April 2, 2014

Obama declares health care debate over

So we can add that to the list of things our King has decreed, to include:

1) the debate over global warming is over.  Refusal to acknowledge the left’s funded science as fact marks you as an earth rapist and denier.  Many Republicans, including Chris Christie, agree with this.

2) the debate over health care is over.  If you don’t believe that ObamaCare is the answer, you’re against basic health care for all and wish them to die.  Many Republicans have accepted this as fact, and will work not to repeal ObamaCare, but to tweak it so that it runs more effectively.  Luckily, none are affected by the law, having been exempted.

3) the debate over illegal immigration is over.  We must have comprehensive immigration reform, and Obama has a pen and a phone should racist xenophobes stand in the way of his remaking of the electorate.  Jeb Bush and the GOP leadership all agree with him.

4) the debate over school choice is over.  There will be no vouchers so long as Obama is President.

5) the debate over first amendment protections for religious belief is over.  As an employer, you are required to provide abortifacients, even if your religion disallows such things.  Suck it up.  And tell God that there’s a new deity in town, and his name is Barack Obama.

6) the debate over subsidies for green energy is over.  That’s where the money is going, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

7) the debate over the limits of presidential authority is over.  The president is a King when he needs to be a King.  All he needs is a phone, a pen, and a GOP leadership too timid to take him on.

8) the debate over the income inequality is over.  It’s a bad thing.  Homogeneity is the only acceptable outcome.  Radical egalitarianism is to be the wave of the future.  Well, except for ruling class.

— and I’ll add this one of my own:

9) the debate over who the worst president in US history is is over.  But then, racism.  So, you know.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:50am

Comments (11)

  1. One of the facts being lost on many is that the state of being “signed up” for something does not always equate to receiving anything.
    Yes, the King has decreed that 7M+ souls are signed up for “affordable care”. “Affordable” and “care” are both relative terms. It will remain to be seen and likely misreported if anyone is on the receiving end of anything affordable enough to care about.

  2. Nothing to add–perfect list.

  3. Doesn’t anybody remember anything anymore? Obama’s declarations are modeled on yippie street theater shit that leftists used 35 years ago. Same old absurd shit, now with AUTHORITY.


  4. Clearly the debate over debate is over….

  5. July 1940: Hitler Declares War Over. “Who doesn’t want a united Europe? I don’t get it.

  6. Well, there is one thing we frogs can still debate: “Is it 210 degrees or 211 degrees in this pot of water?”

  7. #BanBossy

  8. The debate over bacon is over. All of it is now mine. Hand it over and nobody gets hurt.

  9. i think the debate over baracky’s stupid is over

  10. Wow…7.1 million new suits for the Emperor.

  11. When I read Mau-Mauing the Flack Catchers, I didn’t think it was an instruction manual, I thought it was more of a repudiation of 60s community organizing. I guess I was wrong on that; but I recall that Mau-Mauing went out of business because it did not work to improve those it claimed to represent, once businesses learned how to use Flack Catchers to neutralize it.