March 20, 2014

Slaughterhouse 4

Sometimes I think we have a difficult time putting into perspective that the Holocaust took place less than 80-years ago — or that Stalin, or Mao, or Pol Pot, or some other totalitarian despot was busy putting people to death in some organized fashion in the not so distant past.

Obama’s friend from the neighborhood, Bill Ayers, once discussed the necessity of having to kill, say, 25 million Americans who refused to go along with his idea of fundamental transformation, and today, in China and North Korea, political killings are still fairly standard practice. In the case of parts of Africa, I assume there are horrors the likes of which we will never know their true extent.

Which is why I always find it funny that the leftists, who invariably are behind these social experiments in genocide and cultural reorganization, project their behavior onto the “Christian right” or some other designation for people of the Judeo-Christian faith, who are the progeny of the founders of our country — a country whose founding and seminal assumption is natural law, the very thing that gives weight to the primacy of the individual and the idea of true tolerance.

Right now, what’s left of the “freedom fighters” we were supposed to get behind in Syria — at least, I think that’s what John McCain told me they were (though I may be confusing that with his legitimating of the Muslim Brotherhood) — are running their own human slaughterhouses, offering sacrifices in the name of their brand of Muslim radicalism, killing Christians and certain Muslims who don’t adhere to their brand, Al Qaeda’s brand, of pan-Arabia and the subjugation of the world to Islam.

This is happening today, in the age of iPhones, 3-D TV, and other technological marvels. And it’s being carried out by people who want control, who want to take us back to pre-industrial times.

So the idea that it can’t happen here at some point? Well, to borrow from the academics, that’s a mere epistemological bias that may be subject to some concentrated paradigm shift.

Hold on to that second amendment, people. It’s the final firewall.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 5:29pm

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  1. John McCain is more or less an increasingly irrelevant cowardly piece of shit I think

    I suppose he’s useful as an example of a particularly egregious cowardly piece of shit of the kind that Americans are all to prone to elect to office

    but mostly he just needs to fuck off and die

  2. all *too* prone I mean

  3. No doubt…it is coming. The problem is who starts the fight?

  4. 50 years for Pol Pot.

    20 years for Rwanda.

    The Middle East, it’s been ongoing since the British Empire collapsed.

  5. SGTTed, I think it has been going on for many many centuries, Mohammed simply rebranded Mesopotamian rituals of genocide and domination.

  6. Assad puts Stalin’s Holodomor starvation policy to work on isolated neighborhoods around Damascus. It’s quieter than his other methods like the barrel bombs for the children of Aleppo or Homs. Either way though, it’s killing coming or going in the Syrian abbatoir. French imperialism never looked so welcoming as it does today.

  7. Remember how the Arab people were all oppressed and shit when the Brits were in charge and how all that was going to change as soon as they GTFO?

    Guess not.

  8. Oppression by European white guys is, like, double secret oppression. And that makes it worse.

    Because whiteness.

  9. Greetings:

    Ah, yes, the good Senator McCain (R-Arizona) who today took time out from his busy current schedule of leading Ukraine into the grasp of the EUtocracy to ridicule the sanctions Mother Russia’s President Putin’s had had placed on him. It’s nice to see a leading Senator who doesn’t let the loss of Crimea take the wind out of his sailing on sailor sails.

  10. Yes, but always remember: Islam is a “Religion of Peace.”(TM)

  11. well in this case pieces. how about some liver with that kebab?

  12. Hold on to that second amendment, people. It’s the final firewall.

    “My excellent colleagues have forgotten these bitter lessons of history. The prospect of tyranny may not grab the headlines the way vivid stories of gun crime routinely do. But few saw the Third Reich coming until it was too late. The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed — where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.”

    – Judge Alex Kozinski in his dissent to the Ninth Circuit’s denial of review in Silveira v. Lockyer

  13. Speaking of the Senator’s spawn, Dana Loesch puts the smack down on lil fatty Megan.

  14. Meanwhile the Russians revert to form.

  15. russian “orthodoxy” looks like iran

  16. We’re not even clear on the full extent of the last slaughterhouses. Beck is hosting this film on his subscription site, The Soviet Story, which shows how closely the USSR cooperated with Hitler during the Holocaust, how they continued the same thing after defeating the Nazis (including targeting Jews and performing awful medical experiments), and how most of it has been covered up, despite what we already know.

