the idea of significant anthropomorphic climate change and its catastrophic potential.  Too, the teacher conflated carbon monoxide with carbon dioxide to parallel the poisons and their putative effects on the environment and, consequently, weather.

In fact, so dedicated is this teacher to the idea of warming alarmism that, I just learned, he teaches most of the day with the lights in the classroom off entirely in order to “conserve precious resources”.

Now, leaving aside the white privilege of having a “white” mother (half Asian, but for purposes of affirmative action, whiter even than white) and father who happen to have educated themselves on the efforts to push warming propaganda on our white, privileged children, what we were able to do in the 10 minute car ride home was challenge every last one of the “facts” Satchel was being asked to memorize.  We showed him the Time Magazine cover from 1974, when the same scientific consensus was warning we’d soon be having snowball fights in June rather than barbecues on Christmas Eve.  And when we arrived home, we put some ice cubes in the bottom of a measuring cup and filled it to the brim with water, then let time and our poisonous exhalation take effect.

We asked Satch, what do you think is going to happen when the ice melts?  To which he replied, “the water will overflow and kill all the napkins.”

Naturally, when the ice melted — that is, when the water displaced as frozen water returned to liquid — the level of water in the measuring cup remained the same.  Because actual science doesn’t really give much of a shit about pseudo-science meant to sow guilt into the minds of the young and innocent.

The next day, Satchel raised his hand in class and asked to perform the ice experiment.  His teacher denied the request, saying he didn’t want his desk covered with water.

This is the state of education today. There is no intellectualism to it.  And the progressives like it that way.  In fact, it’s a strategy.  Because to build an army of automatons, one needs factor out outside variables the best they can and keep the narrative confined, streamlined, and on point.  After which, those who don’t follow the narrative are treated as heretical, and, in the end, sub-human and worthy of disgust and perhaps even violent correctives to their hateful thoughts.

Leftism is an orthodoxy, a religion.  And for all its talk of its own commitment to science, it seeks more than anything else to burn the witches it can’t otherwise control.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:48am

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  1. Given that water density is at its greatest just slightly above freezing (34F), sea levels should actually drop slightly as the (fresh water) glaciers melted.

    I further wonder what percentage of “scientists” could “prove” that the Sun orbited the Earth five hundred years ago. Eppur si muove…

  2. I volunteer frequently at my children’s elementary school. I do so for two reasons:

    1) I enjoy spending time with my kids
    2) I watch the administration and teachers like a hawk

    Since my youngest will be rolling into the school next year, I’ll have spent 12 straight years as a parent at the school. All of the teachers and principals knows- because I’ve spoken to them about it- that I pay attention to the nonsense that happens routinely in schools around the country and that, if said nonsense is inflicted on my children, I will rain down the wrath of God on them.

    One of my friends’ middle child came home from school the other day bleating about how the ice caps were rapidly melting and everything was going to drown. His parents patiently debunked the day’s indoctrination with many facts and questions, yet at the end he said “But we have to do something!” I dunno what the answer is, but the rot is pretty much complete at this point.

  3. Lil’ black chilren kain’t larn Latin, whuch uz whuor dat ghostyratbastidg jermophobe Izzax Neutown whitepriviledged up hiz bigdeal phizzis thataway. Like he sed, q.e.d.

  4. Heh. I’d like to be a fly on the wall at your next PTO outing.

  5. Sounds like this instructor never administered a Piaget development test. Understanding displacement is an integral test element.


  7. Graphs like this also make Evangelical Warmenists heads explode. Assuming they can understand them. Small words help, with occasional exclamations of “When do we want it? NOW!!!”

  8. When Jesse Jackson was here in the Silicon Valley yesterday going on about lack of minority hiring, I wonder how many Asian and Indian engineers were in attendance.

  9. FIll your cup with water. Balance a knife at the edge to represent Greenland or Antarctica. Put the ice on the land. Watch them melt. Get back to us.

  10. >Put the ice on the land. Watch them melt. Get back to us.<

    Someone Tell the Record Polar Ice Cap It Should Be Melting

    oh where does this water come from?

  11. Even the warm-mongers admit that Greenland would take 1000 years to become ice-free.

    Also, the alarmist forecasting is based solely on computer simulations that were demonstrably inadequate at their inception.

    Modeling a chaotic system is nearly impossible because of the primacy of randomness, but even if you could account for randomness, you’d never get a good model until you accounted for 100% of the factors that affect climate.


    Not 99.999%. 100%. We don’t know 100% of the factors. How can we know what we don’t know?

