April 29, 2014

“Anti-Gun Juan Williams: My Wife Wanted a Gun After Carjacking”

What’s that old line about liberals turning conservative after being mugged by reality? Newsmax:

Fox News contributor Juan Williams, who recently declared that America should be “gun-free,” has revealed that after his wife was recently robbed of her car she said, “I wish I had a gun.”

Williams told “The Lars Larson Show” on Monday that the robbery occurred when his wife, Delise, “went to the gas station” to fill up her car, according to Breitbart.com.

“While she’s trying to put the credit card in, some guy rushes by her, gets in the car and drives off with the damn car,” Williams said, adding that his wife then said, “I wish I had a gun.”

Larson, who hosts the conservative radio talk show, reacted by saying, “God bless Mrs. Juan Williams,” and added that her husband should buy her a gun “at the next opportunity.”

To borrow from a noted “spiritual advisor” to an “historic” President, “America’s anti-constitutionalist leftist pablum … is coming home to roost!”

Or maybe it’s America’s chickens, I forget. Either way, when they start attacking you and trying to steal your shit, nothing disabuses them of the wisdom of such an endeavor like a few well-placed rounds to the torso.

Mrs Williams, it would seem, has had just such an epiphany.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:50am

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  1. Quibble: The act described was not a “carjacking”, and she was not “robbed of her car”. Those terms refer to taking someone’s car by force.

    It sounds like she left the key in the ignition and he just plain stole it from her.

    That out of the way, the Williamses are only halfway there. They recognize that they can use firearms to protect their lives and property, but might think that because of their social status, they can qualify for whatever permits the state government requires. They’ll have made it to the finish line when they also recognize this is true of the overwhelming majority of people. So long as you’re an adult, not a convicted felon, nor subject to some sort of order placing you under another’s guardianship, (you’re eligible to vote) you ought to be presumed competent to possess firearms.

  2. Come on in, Juan. The water is warm.

    We are *all* neo-conservatives in some way.

  3. dad always made sure mom’s car had a full tank

    she had to learn how to pump gas after he died so my brother took her and showed her

  4. One might reasonably suspect that ol’ neighbor Juan has it in for his wife when he tells tales out of school like this. At least — if I were her — I’d give it a thought or two.

  5. If Mrs. Williams were to ventilate a perp fleeing with her ride, I wonder if Juan would misconstrue Stand Your Ground in her defence?

  6. Just so.

    Investigating Officer: “So, he was driving away?”

    Mrs. Williams: “Yes.”

    IO: “And you took this recession of the automobile to constitute a threat to your life?”

    Mrs. Williams: “Uh.”

  7. exactly sdferr, not exactly head banging on the concrete here.

    No wonder “liberals” think it will be the “wild west” with more liberal carry laws if they think this is what constitutes a justified use of deadly force.

    Now threatening Juan for shooting off his mouth on TV. . .

  8. “Have you ever had to be a woman walking home alone in this neighborhood?”

  9. Had she one…chances are it would have been riding down the street along with the rest of the stuff in her car.

  10. Remove gun from holster. Shoot at car tire or radiator. Watch car either stop as villain freaks out and flees, or watch perp drive off even faster. Report stolen car may have bullet holes visible in the hood.

    Go to jail. Racist.

  11. also do not leave your keys in the car when you not in it

  12. “Now we know the Obama White House’s chief concern about the Benghazi attack was making sure that President Obama looked good,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement

    – Yeah. Knock me over with a feather. Quell surprise bunky. Is there anyone left alive that doesn’t know what a piece of lying shit this administration, its Progressive Communist party, and its little waffle eared king are by now?

  13. – As has been said numerous times before. Find out what his kinglynesses black ass was doing those eight hours and you’ll know whats behind the coverup.

  14. My hopes for a decent hearing of the Benghazi incident died a swift death at the news that the information was in the clumsy hands of Judicial Watch.

  15. If his wife had a gun then the thief would have that too.

    Or else the gun would be at home locked up with the bullets locked in a safe in another room.

