April 17, 2014

Next plank in “environmental” social engineering movement is being laid

And who better to throw out this particular trial balloon than Think Progress. “Why Air Pollution Is A Racial Issue“:

A study produced by the University of Minnesota concluded that race is a determining factor in who is most affected by air pollution. Specifically, non-white people breathe air that is substantially more polluted than the air that white people breathe.

According to Julian Marshall, who led the University’s research, race outweighed income in regards to who is most affected by poor air quality. When low-income white people were compared to high-income Hispanic people, the latter group experienced higher levels of nitrogen dioxide. Altogether, people of color in the U.S. breath air with 38 percent more nitrogen dioxide in it than their white counterparts, particularly due to power plants and exhaust from vehicles.

“We were quite surprised to find such a large disparity between whites and nonwhites related to air pollution,” Marshall told the Minnesota Post. “Especially the fact that this difference is throughout the U.S., even in cities and states in the Midwest.”

Some other evidence has also pointed to disproportionately high levels of air pollution in low-income and non-white communities. A 2012 study conducted by Yale University researchers revealed that “potentially dangerous compounds such as vanadium, nitrates and zinc” exist in locations with high concentrations of people of color, including African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. Unfortunately, people of color contribute the least amount of air pollutants, despite being the most heavily impacted by them.


Air pollution is not the only health issue that race factors into, as public health is riddled with racial implications on a broader level. Racial bias plays a role in doctor-patient interactions, and some groups, namely African-Americans, live with chronic diseases stemming from racial discrimination.

Leave it to the left to come up with such a preposterous unified theory of racism, but hey, they are who they are and they do what they do.  So it’s really not surprising that they want us now to believe global warming, disproportionately caused by whites, is a racist plot.

But that aside, let’s see if we can figure out what’s going on here:  Even assuming the air quality data accumulated is the result of whites stealing the better, cleaner air from people of color — this includes low-income whites, who connive in some racist manner to get better air than high-income Hispanics, eg., a result that cannot possibly be accounted for by way of other variables (like, for instance, choice of living space, genetics, geographical locale, etc., vocation, an outsized love of spray paint, etc) — or that the health care data has nothing to do with ability to pay, insurance, lifestyle choices, or other factors, but is rather decisively proof that racism is rampant in both the private health care field and the very geographical layout of the United States (both of which, I’m just going to say candidly, is one of the single stupidest things I’ve ever read), the question the left wants us to consider is what can “we” (read: government) do about this rampant racist violation of civil rights?

I noted here some time back that the feds under Obama, specifically via HUD, were tracking neighborhood “diversity” with an eye toward “fixing” the “problem” of segregated neighborhoods through some future social engineering policies that would most likely look to create neighborhood quotas based on race. And now it’s clear how they plan to do this:  by appealing to  “public safety” (air quality among minorities is worse than air quality in places where air-stealing whites are coughing out their poisonous CO2) and a more pristine “environment.”  Call it “air-quality inequality,” have Nancy Pelosi (and Colin Powell) declare it almost certainly racist, and run with it!

Add to that the throwaway bit about the racism of health care providers — who, I take it, are going to be forced to take on a certain percentage of patients “of color” in order to end the institutionalized racism that causes, say, sickle cell, or heart disease in higher numbers among blacks — and we have essentially the rationale for a “civil right” to use racial quotas and demand that doctors, in order to obtain licenses, agree to just such a government mandate.

Forget the fact that social engineering created the kind of low-income, racially-divided housing projects that have been a blight on so many “liberal” cities.  Because that was then, and shut up, racists!  Now, the progressives are again the “civil rights” champions who will fix what they started out in good conscience to do — create a safe, affordable space for people of color — that it turns out has been a failure precisely because of the racism they now find embedded in global warming. Which they are alone willing to fight.

Back in 2007, I wrote that the Obama presidency would set race relations back 50 years, if not more.   Because far from a uniter, Obama has always been a hard-core leftist and agitator, a polished-up version of the race and poverty pimps who pretend to champion the little people while enriching themselves by sowing divisions. His entire past — at least, what we could gather from it — told us who he was.  All we had to do was open our eyes and not fear the inevitable cries of “racism” that to this day, after his two popular vote wins as President, are still thrown out should anyone dare to question him on policy.  As if his policies are themselves “of color,” rather than part of a all-encompassing ideology that embraces racialism in order to exploit it.

Pointing this out was, naturally, “unhelpful” at the time — after all, Obama was just a garden variety Democrat and a Good Man who wanted what was best for the country, and besides, he was HISTORIC, and we couldn’t be seen as being hostile to HISTORICITY — but now it’s apparently cool to do so.  Though the chances you’re reading about it here rather than from one of the many many many many big right sites that marginalized me for saying then what they are finally saying now, are sadly quite slim.

Lick your finger and follow the winds!  Only then will you be taken seriously as a political commentator.  Or at least, land some cushy gig.

Or, you can do what I did:  tell the fucking truth and live with the fucking consequences.  Which is a bunch of knives in your back.  None of which were able to kill me.  Because I’m hard like that.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:15am

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  1. here’s where i think the figures come from. from what i remember, minorities largely live in the cities…where the pollution is worst. you figure that compared to all of the rural whites and all of a sudden the numbers add up to a conspiracy to poison minorities.

  2. this thinking could also lead to democrat run cities being the ones poisoning minorities. NYC, Chicago, etc.

  3. These poor people should go back to the clean air of their home countries before Amerikkka kills them all.

  4. This is Environmental Justice, what Van Jones has been pushing for years. Blair’s Law in action.

    Maybe they could also do a study on why tornadoes always hit trailer parks, I’m sure there’s some Economic Justice angle on that.

  5. LIbby, it may not be Economic Justice, but Settled Science on the tornado-trailer park thing.

  6. this thinking could also lead to democrat run cities being the ones poisoning minorities. NYC, Chicago, etc.

    I love this angle. I may need to call my buddy over at U of M and see if they’ll fund a study showing the correlation between pollution and voting patterns. We can title the paper something like, “Does air pollution cause people to choose Democrats, or do Democrats choose to poison their communities?”

  7. No, no, no, DarthLevin! There must be some sort of racism or 1%’er conspiracy to kill poor people to blame! The Koch Bros. must have funded that study….

  8. I keep waiting for the preference cascade to kick in. You know, the one where the utter absurdity of it all provokes people to say, “Oh now come ON!”

    But it never happens. Cuz that warm water is awfully cozy before it begins to boil.

  9. Some dozen or so years back this effort began with ‘studies’ focusing on the location of chemical plants, crude-oil refineries and the like in places such as Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Elizabeth NJ, and on down the list. Maybe that sort of demagoguery was laying this groundwork, but I don’t know for lack of precise memory. However that may be, it didn’t seem to stick back then, but is perhaps ripe for this revival?

  10. Air pollution hates the poor and minorities. Who knew?

  11. This latest race front, opened by the same inhuman leftists who embrace Margaret Sanger’s designed-for-black-race-reduction nuanced eugenics pogrom, the Official Sacrament of the Democratic Party, abortion? Unthinking and demented they must be, that they can so blatantly play this hand.

    Obviously they know their prey.

  12. We need a new federal law prohibiting non-whites from moving into any of those areas with higher-than-average pollution.

  13. This is battlespace prep for the upcoming election.

    From now until November, we’ll be hearing racial issue after racial issue, when we’re not hearing about the war on (young, unmarried) women.

    The Democrats have nothing else to run on, apart from destroying the country in order to save it.

  14. – “Racism”, is there no social problem it can’t explain?