March 25, 2014

“Jeb Bush Praises Illegals as ‘Risk Takers,’ Finds a Common Core Ally in Hillary Clinton”

Well, isn’t that a good thing, this alliance between “center-rightest” Jeb Bush and radical leftist Hillary Clinton? I mean, it’s what the American people want, right? Compromise? Comity? Common ground among the parties? I know this because the GOP establishment and mental giants like Colin Powell and Nancy Pelosi keep telling me so!

And no, it doesn’t really matter what the compromise is. Or if the comity we’re supposed to be pining for comes at the price of surrendering principles (see, eg., Roberts, John, ruling on Obamacare) in exchange for a pat on the back and a modest decrease in the timbre of the vitriol consistently heaped upon you as a constitutional fetishist or purist. Because the American people evidently are more interested in avoiding confrontation than they are concerned about losing liberty, and it is the job of the modern-day GOP to remind us that the era of Reagan is over, that big government statism is here to stay, and that they can happily live and work with reasonable Democrats under such circumstances (and most every Democrat is more reasonable than the teatards who daily give John Boehner’s tan a new wrinkle, and add a stress fold to Mitch McConnell’s neck flaps) — and even thrive, as more solicitous and efficient overseers of a liberal fascist Utopian state, maintained with handouts, cheap labor for cronies, and incestuous inside-the-Beltway corporatism.


CNS News:

Jeb Bush, former Florida governor and possible contender in the 2016 presidential election, said that immigrants capture the entrepreneurial spirit of America and “people who come here – legally and illegally – are risk takers.”

“If you’re living in a rural area of Guatemala and you come, you’re a bigger risk taker than those who stay,” Bush said, adding, “Legal immigration, based on the needs for our country, should be easier than illegal immigration.”

He made the remarks Friday while speaking to approximately 900 business leaders at a Broward County breakfast workshop.

But that’s not all: The (soon to be Ann Coulter favorite) Bush brother is also a fan of Common Core:

Bush hasn’t announced if he plans to run for President and didn’t comment on the topic. However, his warm embrace of these two controversial topics will not win him friends on the conservative right.

Bush doesn’t seem to mind. “I was the kind of the ‘Eat Your Broccoli’ Governor,” Bush said, pointing out that his policies haven’t always been sweet.

Eat your broccoli, eat your peas. You say Progressive Democrat, I say Establishment Republican…

While conservatives disagree with Bush on Common Core education, it turns out the former Florida governor has an unlikely ally: Hillary Clinton. She spoke yesterday about the “need to increase access to quality education, including through community colleges or vocational schools” at an education conference organized by Jeb Bush, Politico reported:

Clinton praised Bush as someone “who really focused on education during his time as governor in Florida, and who has continued that work with passion and dedication in the years since.”

Well, nothing speaks more to your conservative, non-statist, constitutionalist bona fides than finding common ground with Hillary Clinton!

But let me just say this: if you’re going to try to bullshit your way through your support for cheap labor, instead of going with the kneejerk beatification of the exotic other — here, illegals are “risk takers” — at least think the position through a bit. Because by Bush’s standards, we should probably be celebrating the nobility of the shop lifter, the embezzler, the car thief, and the drug trafficker, all of whom are, like the brave illegals who dodge our thuggish border patrol fascists, “risk takers” when it comes to working around the rigid constraints of law. That is, they’re less criminal than they are unconventionally entrepreneurial.

And yet this is one of the polished turds we’re going to be told we need to get behind in 2016.

Yeah. Gonna pass, I think. Which is of course just the same as casting a vote for whatever Democrat receives the nomination, because blah blah blah lesser of two evils blah blah tax cuts blah blah only way to reform some things the Democrats have done, etc.

My preemptive answer to which is this: oh at long last, do shut the fuck up, would you?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:37pm

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  1. Who in their right mind would take the word of a clawing skeeve the like of Hillary Clinton for what constitutes a “quality education” when she is proud to be an acolyte of Saul Alinsky? Someone, I reckon, who would eat a pile of shit Clinton had dumped on a piece of toast, simply because she tells him it’s nutritious shit.

  2. More disgusting weak sauce from Republican legislators.

  3. who the fuck asked Jeb Bush for his opinion?


  4. The guy who walks into a bank wearing a mask and wielding a gun is a risk taker. But whatever you do, don’t call his activity illegal!

  5. The creep in an old van enticing third-graders with candy is taking a risk…

  6. An undocumented grant/withdrawal

  7. Bush-Clinton 2016? get me a bucket, i’m gonna puke….

  8. I teach U.S. History at a surburban Southern California high school. We are 80%+ Hispanic, and 80%+ free or reduced lunch. We have been training for Common Core for two years now. A couple of weeks ago at a training we were told that content no longer mattered, only skills. If we spent the whole year on the American Revolution, but taught the skills, that was fine. I was the only one in the room who complained. We were also told not to expect state standards for History for at least six to seven years. Last year a different consultant told me not to grade for punctuation, spelling or grammar. I complained loudly and longly. The consultant went to my principal, and I was called on the carpet for my poor attitude.

    Common Core is going to be a total clusterfuck. The test that California is using to assess Common Core requires the students to take a six hour computerized test. We ran a practice to test the computer labs and the kids were off task in less than 2 hours.

  9. Gotta go with feets on this one. We’ve had the best of the Bush family. Now lets give some people without political connections a chance.

  10. I think this particular bit of Hispandering is not for Jeb, but rather for his son, who has higher political ambitions. Think of it as a RINO Establican version of Bill Richardson.