    She meant, I wish I had a loaded gun in my hand at the moment of pumping gas, an impossibility, vigilant with a gun while pumping, keys in ignition. She is silly woman and he a silly man. Juan does not get any airtime in this household. Juan’s face *click* just that fast. No chance for sound to come out his always open gaping maw.

  16. maybe she should have sprayed him with gasoline. match optional.

  17. Oh, sorry, she had only got to the credit card swipe. Maybe a Ninja throw of the credit card straight to the carotid artery.

  18. America should be “gun-free,”

    That would be jake with me if nobody — not criminals, not cops, not the IRS, not the EPA, not the National Guard — had guns. If only our military, abiding strictly by Posse Comitatus, had firearms.

    Also a side of unicorns and skittles.

  19. also do not leave your keys in the car when you not in it

    That was my first thought. I always take the keys out of the ignition before I get out, because duh, and I don’t live in an area where I’m likely to get my car stolen.

  20. the complete and thorough fascist corruption of the military is only a matter of time

    tick tock

    you heard them squeal like little piggy whores at the thread of a teensy sequester haircut

    they got them some entitlement issues what rival those of any failshit corrupt institution in or out of government

    and that is what you call a warning sign

  21. at the *threat* of a teensy sequester haircut I mean

  22. I think my car makes a noise if I leave the keys in

    I haven’t tested this in awhile and I let my friend f borrow my car today so I can’t go down and experiment, so this is just conjecture

  23. Remove gun from holster. Shoot at car tire or radiator. Watch car either stop as villain freaks out and flees, or watch perp drive off even faster. Report stolen car may have bullet holes visible in the hood.

    I’m not shooting at my own damn car. Besides, at that point, so long as I’m not injured in the attempt, the police will consider it a “property crime” and tell me to go take it up with my insurance agency.

  24. – Just another VRWC against the half black-assed savior.

  25. Has Juan seen the video of the woman in Houston who pulled a rifle out of a truck and shot a man who was swinging a knife at her?

    She drove away and got rounded up by police later, mostly for driving away and not reporting it.


    The guy’s family accused her of murder saying that the knife wielder wasn’t dangerous, was old, wouldn’t have hurt her, and was soft in the head.

    Juan could learn a hell of a lot about virtually ALL aspects of the gun control debate from that video.


    1. Both woman and assailant were black. She was young and he was old(58)
    2. The rifle was not an AR or AK or other scary “AW”
    3. People made excuses for the sexually aggressive guy who pulled a knife and grabbed her.
    4. The woman did not trust the police, did not report the shooting, and tried to just drive away.
    5. Nobody was helping her or the knife wielder at the gas station. They just watched.
    6. She warned him and he lunged at her with the knife and she dodged and then shot him.
    6. The woman KNEW that a rifle would end a fight and had one on hand in her trunk, and went for it when threatened. She warned him before firing on him. She was looking after herself knowing no one else would.

  26. Was the woman in Houston a “white black” like George Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic?”

    ‘Cause I think if Obama had a grandfather…

  27. Can I rent a time machine to send these people back to see what it was like when there were no guns?

  28. Double six. Is that a yahtzee or just box cars? I ran out of sevens.

  29. “Can I rent a time machine to send these people back to see what it was like when there were no guns?”

    Chapter 1: Stick beats fist. Rock beats stick. Stone ax/club beats rock. Spear beats ax/club. Lance beats spear. Dart equals lance. Arrow beats dart.

    Chapter 2: Bronze beats rock.

    Chapter 3: Iron might beat bronze. Armor like greaves, helm, and trefoil breast plate covers some easy kill shots. Shields are in. Cavalry beats chariots. Spears still a big deal. Arrows and lances rock.

    chapter 4: Steel takes over. Armor gets serious. Arrows still the shit. Light armor defeated by falchion. Chopping swords, thrusting swords, and hybrids all vie to displace axe.

    Chapter 5: Crossbows beat bows mostly by being easy to learn to use. Big armor defeated by the flanged mace. OMG, HALBERDS!Bills! Spear and ax had a baby!

