May 9, 2014

Trey Gowdy is serious.

Could be that Boehner has made a tactical mistake here.  By appeasing conservatives with his selection of Gowdy, he might just have inadvertently shown voters what principle and a refusal to cow to the attacks of the left actually looks like.  And in so doing, gives them an idea about what kind of candidate to vote for, should they wish to see the country reverse its current disastrous course.

This should have happened after Cruz and Lee fought so hard to stop ObamaCare, of course, but in that fight, the establishment decided to undercut the two upstarts.  Here?  They are responsible for empowering one — and we may wind up seeing what aggressive leadership and a combative reaction to a partisan press yields.

At least, there’s a chance. Which is evident in this throwback clip.

I love the smell of verbal napalm in the morning.

Better hurry up with oppo research, Media Matters. Because this guy doesn’t seem to fear generic bad press — a trait that already sets him apart from the entirety of the GOP leadership in the House and Senate.

(thanks to geoff B)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:06pm

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  1. So, what is that NATO article 5 business anyhow if nothing more than a lip-service to a non-entity?

  2. The list of Republican appointees. A commenter down the comment-thread there called cfbleachers gives a thumbnail characterization of each of them, though I can make no vouch for that.

  3. Trey Gowdy is my new congressional boyfriend.

  4. I’ve been a little disappointed in Westmoreland lately, but he may have an opportunity to shine on this committee.

  5. There was this at Insty today about the Dems only going to have one member show up at the hearings.

    I say if only one shows up set up 4 empty chairs with name tags “Rep. ???? [D] ???. If none show then do all 5 as empty chairs. After all that’s what’s in the WH.

    Link is not safe for eyeballs.

  6. Harry Potter isn’t safe for eyeballs? All that is missing is the lightning scar and the torches mounted on the walls behind him. And wasn’t Harry using a holly wand, rather than a wooden pencil?

  7. Let the “RACIST” cries ramp up

    Today’s Republican Party was born in and still pivots around upstate South Carolina, which is why the GOP’s choice of Rep. Trey Gowdy as its congressional poster boy for 2014 explains everything about the party’s midterm election strategy: to burrow into its base, its roots, in an act of mass political cocooning. […]

    A former state and federal prosecutor from Spartanburg, South Carolina, the 49-year-old Gowdy has the temperament, credentials and background that fit the angry, accusatory mood of GOP’s conservative faithful, who see the federal government the same way John C. Calhoun saw it two centuries ago: as an evil and a threat to the local way of life.

    The Calhoun tradition infused the likes of such fellow South Carolinians as Sen. Strom Thurmond, whose 1948 Dixiecrat campaign presaged Richard Nixon’s “Southern strategy”; textile magnate Roger Milliken, who was a founding patron of Bill Buckley’s National Review; the late GOP strategist and party chairman Lee Atwater, who played the race-and-culture card to devastating effect against Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis in 1988; and former Sen. Jim DeMint, who has turned the Heritage Foundation into a tea party agitprop machine.

    When Gowdy challenged a GOP incumbent for his congressional seat in 2010, he did so with DeMint’s blessing. Gowdy is now skilled at the inside game: He says nice things about his fellow South Carolina Republican, and tea party bête noire, Sen. Lindsey Graham. But Gowdy himself is a pure tea party thinker: an anti-abortion, tough-on-immigration “constitutionalist” who thinks that President Barack Obama is a lawless, power-mad enemy of freedom.

    Nice touch there with the scare quotes around “constitutionalist” …

    God forgive me but I hate these f**kers.

  8. I am cheered by the appointment of Rep. Gowdy, but I reserve the privilege of remaining a cynical bastard until I see (1) an effective battle waged by him against the expected Leftist Narrative and (2) by results that matter.

    Too often those representatives we have placed trust in have disappointed us.

    As I wrote over at my joint recently:

    Representative Gowdy needs our help, but we also need to keep-up the pressure because he may turn out to be a slightly more heated version of that phony Darrell Issa. Not only will the man be facing relentless attacks from all sectors of the Left, but he will experience quite a bit of pressure from the Quislings of the GOP.

    God give Trey Gowdy the strength of character needed to do the right things necessary to bring Justice to the four murdered in Benghazi, but let us be prepared for another failure of Virtue nevertheless.

    Those of us who are fighting to Restore our Freedoms and Liberties are all Missourians now – ‘Show Me’.

  9. I’m cheered that the meetings will be held behind closed doors, thus limiting the grandstanding by any appointees or those being questioned.

  10. Nice. I did like that. But, the bit of smirking behind him, quickly corrected, could have been done without.

  11. Lee Atwater, a real “Bad Boy.”

  12. Lee Atwater, that’s the superheror on Karl Roves’s underroos, right?

  13. Greetings:

    A couple of evenings ago, I saw Representative Gowdy on the “Charlie Rose” interview program on a local Progressive (née Public) Broadcasting System channel. Mr. Rose did not seem much amused. His skill set was inadequate to undermine either Mr. Gowdy’s purpose or his resolve. It almost seemed that, to paraphrase, “at this point, this might make a difference”.

  14. So far the best they seem to have come up with is that he doesn’t look or sound like an East Coast RINO. Works for me.

  15. Chuck Norris gets his inspiration from Trey Gowdy!

  16. I remember seeing Trey Gowdy on one of those true murder shows where he was the prosecutor and the man is a badass. And I think pretty fearless.