May 9, 2014

The science is settled! [Darleen Click]

So, like, SHUT UP.


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  1. Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it

  2. I’m still waiting for the explanation of how we can put men on Mars with no one mentioning it. I mean, since it can only be man’s activity that causes things to get warmer, but Mars is also getting warmer ( ), not to mention most of the other planets ( )…

    Why, both planets getting warmer at the same time would require a MASSIVE heat-producing factory, and what with wasted heat radiating out in all directions, it would need to put out something on the close order of (scribbles some figures on a paper napkin) oh, say, 385 trillion trillion watts per second, give or take a decimal place.

    Call it roughly the size of our own Sun.

  3. And I’m still trying to figure out how something can still be called “science” if it’s settled. I’m old, so maybe its my memory that’s going, but I don’t remember the first two steps of the scientific method being:

    1) Draw a conclusion.
    2) Curve-fit your data to conform with that conclusion.

    The science may not be settled, but the dogma sure is. I just wonder, do any of them, in the dark of the night, ever realize that this is their religion? If “The Communist Manifesto” is their Old Testament, does that make Kyoto their New Testament? I’m having trouble picturing Al Gore as King James. I doubt Al has that problem, though.

  4. What gets me is how so many climate alarmists are mortally offended by the existence of “deniers.”

    If belief is the issue, it ain’t science.

  5. It’s “Mirror World” McGehee, in every way.

  6. The fact Tim Scott didn’t leave room for himself to be attacked from the right has a lot more to do with his lack of a challenger, I think, than his race (though I can believe a Palmetto State ‘stab would brown his bloomers at the thought of challenging a black guy from the left…).

    Were he a Democrat he wouldn’t have needed to position himself politically at all, except to the extent that race is political in that party.

  7. True, but what the Bloomberg piece is saying is that it is that any black Republican/conservative is stupid because if he was smart he would be a Democrat. So in order to have even a few black conservatives in office the right must “lower the bar” and take whatever dregs they can scrape up from the barrel’s bottom.

  8. No, I think what Bloomberg is saying is, all blacks are stupid and therefore belong with the Democrats; a black could only win acceptance in the GOP if the party lowers the bar.