April 19, 2014

CA Gov Jerry Brown’s ‘prison realignment’ racks up more victims [Darleen Click]

Here’s just another example in the long line of “non-violent offenders” being released from state prison under AB109.

A man on probation as a “non-violent offender” under California’s prison realignment program has been charged with kidnapping, raping, and torturing a 16-year-old girl in South Los Angeles, and detectives suspect he may be connected to three other recent murders.

Robert L. Ranson, 30, was arrested in late March after the girl escaped from a U-Haul van in an alley near Imperial Highway and New Hampshire Ave., according to police and booking records.

The girl was covered in gasoline and said her attacker, later identified as Ranson, had tied her hands and taped her mouth, and was trying to light her on fire when she ran away, naked. […]

Now, LAPD detectives are looking for evidence that could link Ranson to the murders of two women and a child.

On March 2nd the body of a 19-year-old woman was found near 93rd St. and Grand Ave. She had been tied-up and set on fire.

On March 5th, 28-year-old Grisella Yauli and her 1-year-old son were found dead after a house fire on E. 50th St. Yauli had been tied up and her mouth was taped shut. […]

He was considered a non-violent offender because his most recent prison term was for possession of a firearm by a felon.

Ranson had previously served time for two carjackings and an assault with a firearm, prison officials said.

Yet Californians are poised to re-elect Moonbeam.


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  1. Unexpectedly!

    Yeah, don’t start by releasing the dorks in prison for possession of a joint, Jer. Start with the baddies. Good plan.

  2. mojo

    No one – NO ONE – for years & years has gone to state prison for (1) being an addict (2) possession of drugs for personal use

    State prison is for the most serious felonies – plus 2nd & 3rd strikers.

  3. see, that’s the problem… the release program is sending just the bad instead of the worse to county lock-up. And since it is tens of thousands that have to be released, a lot of violent convicts & sex offenders have been released under this based ONLY on the last conviction, not on the totality of their often long rap sheets.

  4. It’s society’s fault. These people you brand criminals are the true victims.

  5. geoffb

    I knew about those guys, but don’t know if they are specifically under the AB109 release program.

    We track those people in a separate category (“county prison”)

    There are early releases due to good-time credits under regular state prison rules.

  6. Still they were well monitored, not, and likely wouldn’t have been out if there was space.

  7. geoffb

    yep … Moonbeam is all about spending billions & billions on a not-so-high-speed train to/from nowhere rather than on prisons (or even housing prisoners out-of-state).

    Feudalism is the new black in California

  8. State prison is for the most serious felonies – plus 2nd & 3rd strikers.

    In other words, those people who back in more civilized times would have likely gone straight to the gallows…

  9. eCur … we can’t even get the most egregious of murderers on death row executed.

  10. Perhaps Canada can rent one of its uninhabited islands in the Yukon for a prison colony.

    Oh wait… ice bridges in the winter.

    Wait again… hungry polar bears.

    Never mind.

  11. At what point does the Joker’s comment come into play in California – “Decent people shouldn’t live here. They’d be happier someplace else.”

    It’s possible that so much of the California voter base is made up of the family and friends of “non-violent” felons that it’s a net gain at the voting booth for Moonbeam to set them all free. The small population of the law-abiding middle class left in California to be beaten, robbed and raped probably don’t make up enough of a voting block to be worth pandering to anymore. Moonbeam and his collaborators no doubt live in well-protected gated enclaves and get chauffeured from government office to fundraiser so incarcerating murderers and rapists is of little import to them.

  12. Assuming that the prison system, in a left run state especially, is there to protect the citizens from those who would harm them is a bad assumption. It does have several purposes, but that is not one except as fallout from one or more of its actual reasons for existing.

  13. not a single illiterate union slut prison guard lost a job over this I bet

  14. Nowhere else has the regulatory state raped society more vigorously and often than the justice system in California.

    Your common gang banger killer in prison has a better health care plan than anyone in the private work sector. Free college. Basically criminals in the state system have it better than active duty military, and don’t even have to pull guard duty or paint rocks.

    It’s really quite beyond me why Sherriff Arpaio hasn’t been tasked to design the nations prison system.

    I also like the idea of collars that explode when they stray too far from a designated area.

    A major problem of course, is when you have a police state with so many police to keep busy, and so many laws that you can’t hardly have enough police. Tends to put the prison guard union in a pretty strong position, especially when you reach a percentage of the population behind bars (or at least in the system) that would impress Stalin.

  15. Somewhat related, I’m sure that Moonbeam is looking into how things are done in Chicago.


    After he let’s all of the felons out of prison, he can just have the police pretend that no one is breaking any laws.