April 8, 2014

This is not capitalism. Nor is it liberty.

In fact, it’s the beginnings of an attempt to bring communism (which as I’ve noted before always leaves itself a ruling class intact, so it “stalls” at the liberal fascist stage) to the American mainstream.  And it is absolutely, 100%, morally corrupt — a move by way of political interference to turn into a legitimate “civil right” confiscating “the means of production” from those who own them over to those who do not.

Want to run a company in the US?  Well, then you’re going to have to do as the unions tell you to.  Or at least tithe them.

Just like the framers intended!  Although, intentionalism and clown noses, etc., so take that line with a grain of salt.

Bottom line:  to fight union leadership IS to fight the Democratic Party, and today’s Democratic Party, through its progressive base, IS committed to Marxism / socialism / Leninism / etc.RealClearPolicy.  And at least 4 progressive SCOTUS Justices made that quite obvious in their latest dissent against first amendment protections, which they’d grant to corporations that have editorial boards (like news services) and unions, but whom they would deny to the types of corporate entities that don’t necessarily give the Democrats an electoral advantage.

But that’s just me digressing.  Here you go:

Richard Griffin, the new general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, wants to give unions a veto over a unionized employer’s decision to relocate. If Griffin has his way, and he most assuredly will, some unionized businesses will be pinned in place at the discretion of their unions.

The change Griffin is contemplating is unnecessary and inconsistent with both the law and the dynamics of our free-enterprise system. It will upset the balance mandated by the Supreme Court and should send a chill up the spine of unionized companies contemplating relocating an operation.

Griffin’s intent was disclosed in a memorandum he sent the agency’s regional directors ordering them not to act on cases presenting issues “of concern” to him — and there were many such issues — without receiving guidance from his office. Griffin’s guidance will be to order an employer to be prosecuted not on the basis of what the law is but on the law as Griffin would like it to be. This will give the board an opportunity to change the law (though the change will be prospective — the employer who is prosecuted will not be punished for violating the new rule).

Under current law, it is perfectly legal for a unionized employer to relocate some or all of its facilities and eliminate bargaining-unit work if the move is motivated by economic gain — not by a desire to retaliate against employees for their union activities and support. A desire to escape the consequences of unionization, particularly high labor costs, is considered an independent, innocent motivation, not an unlawful one. Big Labor loathes this law; Griffin intends to help unions nullify it.

Under longstanding NLRB law, a unionized employer is not required to bargain with the union over a relocation decision that is motivated by labor-cost savings if the employer determines that bargaining would be futile — that the union could not offer labor-cost savings that could change its decision. Unions can contest the employer’s decision, but they have no right to participate in it or otherwise delay it absent a court order enjoining it.

Griffin intends to change this law by making bargaining mandatory. He will argue, as did a former board member whose views he cites, that mandatory bargaining is a modest change in the law that fulfills the National Labor Relations Act’s central purpose of promoting collective bargaining. Why deprive the union of the opportunity to explore or influence an employer’s relocation decision when labor costs, an area over which the union exercises some authority, are a motivating factor?

The question begets its answer: Because the goal of collective bargaining is labor peace. The board promotes collective bargaining not in the abstract but only when the subject of the proposed discussion is “amenable to resolution through the bargaining process” (as the board and the courts have put it). Requiring bargaining with the union over a work-relocation decision that will eliminate the union when one party to the bargaining process — the party that has done the math — knows that it will be futile, invites delay and conflict, not labor peace. One would have to be living on another planet not to know that the union will be tempted to abuse the bargaining process with endless requests for information, and even take the opportunity to foment workplace discord, to convince the employer to remain in place or simply to exact a price for its move.

— All of which kind of shakedown tactics are at the heart and soul of the “community organizer” movements that are promoted by (coincidentally!) always very well-compensated “progressives.”

Hell, if things go sour for Sharpton on the racialism front, he should just have his buddy Barack declare the Senate in recess, then appoint him to the NLRB.  He’d not only fit right in, but he can probably show some of these white bread thugs a thing or two about more “grassroots” level “activism.”

(h/t geoff B)


Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:26am

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  1. Got a union already? Then they own your company de facto if not de jure [hi GM].

    Don’t have a union? Even your employees don’t want one? Don’t worry, by hook or by crook you will get one that owns you too.

    Assimilation to the collective is to be mandatory. Welcome, welcome all.

  2. if you have to join a union you get all fat and stupid and your kids get fat and stupid too

    i hope to God this never happens to me

    or you

  3. Keep hitting those cupcakes, and you’ll be two for two.

  4. cupcakes are a sometimes food Mr. Squid

  5. As I mentioned on Twitter this morning:


  6. if you have to join a union you get all fat and stupid and your kids get fat and stupid too

    I’m in a union. My option is to quit my job and find another in the highest unemployment state in the nation.

    At least I don’t have to suck a dick.

  7. Richard Griffin needs a patriot to visit his kneecaps, union style.

  8. you’re in Rhode Island huh?

    Rhode Island is poor and kind of god bless them dreary

    at least Providence is

    I think if I moved there i would just end up getting drunk after work at Local 121 like all the time to where they’d be like hey that’s our pickachu he’s a regular

    they make tasty fishes

    I want to go back someday though to see for when they set the river on fire

    but I’ll for sure drive and make it part of a more bigger rhode island trip not fly cause it’s not really a “weekender” kind of town

    also btw I went to the bar at the biltmore

    the white trash sports bar with slovenly waitstaff

    i was less than charmed thanks for axing

  9. also I liekd the hill place with all the fancy italian

    w went to one and had tasty punkin martinie

    the other one we weren’t dressed for, and the one we ended up at made me take off my ballcap

    I was kind of charmed by that

    but there were a lot of legislative assistant types there, and they need to feel like they’re in a place what is in fitting with the images they have of themselves

    so i was glad to oblige

  10. *liked*

    *we* went


    i have a surfeit of canned punkin here btw cause of I was all up into mastering the punkin martini when i got back but now I think I’m just gonna make punkin butter

    my punkin martinis are always a tad bitter – I’m thinking maybe in future I’ll add a lil agave

    plus punkin martinis take cream or half n half and honestly nobody needs those kind of gratuitous fat grams in their martinis


    I don’t care who you are

  11. my favorite part of providence honestly was going to see the hurricane gates what saved the city from the ravagings of hurplecane sandy

    very very cool

    and that bohemian hippy neighborhood over that way begs for some more exploration, even if it’s mostly just college trash

    there were some wine bars there in particular that looked like a fun Sunday afternoon

    in Spring

  12. NOBODY I don’t care who you are

    fat fascist

  13. Pablo says April 8, 2014 at 7:35 pm

    If somebody were to run for office on that platform he’d get my vote. And probably nobody else’s, but still…

  14. “punkin martinis take cream or half n half and honestly nobody needs those kind of gratuitous fat grams”

    Haven’t you heard the latest SCIENCE!? Dairy is in, carbs are out.

    Of course, if you are drinking anything like a punkin martini with cream in it, your problems are way more deep seated than any diet concerns.

    Just suck a dick and get it over with.

  15. OT, but the Mozilla dustup isn’t over. Shouldn’t be over until there’s an exploration of our new constraints, and push back against the imposition of these new constrictions on speech and faith-driven beliefs these leftist bastards impose. (Even if one is not of faith, those who are could use the help..it’s not like they are taking rulers to your hands if you don’t. )

    This from a new-ish push back organization called “Faith Driven Consumer”..

    According to pro-gay advocates, it’s theoretically acceptable for companies like Mozilla to hire Christians as long as they are never permitted to assume leadership roles. The same people who claim to support equal treatment for everyone want to deny access to employment opportunities based on personal convictions – in effect a new “glass ceiling” for a faith-driven worldview. 

    Faith Driven Consumer reached out to Mozilla to clarify what their policy is toward faith-driven employees, asking them to respond to three specific questions:

    1. Will faith-driven employees be discriminated against and forced into the closet for their personal views on marriage?

    2. Is there a “pro gay marriage” litmus test for working at Mozilla?

    3. Will the next CEO be required to openly express support for gay marriage as a condition for being hired?

    No linky because email. If you’re interested, g00gle it. Chris Stone, #OpenZilla

  16. And the left complains that jobs are going overseas. They ain’t seen nuthin yet.

  17. I sure am glad I have someone who visited Providence once to tell me what Rhode Island is like. This is an invaluable service.

  18. Is the rumor true that this Griffin fellow looks like Wesley Mouch?

  19. Pablo.
    It sure made an impression on the electric rodent. I suppose that’s a good thing.

  20. Pablo, I wonder why the radioactive rodent didn’t ask us to join him for punkin martinis.

  21. I might have dumped him in Foster, just for laughs.

  22. OT, but the Mozilla dustup isn’t over. Shouldn’t be over until there’s an exploration of our new constraints, and push back against the imposition of these new constrictions on speech and faith-driven beliefs these leftist bastards impose. (Even if one is not of faith, those who are could use the help..it’s not like they are taking rulers to your hands if you don’t. )

    Isn’t over is putting it mildly, on both sides of the coin. Take a gander at what the Breitbart site is doing today, for instance. But further, the totalitarian scum having now gained a victory over a single man will press again and again, and most likely with ever greater speed and frequency if they hold true to form. Peddling lies faster and ever faster (for them) is a key to success.

  23. All the Eich bashers out there, must disable their JavaScript , in order to be morally consistent with their stance that Eich is a wretched human being who shouldn’t be allowed to share the planet.

    It must be a real bitch to constantly apply a litmus test to each and every transaction in one’s life. Me, I know fascism when I see it.

  24. Anyone in need of extra commas, help yourself from the above.

  25. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of commas. My heavens, it all looks so good, I don’t know where to start! :)

  26. you are welcome Mr. Pablo

  27. “Of course, if you are drinking anything like a punkin martini with cream in it, your problems are way more deep seated than any diet concerns.
    Just suck a dick and get it over with”

    I don’t think it’s a gay thing so much as a revolting and misguided foodie nerd thing. It’s like those sauceless pizzas on the wrong crust (bread really)with the blandest random meat in the world (say organic river perch) and they don’t even get the crust very round so it looks more”hand made” to someone (who doesn’t know how to spin pizza dough with their hands).

    Or maybe it’s more like a retro-80’s Caribbean Fusion pineapple-based chili with coconut and seared mahi-mahi on a bed of jicama slaw sort of thing.

  28. Or maybe it’s like deep fried Australian ground lamb and “bleu” cheese rye donuts with sauteéd green onions and crushed pine nuts on top.

  29. Making a concoction of random ingredients and pouring it into an outsized martini shaped glass does not make that drink a martini.

  30. Tsartini -> Vodka, Vermouth, and the blood of a Romanov spilled in revolution

    Gartini -> Gin, Vermouth, and a sharp tooth from a predatory lake fish.

    Hollywood Startini -> Gin, Vodka, Rum, Everclear, Vermouth, MD 20/20, More Rum, Tequila, Orange Schnapps, mixed in an SUV smashing into a concrete barrier and drunk with your shirt pulled up and your skirt pulled down. Chased with a beer and two minutes of dry heaving, and optionally a short ride on the old horse to feel better if the veins are popping up easy.

  31. GWARtini -> the front man of a band in a sci-fi fright mask will put something that looks awful in a glass and you either drink it without asking any questions, or you are a total wuss.

  32. Punkins belong in pies. Gin belongs in martinis.
    Maybe give the vermouth a dirty look as you pour the gin.
    An olive or a cocktail onion as a garnish. I you’re feeling especially feminine you can put an olive with roquefort cheese in it.
    Drinking is too serious an undertaking to put doilies on it.

  33. I’ll pass on the fartini, thanks.

  34. The fartini is all bark and no bite. It’s gin, vermouth, seltzer for bubbles, and a sprig of broccoli.

    A chartini is gin, vermouth, an onion, and is traditionally garnished with a 22 oz grilled aged porter house. But you can do a 12 oz T-bone if you don’t mind the bar glaring at you and shaking their heads.

  35. The escarg-tini has a buttered roasted snail in it. You drink it while wearing a novelty button that says “I’m probably the biggest asshole in this bar” on it. The bar tender is allowed to throw stuff at you while you drink it. Mostly peanuts.

  36. If you add a fly to some gin and vermouth and serve it with a sprig of Quotile that would be a Yartini. That’s an Atari 2600 joke.

    A Tartini is nonpotable to human beings and smells bad if you burn it..

  37. If your bartender stirs a martini with the stump of his finger lost to frostbite then it becomes a scartini.

  38. If there were a gin made in Belgium called Chien de Guerre then a martini made with it would be a Dog of Wartini.

  39. Colonel Gaddafi’s favorite mixed drink was the Muammartini.

  40. And from our sub-continental friends comes the curry flecked, with olives overflowing, Mahatmatini.

  41. Now I understand that Breitbart-California poster better.

  42. 0:05 – How did it feel to sell your soul to Nancy Pelosi, sir?

    0:07 – Quite the jokester, aren’t you?

    0:08 – I am, sir. But can you answer my question, sir?

    0:17 – Better (garbled) than Koch Brothers.

    Nine seconds, walking away, to come up with that.

    God bless America.

  43. Greta Garbled, yum.

  44. That hillbilly Arab is quite the fossil fuel lover then, whether iron-ores go better with coke or not: at least he wouldn’t sell his soul to Bashar Assad, right?

  45. Say, take a look at what President IWonPenPhone’s most favorite foreign leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan — his bestest buddy of all the bestest buddy incipient dictators out there in the world — plans to do. Kinda makes a lot of sense when we think about the resonance with IWonPenPhone’s view of American power, or like Osama Bin Laden put it, people like to go with what they perceive as the strong horse when they’re picking races.

  46. And that’s Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi pinch-hitting for Farouk I of Egypt, for those of you keeping score at home.

  47. and if one poured gin over my nethers, is the result a teeniepenitini?

  48. Yeah, that looks like the thread winner to me.