April 8, 2014

In case you hadn’t heard —

Yes, Al Sharpton is a race-hustling street thug who over the years has polished himself up and turned himself into a race-hustling street thug with political influence, and who has managed to secure White House visits and his own show on MSNBC, where reason goes to die, but not before it’s held down and forcibly tongue raped by both leftist propagandists, but also by “center-right” Republicans like Joe Scarborough (who you’ll recall spoke at the NR conference on the future of conservatism, almost as if the organizers believed Scarborough was really conservative, a mistake that is very difficult to make once you hear the little douche talk for more than 10 minutes).

But it turns out that while Sharpton was perfecting his race-hustling street thug bombast, he was also in bed with some pretty shady customers — the New York Mafia crime families, to be more exact — and that, caught up in a drug sting [h/t JTT], he naturally did what people like him do:   he turned state’s evidence and became an FBI snitch (a position for which, now that it has come glaringly to light, Sharpton believes he should be praised for, claiming that as a budding, race-hustling street thug, he actually went to the FBI on his own and volunteered his services to help take down a Mafia crime boss.  Which, given Sharpton’s history of embracing law enforcement and acting in the interest of the Greater Good rather than on his own behalf, is entirely plausible.   If you happen to be of the type who would follow or embrace a race-hustling street thug-turned-race-hustling street thug with political influence, a record of tax evasion, a history of White House visits, and his own show on MSNBC.

Which, it turns out, must include the likes of our very own President and Attorney General, both of whom have given support to Sharpton’s organizations — with Obama slated to keynote yet another Sharpton “convention” (read: fundraiser), the proceeds from which never go to the Reverend Al, but rather are used for the social good that comes from overt leftism, with its confiscatory taxes, its reliance on an enslaved client welfare state, and its tactic of leveling consistently phony charges of racism against anyone who disagrees with progressive policies, which in turn makes “diversity” so appealing to so many!

Now, what I’m hearing is this dual and incoherent spin:  Sharpton acted for the public good.  Plus, it’s outrageous to tar the President and Attorney General with guilt by association.  Which is odd, because to believe the first argument, the second argument would actually mean that the President and Attorney General are being tied not to associated guilt, but associated public goodness.

That aside though, here’s the thing:  Sharpton is a tax cheat and a race hustling street thug who has a history of inciting violence, and a history of not terribly well-hidden anti-white, anti-Jew bigotry.  And now, he has a history of getting caught dealing with the mob, then being turned as an FBI informant rather than wreck a lucrative career as a race hustlings street thug with a history of inciting violence, evading taxes, creating permanent welfare clients, and hating on Whitey and the Jews.  Which should be enough to keep political figures with any integrity from dealing with him.

But I guess once you’re in bed with Bill Ayers, Ms Dohrne, Palestinian terrorist front men, and the Muslim Brotherhood, doing a solid for the Reverend Al, much like sitting in the pews listening to the Reverend Wright spew his bile, is just another opportunity to convince the plantation slaves you pretend to champion (even as they are being hurt most by your policies, unless by “helped” one means converted to permanent dependency status) that you’ve got their best interests in mind.   When all the while what you’re doing is playing the poor dumb useful idiots, just like the Reverend Al and people like Ayers and others have spent a lifetime playing useful idiots in order to achieve their own ends.

Next up, Obama should go give a speech to the vibrant politically active students at Vassar.  Just to stick his thumb in our eye yet again.  And maybe as a conciliatory nod to Iran’s President, whose choice of UN envoy was just denied VISA status by the Senate.

After all, Barack OMommyJeans is H to the I to the P, and nothing is more edgy and “political” these days than flirting with the kind of anti-semitism so prevalent among the white nationalist neo-Nazi groups we’re told are all big supporters of the “right wing.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:03am

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  1. Now that he’s been outed, maybe his FBI handlers should put him in WITSEC. He’d have to change his appearance though. I hear Fred Phelps’ face is available.

  2. Just what we need: Sharpton as a martyr. We can name a fucking bridge after him.

    — Though if we do, whites shouldn’t be allowed to cross it.

  3. Especially not in Oldsmobiles.

  4. From the Contempt is as Contempt Does files, IWonPenPhone’s Injustice-in-Chief shows us how it’s done: Don’t Ever Think That.

    See, The Injustice-in-Chief alone knows what others should think.

  5. Oooh, Super Al…
    You’re gonna make your fortune by and by
    But if you lose, don’t ask no questions why
    The only game you know is rat or die

  6. Even better, let them build a new bridge to name after Al, and don’t let any whites be involved in building it.