May 14, 2014

Oh, the RAGE!

Too good not to share.  And for the record, I can’t see what the sign says, but my guess is it’s some religious condemnation of homosexuality.

Then again, judging by the reaction of the student to the protester, it could just as easily say “Short, dumpy, shrieking people who don’t wish to be offended, and will therefore courageously offend anyone who offends them (because they are intolerant of intolerance!) — even if that means trying to attack them violently while shrieking and dumpy — are poopy heads who can’t handle free speech or actual tolerance.  So fuck them. Let ’em shriek.”

Sure would explain a lot.

Of course, an alternate explanation is that this little shrieking dumpy thing is actually some sort of prehistoric throwback.

That would also explain a lot.

Not forgive it, mind you. Just kinda set the context.

(h/t dicentra)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:08pm

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  1. The old guy with the sign should work on his skills with the quarterstaff. A quick poke in the solar plexus would have switched that kid off like a light.

  2. Wow, there is an insane amount of hatred in that little person. I mean, serious mental illness. “I don’t like you! That sign is offensive!” And then sobbing. Just … wow.

  3. Neo-neocon posts a query “Is college making people stupid?” which in itself seems to elide the difficulty, namely, don’t the individuals who go to college, who in that very act seem to acknowledge their own ignorance, to act on their discovered lack or need, have some fundamental responsibility to participate in their own cure? I mean, what prevents anyone from seeking the right question, or to be forgiven their sloth or failure to work toward their own good?

  4. The answer is “beer pong,” sdferr.

  5. Well, isn’t that precious?

  6. You sure that’s a dude?

    And if perchance he is, do you suppose Pajamaboi would want to bear his children upon seeing such a raw display of post-modern, post-metrosexual post-feminist Eloi-esque masculinity?

  7. The sign says:

    Thieves, Liars
    (something something)
    Judgment Day

    It’s not even aimed specifically at gays…
    Hardly Westboro Baptist material.

  8. Heh, so after looking up beer pong so to cure my own ignorance I find not only would I like to give the game a go, it may also offer me an explanation as to what Buck Showalter has been up to lately.

  9. The kid seems to have more mental illness going on than common liberalism can explain… and by that I mean a SMIDGEN more..

  10. Likely it was the condemnation of masturbating that got him so spun out.

  11. So, did the Rage-ling get suspended for attacking an old guy with a sign he didn’t like?

  12. I thought it was “42”.

  13. i like Mark

  14. Don’t miss David’s follow-up, featuring progg-on-progg psychodrama at its finest. As one commenter quipped: “You know it’s been a good discussion when no one gets to say anything and the police have to be called.”

    So watching the Borg collective with their chanting, and hearing about that White Privilege conference wherein participants are made to delve into the deepest recesses of the soul to root out the hidden racism, I began to think about other instances in which Confession Of Nit-Picky Sin is performed.

    Why, it’s in religious cults. My research produced this comment. And then with further research today, I got this from a survivor of a Christian cult:

    The Cult of Confession

    Mandated “sharing” is the first step to brainwash someone in regard to the cult of confession.…

    Cult leaders … make people in their congregation confess sins publicly. The format can resemble something more like a public interrogation than a willing confession. Doing this exposes a person’s flaws or weaknesses to an entire group. This makes that person nakedly susceptible to the leader’s supposed solutions of greater effort and purity. Dr. Robert Lifton says that such forced confession “becomes a means of exploiting, rather than offering solace.”

    But unhealthy religious groups … [jump] right into public coerced confession. The purpose is to keep all members degraded and humiliated, while the leader comes off smelling like a rose.

    Perpetual Accusation Machine

    Unhealthy religious leaders can keep their followers brainwashed by subjecting them to a continual state of accusation. Instead of promoting growth and maturity in Jesus Christ, group leaders foster spiritual infantilism by keeping members in a perpetual state of gloom and penitence. Followers are so busy analyzing themselves for peccadilloes and responding to accusations from the group leader(s) that they never feel capable of progressing spiritually. They live like Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh, always under a personal cloud of gloom. This keeps them heavily dependent on the group leader to instruct them in the way of salvation.