    And then you’d have to accurately model absolutely every interaction, feedback, and behavior that each factor contributes. To name one factor whose behavior we still don’t genuinely understand is cloud formation. CERN just barely verified that cosmic rays play a role in cloud formation.

    Cosmic rays weren’t included in the models. You can also find dozens of papers asserting diametrically opposite theories of how and when clouds form.

    The only way to tell whether you’ve got a good model is to see if it can recreate the past. None of the models have been able to do that, and they’ve also done a piss-poor job of predicting the current conditions.

    ERGO, the models and their hysterical predictions must be jettisoned post haste.

    It’s the only scientific thing to do.

  12. >byondpolitics <

    yea you be into cults

  13. > Balance a knife at the edge to represent Greenland or Antarctica. Put the ice on the land. Watch them melt. Get back to us.<

    man the cow farts and suvs byondstupid

    How many BTUs will it take to change 1 gallon of water at 32 degrees to ice at 32 degre

  14. byondpolitics says May 15, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    Your first lie is in bold.

  15. >byondpolitics <

    liars hey hows the black mass going racist

  16. add ? and schadenfreude

  17. FIll your cup with water. Balance a knife at the edge to represent Greenland or Antarctica. Put the ice on the land. [figure out how to evaportate water out of the cup and precipitate frozen water on to that there knife. Watch them water level drop as them ice accumulates on that there knife.] Watch them melt. Watch them water level rise back up to that there brim].

    Fixed him for you.

  18. In fairness, maybe SMoD is really SCoFWD*, and that’s what byondpolitics meant.

    *Sweet Comet of Frozen, Watery Death,

    for byondpolitics and the other special needs kids.

  19. I guess I must have missed the massive population explosion on Mars, because that could be the only explanation for the 4th planet also getting warmer, right, byondsanity? It couldn’t be a massive heat engine (on the close order and scale of a type G2V Star) located somewhere near the center of our solar system, because that wouldn’t make any sense at all, right?

    Since it’s all about man being a plague and how we need to return to 11th century technology, back when Earth was warm enough to allow for Greenland and England to grow grapes, right? (Oddly enough, that was BEFORE the Industrial Revolution that is being blamed.)

    Or would you rather just return to the Little Ice Age of 500 years ago, when the Thames river frequently froze solid enough for families in London to picnic on it? I just want to know which of those is considered “normal” enough for you to accept as the goal…

    Or maybe you could just accept that the planet has been both much warmer and much colder than it is today, and that we are in the middle of a purely natural cycle having nothing to do with anything we are doing. (I realize that you probably won’t accept this option, because no one likes to have their religion questioned by facts.)

  20. What if like ice if just the planet’s way of shitting? OMG!

  21. >byondpolitics <

    a cass susstein production

  22. you have to laugh or get more ammo with these clowns

    US. Department Of Agriculture (USDA) Buying Sub-Machine Guns

  23. The poles of our planet have been ice-free more than they haven’t.

    We’re still at the tail-end of the last ice age, as evidenced by the fact that some of the ice on this rock doesn’t melt seasonally.

    You know: glaciers, ice caps, that kinda thing. We’re not officially out of an ice age until there’s no permanent ice left.

    Which, as I said, is a more normal state of affairs than what we currently have.

  24. >
    The poles of our planet have been ice-free more than they haven’t.<

    tell us the 'weather' next month cultists clowns?

  25. Yes, but the progressive thing to do is to stand athwart natural history yelling “stop!”

    Because all change is bad change, unless it’s promoted by the neo-gnostic elect.

    That’s why they have to force us to change the way we live (good). So that the planet doesn’t force us to (bad).

    byondpolitics gets it. Why don’t you?

  26. byondpolitics is sunstein bullshit front

  27. hardon u: good place for a jihadi no cair?

  28. “Leftism is an orthodoxy, a religioncult.”

    Fixed it for you

  29. Mr. byond seems to be ignoring evaporation and cloud formation. Not all water goes into the sea and stays there. water is constantly draining into the ocean and evaporating from the surface.

  30. dicentra says May 15, 2014 at 8:10 pm
    Even the warm-mongers admit that Greenland would take 1000 years to become ice-free.

    And that is only if mean temps stay above freezing 24/7/365 for that 1000 years.

    Entropy will not let that happen. Available energy will always be in a negative state.

  31. “FIll your cup with water. Balance a knife at the edge to represent Greenland or Antarctica. Put the ice on the land. Watch them melt. Get back to us.”

    Dude, (thats how you guys address each other, right?)

    You forgot the part about putting the glass in the freezer. Which would probably lead to this: