May 6, 2014

“Meet the White, Male Leftist Professors Who Kept a Black Woman from Speaking at Rutgers”

Here. I’ll let Bryan Preston do all the work on that account.   While I note, simply as an aside, that those who are most vocal in flagellating themselves over things like “white privilege” are always presuming to exert influence over those who simply don’t buy into the notion of white privilege.  Or against, in this case, those whose “group identity” carries with it a left-liberal, victim-sanctioned master narrative that they refute, either through their beliefs or the circumstances of their lives.

What we have here is another sanctimonious, pseudo-intellectual douchenozzle who pretends to champion all sort of people whom he tacitly believes cannot possibly exist comfortably without his intellectual and political guidance. And anyone who steps out of that paradigm and challenges the master narratives is to be labeled a heretic and shouted down.

This is what passes for intellectualism in the current academy.  Where the socio-cultural value of the Otherness of Snooki is appreciated and indeed, can be celebrated (to the tune of $32 K), while the heretical behavior of those who’ve wandered off the plantation requires a good beat down from the white masters who simply abhor the refusal of such creatures to recognize their own social disabilities, caused by a white privilege they refuse to accept as real.

And white leftists simply must punish those who take away from them their ability to ostentatiously bemoan their own privilege and peddle their cultural guilt in a most glorious show of self love camouflaged as self hate.

Up is down. Black is white.  Amos is Andrew.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:11am

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  1. Snookie “only” got 32 thousand, Jeff.

  2. I was adjusting for QE III

  3. Looks like higher education has mastered the art of brain washing.

    Ms Rice is everything Hillary wishes she were. An incredibly intelligent, accomplished woman that succeeded on her own merits. Those proffs are terrified exposure to someone like her could undo years of indoctrination.

  4. Secretary Rice’s worst offense lately is not getting kicked off the Dropbox board of directors when it was demanded.

  5. Huh, and here I had thought her most serious offense was speaking, reading and writing Russian, on account of which she would not have made such a colossal gaffe of a mistranslated Reset Button, let alone falling for the absurd idea that the Russians have a peaceful relationship with the United States in mind.

  6. Why do these kids at Rutgers even get a say? They were all watching Sesame Street and coloring on the walls when Condi was running State.

  7. Because they know that not liking Mexican food is racist, and so is waving the American flag on Sinkful of Mayo.

  8. Well then! When you put it like that . . .

  9. Krystal Ball doubles down on controversial new theory of what Animal Farm is about. Just think, she could have been in Congress.

  10. ““I know that Orwell’s novel was an allegory of Soviet communism. But to fixate on ‘Snowball is Trotsky’ and ‘Napoleon is Stalin’ is to miss the real profundity of the story. At its heart Animal Farm is about tyranny and the likelihood of those in power to abuse that power. It’s quite clear that tendency is not only found in the Soviet communist experience. In fact, if you read Animal Farm today it seems to warn not of some now non-existent communist threat, but of the power concentrated in the hands of the wealthy elites and corporations.””

    Krystal Ball like tryin’ to be deep and you probably wouldn’t understand anyway stupid.

  11. “. . . if you read Animal Farm today, it seems to warn . . . ”

    Orwell, says Krystal Ball gravely, didn’t mean what he meant: he meant what I, Krystal, mean.

  12. So Krystal is making a rather Orwellian claim about a book written by Orwell?

  13. She might aspire to being Orwellian but I think the term sophomoric fits her better. Clueless easily manipulated chump fits her pretty well too.

  14. Here’s the radical woman who helped ensure that Condi Rice did not come to Rutgers: Deepa Kumar, Associate prof. of Media Studies and expert of Islamaphobia.

    Jihadis on campus.

  15. What’s that phrase running amok these days, “Check your privilege!”? Looks like all sorts of matters, matters far beyond mere privilege among the privileged are under scrutiny without meaningful scrutiny.

    Checks and balances? Who needs ’em when the fascists take the reins? A better balance, after all, is always the promise where the fascist totalitarians are on the march. They’ll be deciding what gets “checked” out from now on, and what is ignored altogether.

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