    It is no accident that the word “Satan” means “accuser.” The Devil launches a continual stream of accusations against Christ-followers in an effort to discourage them and to make them inefficient and ineffective in the Christian life.

    Loading the Language

    “Loading the language” according to cult-expert Stephen Martin means to manipulate “words and phrases to produce ‘thought-terminating clichés’” which results in a “narrowing and constriction of thought processes.”

    Here’s how cult leaders play the language game.

    Over-Active Mental Filters

    In order to isolate their followers from outside influences, leaders of unhealthy groups create buzzwords which shut the door on truth and outside input.

    For example, such leaders define any negative feedback about their group as “persecution,” and they call the source of such feedback a “slanderer.” Instead of stopping to consider whether the criticism is true, group members are taught to treat negative comments about the group leader as a threat.

    Attitudinal Sins

    Another way that cult leaders load the language of their group in order to control members is by focusing incessantly on sins of attitude rather than behavior.

    Calvin and Hobbes often played a game called “Calvinball,” whose only rule was that there were no permanent rules. Thus both players could shout out rule-changes at any time, and the one who thought more quickly could win the game by defining his own rules.

    Cults are like that, except the only person allowed to change the rules is the group leader. When a group leader “loads the language” and redefines all of the terms, he or she wins the game of control every time.

    We’ve long described progressive antics as quasi-religious, but I never made the express connection to the brainwashing technique of forcing constant confession but withholding salvation until after the next set of excruciatingly subtle sins is purged.

    And then there’s this:

    Perhaps the saddest aspect of religious brainwashing is what Dr. Robert Lifton calls “The Dispensing of Existence.” Lifton writes:
    The totalist environment draws a sharp line between those who have a right to exist and those who do not. They claim that those outside their group have no right to exist, or at least say that those outside their group are inferior. The group thus has an arrogant and elitist mentality, considering themselves superior rather than having equal rights as other humans. Those who do not conform to their path of existence are targets of rejection or annihilation.

    …They develop a fighting mentality which bristles often, takes offense easily, and delights in cutting other people down. … Unhealthy religious groups brainwash their followers by convincing them that people outside of their group are sub-human.

    I think we’re practically there. We don’t have to tolerate the h8rs because they don’t deserve it. They’re evil incarnate. Racists by definition. And any means to expel them from the body politic are justified.

  15. Ok, to answer Sdferr, 3 words. Precious little snowflakes

  16. They’ll throw poop next.

  17. About brain washing techniques in revivalist services, court room speeches, political rallies etc.
    (pretty much focused on being anti-christian but still fairly accurate as far as Holy Roller events goes)

    In Scientology

    Now, think of the eerie Occupy Movements “mob-democratic procedures”

    in politics: (Biden)


    Seeing a pattern?

  18. There’s another similar technique, though rather than a confession the mobsters or gang-leaders require the commission of a crime upon the neophyte’s entry into membership. Still, such business provides a purchase by which to grip the tool.

  19. In more depressing news, Gleen(s) hits the big time/jackpot. WTF, Earth?

  20. So, to get into this club I have to confess my guilt over things I didn’t do, didn’t choose to do, didn’t have anything to say about, and wouldn’t have done/chosen/agreed with if I’d had the chance?

    And what’s the downside?

  21. Pablo, didn’t they make a movie about Facebook?

    Seriously, I’m asking…

  22. Greetings:

    I think the short one all in black must be Ukrainian.

  23. Yeah, McGehee, but Zuckerberg and Co were already loaded.

  24. I’d say that Mark fella is NOT one to mess with.

  25. That Greenwald bit is so depressing. But I suppose if the Snowden work he did is good, congrats are in order.

  26. On reflection it is little wonder that young people today aren’t encouraged to read Twain’s tales of youths, if only owing to the shame our young people would be exposed to in the contrast they would discover between their own conduct and the relative maturity of Twain’s characters.