    Turns out that the European and American Marxists of 100 years ago had a problem with Hitler not because he killed people but because he killed using the wrong criteria. Hitler used ethnicity when he was supposed to be using class. Granted, Jews got targeted in the Soviet Union as well for being bankers and capitalists, but then so did other ethnicities for being too far behind the arc of history — too primitive to catch up to the New Soviet Man. Such as the Finns.

    Also, the film shows how the Gestapo and NKVD cooperated tightly in the early murderous campaigns until Hitler attacked Russia. Stalin supplied Hitler with a lot of his killing machinery during the pact years.

    And in recent years, a resurgence of National Socialism in Russia has occurred, with them posting snuff films of them killing people with guns and throat slashing, holding aloft swastika flags. Russia dismisses the films as American agitation.

    Beck points out that after the Soviet Union collapsed, there were no Nuremberg trials, because the USSR was unrepentant. The Soviet torturers and other war criminals got medals, not trials. Soviets were “allies” so they by definition cannot be war criminals — only Nazis are.

    Some people even theorize that the collapse was a global rope-a-dope effort, but I figure it actually did collapse under its own weight, and Putin is using our new trust in Russia as a rope-a-dope.

    The 20th-century was a far more evil time than I had before imagined. We hear about 20 million killed by the Soviets but we forget that the people were usually shot one by one in front of open pits, face-to-face with their murderers. The movie says that people like Kruschev, having fulfilled their “cleansing” quotas, went back and asked for more.

    All to clear the way for the New People, see. Broken eggs for the omelet.

    Don’t think they won’t do it again to “save the planet.”

  17. twitchy makes me itchy

    how is it different than those one weird trick sites really

  18. I’m watching a documentary by Daniel Goldhagen right now called “Worse Than War”. So far, 30 mins in, it’s very sturdy. In the main, his driving point is that people readily go in for committing genocide.

  19. i tried to watch a documentary last night called “knives over forks”

    it was retarded and i fell asleep

    I’m sure how i feel about genocide per se – it’s very bad – but lately i’m not really feeling other people’s problems, especially since i live in a brokedick failshit loser country with little or no ability or will to affect world events and such, and what has a VERY spotty record of such sorts of intervenings in the recent past – spotty meaning failmerica’s recent foreign adventures have been characterized by cowardice, ineffectuality, and ambivalence.

    My advice to people dealing with genocide is to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself you can’t expect anyone else to believe in you.

    You have to believe you can fly.

    Believe that you can touch the sky.

    Just think about it every night and day. Then spread your wings and fly away.

    Either that or you should try and ally yourself with the Russians. Those people know how to get shit done.

  20. >people readily go in for committing genocide<

    yep see original post

  21. >Those people know how to get shit done.<

    orthodoxy uber alles Deutschland über alles – German National Anthem

  22. Jeff, that’s a great post.

    Happy, to see you sitting up there as the first comment, if I didn’t know ‘how you are’, if I were a visitor, say, checking out Jeff’s posts for the first time, and my eyes strayed down to see what kind of comments he attracted, and if I didn’t know you were ‘special’ and ‘tolerated’ (to a degree), why, I’d be aghast! at the level of discourse here at pw, and would likely leave and never come back.

    You sure you’re not trained to act the way you do ?

  23. If his first comment didn’t prompt to, his last one certainly would.

  24. …since i live in a brokedick failshit loser country…

    Well, bye.

  25. At the bottom of this comment is a link to “The Soviet Story” [that dicentra’s comment above is about] on Youtube and instructions on how to change the subtitles to English though they are only needed for some parts of the film as most is in English.

  26. Turns out that the European and American Marxists of 100 years ago had a problem with Hitler not because he killed people but because he killed using the wrong criteria. Hitler used ethnicity when he was supposed to be using class.

    For them it was and is the middle class, the bourgeoisie that needed elimination.

    Now consider what we see happening today. All policies are designed to eliminate the middle class, the small businessman, the bourgeoisie. Not by physically killing them but by making their existence as a class impossible.

