March 25, 2014

“College Students Fail to Name a Single U.S. Senator”

I’m not sure if this is the impact of an educational paradigm that has completely dumbed down potentially fertile minds by way of filling them with bumperstickerish liberal pablum, or — alternately — an encouraging sign that such an attempt at “re-education” by the campus Marxist cabal is being met with perfunctory and superficial compliance, and then its content immediately forgotten.

Students are so turned off by national politics that they refuse even to allow ancillary factoids about its operations drift over their mental transoms.  Similarly, they’ve been so poorly informed about the very structure of constitutional republicanism and the workings of their own government that they haven’t a clue how government works — and as a result, don’t seem much to care.

Some may be quick to bemoan this state of affairs. Me, I see it as an opportunity for an engaged and motivated liberty movement to take root where right now sits only bindweed and the loosest of intellect mulch.

No wonder both parties are so keen on killing the TEA Party. Having missed their chance to abort it, they’re now trying to strangle it in its crib.

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update: more from neo-neocon.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:21am

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  1. College Students Fail to Name a Single U.S. Senator

    If they had said Larry, Curly and Moe, they would have been about right.

  2. The ones who leave with their bachelors are reachable and in voting tend toward conservative. But for those moving on to advanced degrees the leftist skew maps hyperbolic.

    Owing their souls to the government store will have an effect, but just what it will be is not yet evident. They may cling bitterly to their government god or they may transform themselves into liberty lovers after seeing the sludge at the bottom of the liberal shaft.

  3. Our public schools, abetted by corrupt and venal teachers unions, are producing generations of corpulent, lazy & entitled economic/historical ignoramuses empowered with immense, misplaced self-esteem, but who couldn’t buy a clue with the proceeds of a PowerBall lottery.
    Though fully indoctrinated in feminist, environmental, racial and heterosexual propaganda, most college graduates are ignorant about politics or global current events. They are reflexively progressive, because they’ve been taught by their almost exclusively liberal faculty that it’s correct, cool or hip to unquestioningly embrace every facet leftist ideology.
    Even if a Reagan arose today and appealed to our better natures as citizens of a “shining city on a hill that serves as a beacon of freedom for the world”, I doubt that the younger generations would respond since they’ve been taught since grade school that America is a racist, fascist, sexist, evil nation that is the cause, not the solution, to most of the problems facing humanity across the globe.

  4. It appears we are in the death throes as a society and culture, indulging in banal spectacles that celebrate trendy
    trivialities and ignore the erosion of our once proud national character. The Founders must view with disgust and revulsion our squandering of the greatness and unique genius of the unparalleled inheritance they risked “their lives, their fortunes and sacred honors” to provide for succeeding generations.

  5. Don’t we have to wonder whether these empty skulls of mush would find the actual order of constitutional republicanism an inordinately beautiful thing, an eminently lovable thing, should they ever happen to encounter it? Somehow, I suspect that they would do, hence the necessity that they be prevented from ever doing that.

  6. They know what they know and will tell you, sorta.

  7. hence the necessity that they be prevented from ever doing that.

    How nail. Much hit. Very head.

  8. You would think John Stewart would be a little help here.

  9. I think John is edging into the Appeals to Young Marrieds territory and away from the Yute category.

    DINKs with college degrees and a cat, who are reluctant to admit they are becoming their folks, are his audience now.

  10. And this is why I don’t believe in automatic citizenship for Americans.

    Instead, if you were born here, you get granted a sort of “permanent resident” status until undergoing the same testing procedures and ceremonies that legal immigrants do before being granted citizenship.

    (Note that I am NOT advocating some sort of Starship Troopers scenario, but instead working to promote a better sense of civics, as well as weeding out the ignorant and apathetic. Wins all around, if you ask me…)

  11. “students” would seem to be a misnomer

    “retards” would be more apt

  12. “students” would seem to be a misnomer

    Hence the old joke “Q: How many students are there at Ohio State University? A: About one in a hundred.”