March 28, 2014

CA state senator Leland Yee – suspended and sent home with $90,000 [Darleen Click]

CAflag_Linas_Garsys_smlBecause we can’t really punish a Democrat now, can we? Oh yeah, the other two Democrat criminals (but I repeat myself) got the same treatment.

The California state Senate suspended three Democratic lawmakers on Friday who have been the subject of criminal probes, including Leland Yee, who was arrested this week in an FBI sweep on corruption and gun trafficking charges.

The Senate voted 28-1 to suspend the three, all of whom have been charged with or convicted of criminal wrongdoing in separate cases, in a move that further erodes what had once been a Democratic two-thirds super-majority in the Senate.

“An affirmative suspension puts this house on formal record that we unequivocally distance ourselves and the senate from the unfathomable allegations contained in the Yee indictment as well as the other case,” California Senate Democratic leader Darrell Steinberg said during the meeting.

The suspensions with pay, the first in state history from the senate, deal a major blow to Democrats in an election year as they seek to use large majorities in both houses of the state legislature and all statewide offices to push through key projects. A spokesman for Steinberg said the suspensions would take effect immediately.

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  1. proggtardia news is delightful

  2. and the crooks are so insightful

  3. the msm says: let it go, let it go, let it go

  4. Darleen, do you know if he had a cash bond of $500K or did he secure it with property?

    I hope it was cash.

  5. I hope California taxes that $90K to slivers. Or he loses it on a baccarat table in Las Vegas. Undeserved taxpayer monies, his loss of would be wonderfully karmic.

  6. – …and also because the “slants” by Asian feminists (pun intended) on imaginary racism just seems to go on endlessly (or until the grant money runs out).

    – I just want the closet organizer franchise for that group. The strawmen they collect are legion.

  7. leigh

    no idea .. but considering the charges against him, I bet all his accounts are frozen.

    I’m thinking some bailsbond guy is going to make a tidy profit on Yee.

  8. I hope they confiscated his passport.

  9. Greetings:

    As I am still serving my deportation to the San Francisco Bay area, I would like to offer a somewhat alternative perspective to this unprecedented historical event.

    I think the the California State Senate should put itself in for the Diversity of Multicultural Diverseness Award for 2014. When a state senate recognizes that diversity is for all and for ever by ejecting (even with green parachutes and hardly prematurely) one each Latino, Negro, and Asiatic and then puts a cherry has this progressively Progressive ice cream sundae by having it trumpeted by its practicing sexual dysfunction head-person, well, there you go.

  10. $90,000? Well hey, no one washes a rental car before they return it.

  11. The suspensions with pay, the first in state history from the senate, deal a major blow to Democrats in an election year

    Pish posh. This lousy state is blue through and through with a few tiny red pimples. The public unions own Sacramento and our voters are too foolish to want anything else.

  12. Suspension, with pay?
    Isn’t that, like, a vacation?
    So, he gets a paid vacation for being “arrested this week in an FBI sweep on corruption and gun trafficking charges.”

  13. So what we have here is organized grime with foreign ties in the largest most powerful state getting elected officials in local and state government to do things by paying their campaign debts.

    Wow. We REALLY ARE fucked.

  14. Keep in mind that the California legislature was claiming, prior to Jerry Brown’s win in 2012, that angry voters were like terrorists holding politicians seats hostage and preventing them from doing what they thought was best for Californians.