    Same result but a quieter, “kinder”, if somewhat slower method. But still in the end those nasty bourgeoisie are gone. Replaced, in the income scale, by Union workers and government functionaries. A more controllable bunch.

  27. And in Venezuela they are a few steps behind Syria but Maduro is moving the process along at a goodly pace.

    Maduro said Thursday in a lengthy speech to ruling party officials that the government would continue looking to identify and “neutralize” the country’s enemies.

    “Neofacism must be eradicated with laws, with the constitution, with consciousness, with values,” he said.


    Luis Vicente Leon, president of Caracas-based polling company Datanalisis, said the government’s recent moves were a step toward radicalizing the country’s political process.

    “Without a doubt (Maduro) has perceived that the protests are not going to stop so it’s best to simply confront them and deal with them harshly,” Leon said, adding that the opposition will likely find less room to maneuver because the government seeks to create a sense of fear that anyone even demonstrating peacefully could face danger.


    Venezuela’s National Assembly on Tuesday voted to start a process to strip opposition lawmaker Maria Corina Machado of her immunity so they could bring charges against her for allegedly trying to destabilize the government.

    Machado, a former presidential candidate, was expected to speak Friday at a meeting of the Organization of American States in Washington about the situation in Venezuela. Because the Venezuelan government controls the country’s seat at the organization, Panama has offered Machado its seat to make her presentation to the regional body.

  28. i disagree Mr. serr8d

    America would be way ahead of the game if comments like the first one appeared atop every thread what in any degree invoked the name of Meghan’s coward whore daddy I think

  29. Hold on to that second amendment, people. It’s the final firewall.

    It is the only thing that keeps our pols from going completely off the deep end.

  30. happyfeet says March 21, 2014 at 1:00 am

    …eight years ago.

    Barn door, meet absent horse.

  31. I stopped reading any comment with the electric yellow rat’s picture next to it a while back, and I’m not about to start again. Does he still post infantile potty-mouth twaddle? (Not that I expect any change.)

  32. – Judge Alex Kozinski in his dissent to the Ninth Circuit’s denial of review in Silveira v. Lockyer

    The following from that dissent (which, btw, was later validated by DC vs Heller) is most awesome and feels even more at home around here:

    Fortunately, the Framers were wise enough to entrench the
    right of the people to keep and bear arms within our constitutional structure. The purpose and importance of that right was
    still fresh in their minds, and they spelled it out clearly so it
    would not be forgotten. Despite the panel’s mighty struggle
    to erase these words, they remain, and the people themselves
    can read what they say plainly enough:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the
    security of a free State, the right of the people to
    keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    The sheer ponderousness of the panel’s opinion—the moun-
    tain of verbiage it must deploy to explain away these fourteen
    short words of constitutional text—refutes its thesis far more
    convincingly than anything I might say. The panel’s labored effort to smother the Second Amendment by sheer body
    weight has all the grace of a sumo wrestler trying to kill a rattlesnake by sitting on it—and is just as likely to succeed.

    SEK wept.

  33. hfeet posted?…damn my scroll wheel must be set on auto skip skippy function…

    I thought it was interesting how that there where several articles a couple weeks ago about the Christians and non-muzzies in Nigeria starting to retaliate against Boko Haram. The bent of the couple of articles I scanned where along the lines of complaining about the retaliation.
    Its just a damn shame that everyone cant be as ultra-tolerant as the modern progressives what like that UCSB ‘fesser Dr. Mireille Miller-Young.

  34. Oh yeh and on that “well regulated” insistence… I take that as get out an practice with your arms…pop off a few well aimed rounds. That and eat a lot of greens, one has to stay healthy to resist tyranny. Ima looking at you Jeff.

  35. Cold, hungry and in the dark. That’s what they want for us, while they sit in their monasteries. Warm and full, illuminating manuscripts of secret knowledge, and offering indulgence to the properly penitent and paid up.

  36. This is reminiscent of the OGPU’s Operation Trust turned up to 11.

    Carlota Gall of the New York Times describes what — if true — must be the biggest cover up in of all of the Obama administration’s checkered history. Her article is titled “What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden”. But it is really about what the Obama administration knew that Pakistan knew about Bin Laden. The answer, as far as she can tell is that Washington knows for a fact that Osama bin Laden was Pakistan’s creature. They know it was Pakistan — or factions within it — that ran the whole war on terror.