  27. glenn greenwald vs glenn beck news, the battles of the glenn

    >., but with his combative view of “the establishment media,” which he has denounced for “glaring subservience to political power” and to which he condescends as inferior to his more activist kind of journalism<


  28. or havel @ pg 37

    >Everyone, however, is in fact involved and enslaved, not only the greengrocers but also the prime ministers. Differing positions in the hierarchy merely establish differing degrees of involvement: the greengrocer is involved only to a minor extent, but he also has very little power. The prime minister, naturally, has greater power, but in return he is far more deeply involved. Both, however, are unfree, each merely in a somewhat different way. The real accomplice in this involvement, therefore, is not another person, but the system itself. Position in the power hierarchy determines the degree of respon- sibility and guilt, but it gives no one unlimited responsibility and guilt, nor does it completely absolve anyone. Thus the conflict between the aims of life and the aims of the system is not a conflict between two socially defined and separate communities; and only a very generalized view (and even that only approximative) permits us to divide society into the rulers and the ruled. Here, by the way, is one of the most important differences between the post-totalitarian system and classical dictatorships, in which this line of conflict can still be drawn according to social class. In the post-totalitarian system, this line runs de/acto through each person, for everyone in his or her own way is both a victim and a supporter of the system. What we understand by the system is not, therefore, a social order imposed by one group upon another, but rather something which permeates the entire society and is a factor in shaping it, something which may seem impossible to grasp or define (for it is in the nature of a mere principle), but which is expressed by the entire society as an important feature of its life. <

  29. Watching this video made me think: this kid didn’t get their ass kicked nearly enough in middle school.

    Which made me ashamed, but still: I am not wrong.

  30. That was a guy. A very whiny bitch of a guy, but a guy nevertheless.

  31. I think that was a eunuch. The consequence of too much femdomindoctrination in screwel and a lack of a proper masculine role model at home.

    Also, too many female hormones in the water supply.

    Those female hormones in our water! It’s worse than flouride! Damn dirty hippy-coms!

  32. Let’s call him “Pat”.

  33. His parents are Chris and Terry.

  34. Slartibartfast says May 14, 2014 at 9:59 pm

    Let’s call him “Pat”.

    Um. Maybe not? :-o

  35. So, to get into this club I have to confess my guilt over things I didn’t do, didn’t choose to do, didn’t have anything to say about, and wouldn’t have done/chosen/agreed with if I’d had the chance?

    And what’s the downside?

    You often end up with a 95 gr lead injection anyway.

  36. I thought it was some kind of animal at first. Then I realized it was a kid acting irrationally. I’m embarassed for his parents.

  37. In more depressing news, Gleen(s) hits the big time/jackpot. WTF, Earth?

    So Hollywood is still into remakes and sequels? What’s the working title, “The Raven and the Buttman“?

  38. Hahahaha.. My kid is a nerd… Specifically a smart, high IQ, college kid, WoW online, Magic: The Gathering playing, comic book superhero debating, D&D nerd of the sort featured on TBS’s King of the Nerds.. I showed him this video and he laughed.. He said, “That is just the kind of seriously autistic geeks I meet playing (trading card) games.. They lose.. they get pissed off .. they scream.. they overturn the card table.. they lose their minds.” My takeaway? Apparently this isn’t common behavior in college.

  39. The kid mistook rage arising from (he thinks) righteous indignation for the ability to scrap. The two ain’t the same thing. There was a time when most people learned that in grade school and acted accordingly.

    And Mark is to be commended for his restraint. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems he could have quite easily and lawfully landed a few good cracks and ended things once and for all, but instead allowed the kid to leave with little more than a bruised ego.

    FWIW, on Youtube some are writing that they can read the sign and that it is directed to fornicators, masturbators, homosexuals, and so on and so forth. I wonder why everybody is assuming that he’s a homosexual.

  40. Apparently this isn’t common behavior in college.

    As a lawyer (which I am not) would say: alluding to facts not in evidence. This, in fact, seems to be the primary operational mode of college students (and facility) when confronted with opinions they disagree with.

  41. Alec, as Ouroboros pointed out early on, I think it is the masturbation thing the kid is upset about. From the looks of him, he might still be a virgin, at least in a heteronormative-kinda way.

  42. That kid is the result of the “everyone’s a winner” environment kids are raised in these days.

  43. That damned “If everybody wins, nobody’s a loser” fallacy bit that kid where it hurts.

  44. Okay. Viewed the video this morning after I got back to work. My reaction: