March 26, 2014

“Reid Defends Obamacare Delay: ‘People Are Not Educated about How to use the Internet'”

Like, for instance, those who put together the Obamacare site, you mean? Or is that just too easy a one liner?

Reid, looking down upon the little peoples:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is at it again in his strident defense of Obamacare.

Attempting to excuse the Obama Administration’s latest delay of the sign-up deadline, Reid blamed Americans who, in the 21st century, still don’t know what this Internet thing is all about.

It is one of life’s monstrous ironies that we’ve turned over a government based around the idea of consent of the governed to cynical, craven, power-mad people who hold those they govern in such obvious contempt. We’ve gone from a government of virtue and the citizen legislator right back to a kind of entrenched inbred aristocracy.

It doesn’t have to be that way, of course. And yet.

To borrow from the late Kurt Vonnegut: “So it goes. So it goes.”

Until it doesn’t.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:54am

Comments (12)

  1. I’d like some ome reporter to ask Harry Reid what URL, DNS or SSL are acronyms for.

  2. I like kakistocracy or some variant of that, simply because it’s so much closer to the truth. And too, it explains the contempt in a way, since (the kakoi know) what people would put the lowly like of rat-bastards such as themselves in power? Well, people rightly to be held in contempt, people truly astonishingly stupid.

  3. But, everyone with a story about the ACA causing more harm than good is lying. Did they not know that old people sometimes have trouble with the “internet” when they wrote this law and the software or is this more of that dreaded finding out whats in it?

  4. As someone who is conversant with the internet and web sites, there is absolutely no way I will ever put my information into the Obamacare web site. Unless, of course, I want my identity stolen, along with bank account information, etc.

  5. “I’d like some ome reporter to ask Harry Reid what URL, DNS or SSL are acronyms for.”

    I’m sure that last one is Social Security something or other. Oh, and that one in the middle is Department of National Socialism. Everybody knows that one!

  6. I believe the correct term is knuckleheads Harry.

  7. 1. Unplug Rush Limbaugh.
    2. Democracy Needs Socialism.
    3. Social Security Lawoftheland.

    What do I win?

  8. 1st prize you get to take Michelle Obama to the restaurant of her choice on your dime.

    2nd prize you get to take Michelle and her mother.

  9. Oh, so they’re picking lies someone like me (help desk analyst) might believe?

    While I think most people can’t be trusted with anything more complex than a pocket calculator, I think Reid’s making lame excuses. Again.

    Maybe he should shriek about the Koch Brothers again.

  10. Michelle Obama’s mother is a heinous bitch I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly spend time with her

    maybe she cooks something or other?

  11. Hey, Harry? Fuck you.

  12. The Senator declines.

    Because your age has too many digits.