March 22, 2014

The Fiddler [Darleen Click]


Russians seize last major Ukrainian base in Crimea.

Posted by Darleen @ 4:05pm

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  1. Bravissimo!

    Nero doesn’t fiddle while Rome burns, he’s played like a violin.

  2. Thanks, di, feel free to pass it around.

  3. You misspelled it: it’s diddled, not fiddled.

  4. No, Red, alleged pederast Harry Reid diddles – allegedly, although he has yet to deny the charge.

    Also: The fictional character known as ‘Barack Hussein Obama’* piddles in his Mom Jeans when Vlad The Assailer does something.

    ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ is a fictional character
    created by David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett,
    Bill Ayers, Barry Soetero, etc…

  5. heh, that’s funny art Darleen. Though for my part I see Putin playing Pres. IWonPenPhone more like a squeezbox than a sturdy wooden string.

  6. food stamp looks like he’s wound a lil tight

    i thought he was gonna be more flexible

  7. Bravo, Darleen! That’s very good.

  8. Stanley’s got a squeeze box
    Daddy’s in Kenya sleeping with his other wife.

  9. “the fiddler on the goof”

  10. Nice! You nailed Putin’s expressive face, without even a hint of anger; just a man working with methodical precision. Barry’s too scared to even grimace.

    Unfortunately for all of US, he’s mightily outclassed.

  11. Serr8d is spot-on: you did capture the Putin/Russian Tyrant face near-perfectly – bravo, Darleen.

  12. I’d like to see it go viral. Kudos Dar.

  13. The Obama effect hurts business even in China [again].

  14. the little gay russian man fiddles food stamp like a bitch

    it’s very sad

  15. Why is he ‘gay’, ‘feets?

    You getting a tingle?

  16. you so stupid sometimes Mr. serr8d i make a poopy on your head

  17. puty be gay ’cause he acts like some fags that zombie photos. upsetting petit bourgeoisie sensibilities

  18. plus also he likes young boys

  19. no that be harry reid

  20. Putin isn’t gay. He has two small children with a rather hot young lady who was formerly a gymnast. He and the missus have lived separate lives for some time since their daughters were grown.

    Meanwhile, Obama golfs away from cameras with his true love Reggie.

  21. i would like to see the dna test results please

  22. >upsetting proggtardpetit bourgeoisie sensibilities

  23. depressing that “western civ.” is all gay all the time

  24. I don’t think Obama and Reggie have any babies, happy. I can’t help there.

    I want to see DNA tests on the first spawn, though.

  25. mucho dinero champagne que es mejor

  26. Heh. ‘feets, you drop the ”she – he – it’s gay’ bomb so very often, about a very wide range of personages, places or things, I’m thinking you’re projecting like Linda Blair did the vomits.

  27. Dinero, todos.

  28. do not

  29. for twitters: if you #banbossy aren’t you banning the proggtard agenda?

  30. for example neither warren buffett or his jizz-splattered whore secretary are particularly gay I don’t think

  31. >for example neither warren buffett or his jizz-splattered whore secretary are particularly gay I don’t think <

    i use 'gay' as a 6th grade perjorative. because gays and lbgtxyz are really gay.

  32. attack the proggtard’s slime with: denigratory. heads explode.

  33. Heh. Linda Blairesque nonetheless.

  34. Face it, ‘feets, you’re fist-deep in teh ghey cultures. Mirable dicktu.

  35. i face nuffingk

  36. Cheerful, uplifting story of the day: Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals

    Renewable energy!

  37. It’s Auschwitz all over again.

  38. Automated molk offerings without the clay vessels to hold the ashes.

  39. From Pablo’s link:

    The programme, which will air tonight, found that parents who lose children in early pregnancy were often treated without compassion and were not consulted about what they wanted to happen to the remains.

    A culture of death.