    Chapter 6: Early muzzle loading tube guns. Early mortars.

    Chapter 7: Reliable muzzle loading portable tube guns.

    Chapter 8: Rifling, and manual action breach loaders.

    Chapter 9: Repeaters.

    Chapter 10: Ghost rifles with lasers on the bottom and shoulder things that go up. Drones. Sarah Palin campaign cross hairs.

  30. RE: Chapter 3, Yes I know about the ancient Dendra Panoply, and the Chinese having ranks equipped with ,long range arc-ing belly crossbows in AD 100, and the Greeks and Romans having their own version called a gastraphetes in 380 BC, and that I have not covered artillery the king of the battlefield or stone walls and such.

    I’m SORRY!

  31. That is a very good run down of military advances.

    In self defense, money (to buy the best weapons), strength (to wield them with force), and training/intelligence (to wield them effectively), rule until the advent of small, easy to use, relatively inexpensive firearms which is usually expressed now as “God created man, Sam Colt made them equal.”

  32. If you removed all guns from the equation, the young, strong, and numerous would once again lord over the old, weak, and few.

    Much like it is now in “gun free” inner cities.

  33. i bought a bushmaster on sunday for $800. firing .223/5.56. while crossing the allegheny river on a bridge someone bumped me and it landed in the river.
    que sera sera

  34. So what if the feds think your gun is a cheap tawdry POS but they really want the rail kit, the exotic stock, and expensive eotech sight you mounted on it?

    What then? Can they only impound/confiscate the coolest parts of your gun for public safety or do they have to take the crap bits too?

  35. allegheny fish – “from my cold dead fins”

  36. So many guns in the water that we need the gun manufacturers to create a rivers and lakes clean up superfund.

  37. Hey NR, Maetenloch is quoting Vaclev Havel over on Ace of Spuds tonight.

  38. oh good the axelrod proggtards explained

  39. what a fucking asshole that baracky.

    >Having encountered many setbacks, President Havel lived with a spirit of hope, which he defined as “the ability to work for something because it is good, not just because it stands a chance to succeed.” <


  40. >A persistent and never-ending appeal to the laws – not just to the
    laws concerning human rights, but to all laws – does not mean at all
    that those who do so have succumbed to the illusion that in our
    system the law is anything other than what it is. They are well aware
    of the role it plays. But precisely because they know how desperately
    the system depends on it – on the ‘noble’ version of the law,
    that is – they also know how enormously significant such appeals
    are. Because the system cannot do without the law, because it is
    hopelessly tied down by the necessity of pretending the laws are
    observed, it is compelled to react in some way to such appeals.
    Demanding that the laws be upheld is thus an act of living within the
    truth that threatens the whole mendacious structure at its point of
    maximum mendacity. Over and over again, such appeals make the
    purely ritualistic nature of the law clear to society and to those who
    inhabit its power structures. They draw attention to its real material
    substance and thus, indirectly, compel all those who take refuge
    behind the law to affirm and make credible this agency of excuses,
    this means of communication, this reinforcement of the social
    arteries outside of which their will could not be made to circulate
    through society. They are compelled to do so for the sake of their
    own consciences, for the impression they make on outsiders, to
    maintain themselves in power (as part of the system’s own mechanism
    of self-preservation and its principles of cohesion), or simply
    out of fear that they will be reproached for being ‘clumsy’ in
    handling the ritual. They have no other choice: because they cannot
    discard the rules of their own game, they can only attend more
    carefully to those rules. Not to react to challenges means to undermine
    their own excuse and lose control of their mutual communications
    system. To assume that the laws are a mere facade, that
    they have no validity and that therefore it is pointless to appeal to
    them would mean to go on reinforcing those aspects of the law that
    create the facade and the ritual. It would mean confirming the law
    as an aspect of the world of appearances and enabling those who
    exploit it to rest easy with the cheapest (and therefore the most
    mendacious) form of their excuse.

    @Havel page 76

  41. I’d like to assert that arrows, even at this late date, are still the shit.