March 27, 2014

[alleged] Pederast Harry Reid caught funneling campaign funds to granddaughter [Darleen Click] UPDATED

Our government is run by top men. Top.Men.

Nothing to see. Move along.

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) plans to reimburse his campaign more than $16,000 for purchasing holiday gifts from his granddaughter’s jewelry business.

The Federal Election Commission sent Reid’s campaign a letter last week asking it to provide more information about payments listed as “holiday gifts” on its 2013 year-end campaign finance report. The filing lists two payments in October 2013 to “Ryan Elisabeth” totaling $16,786.93.

A Reid aide confirmed that “Ryan Elisabeth” is the name of a company owned by his granddaughter Ryan Elisabeth Reid. The aide described the gifts as trinkets — coasters, picture frames, jewelry — valued at about $50 each. The aide said they were distributed to a large number of supporters and staff members.




Feb 26, 2014 Harry Reid, on the Senate floor, calls all ObamaCare horror stories “Lies” “Untruths” “Made up out of whole cloth.”
March 26, 2014 Harry Reid, on the Senate floor, claims he never called ObamaCare horror stories “Lies”

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  1. The US could use an army of Jan Helfelds to expose the likes of Harry Reid and his nasty brethren.

  2. Obviously, all of government is theater

    It looks like the National Science Foundation has been handing out grants for some unorthodox research projects, according to House Republicans.

    This includes $700,000 in funding for a climate change musical.

  3. Everything that comes out of that “ashen pie-hole” (thank you Dennis Miller for that apt locution) is a lie calculated in increase said [alleged] pederast’s power. Everything. It is long past time that the GOP should have dropped the charade of comity and called it for what it is.

    That they haven’t speaks volumes.