  37. ‘In such cases, can the president ”declare peace” with a country currently waging war against America?’

    In such cases, doesn’t it appear that President IWonPenPhone himself is waging war against America? How not? It was declared, after all.

  38. I think the thought process for genocide is about the same as for homicide, flawed and mostly lazy.

    I have watched numerous true crime shows (wow there is a whole channel now) and I am always amazed how the non-psychopathic (I assume) murderers can ever think that the best solution to their problem is to kill someone. Just multiply that to think like a Bill Ayers (actually I assume he is a psychopath).

  39. And if anyone believes that a Schlachthof Vier can’t happen in the good old US of A, I’d suggest that there is willful deafness and blindness going on. The abuse of power is a part of the human condition, see e.g. The Book of Genesis and all subsequent history.

  40. people readily go in for committing genocide

    It’s much easier than having to deal with their annoying Otherness.

    Also, Rush said this morning that Putin is gearing up to expand a bit past the Crimean peninsula: to Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

    Shoring up his allies, see.

    Which, damn. It was one thing for the Gochos to take on Maduro and his goons, even with some Cuban soldiers sprinkled in. It’s quite another when neo-Soviet support arrives on their shores.

  41. There are many links: global warming, for instance, as Limbaugh is expressing right now, is one among many reflected in the drive to be “cool”, which we can find in Gutfeld’s interview with Beck’s Blaze today. These base human motivations — vicious because thoughtless in the mass — tie together quite nicely, even unto mass murder. Beware the cool Malthusian for an ember of the spread of the death upon which they dwell.

  42. Well, there was a reason Kerry killed the Monroe Doctrine.

  43. Yeah. He’s a fucking idiot. Just like his predecessor. Just like his boss.

    We have an elite that lives in its own virtual-reality world circumscribed by a failed ideology, unable to learn from its past mistakes (or even to admit that they were mistakes) and condemned to repeat the same blunders again and again.


    “Just fifteen years ago America was the world’s only hyperpower. Now we’re flailing. You can’t simply lose that kind of power. You can only dumb it away.”

  44. bgbear says March 21, 2014 at 10:36 am

    Garden-variety murderers only think to Phase Two: Getting Away With It™, and if it’s not their first crime they think to it as “until the heat is off,” not taking into account that there is no statute of limitations on murder.

    Then there are the gangster types who kill to send a message to the living, in which case they count on people knowing and keeping their mouths shut lest it happen next to them.

    And not to be discounted are those who reasonably conclude that they and theirs are not safe while Person X lives. It’s not self-defense in the eyes of the law, but…

  45. I’ll take garden variety murderers for $300 Mr. McGehee

  46. In case you were wondering: Did Duke win?

    h/t @yesnicksearcy

  47. Nice site di…Duke has been on a roll of late…what with all the publicity of their first year paid in full pron actress. I dont want to call her a “star” per se…as that term is tossed around and abused rather loosely in that genre. From what I hear.

  48. There was a book or movie I failed to read/see called “Blood Simple,” about why first-time killers make stupid mistakes while trying to get away with it.

    Obviously the smart move is to skip the first murder and move on directly to the second.

  49. If you get away with your first genocide/democide, the subsequent ones probably go more smoothly.

  50. The U.S. military says it has been forced to cut back on its engagement with military and government officials in Latin America due to budget cuts.

    The U.S. military is a bad liar.

  51. i think the russians are tired of cabbage and want spicy dishes

  52. cabbage gets a bad wrap I think

    here is my new go-to coleslaw recipe it uses sriracha

    i only ever really make it for pulled pork sammiches, but it’s a great summer dish except for you have to like spicy foozle, which not everybody enjoys

    here is a helpful video for how to shred your cabbages in your food processor

  53. *rap* i mean

    a bad rap

  54. the battle for cabbage

  55. that for sure falls under the heading of “somebody else’s problem” I think

  56. You can make stuffed cabbage where you wrap a leaf around tasty fillings and cook it in a sauce.

  57. my sister was just saying about that

    she used ground beef and got a recipe off the internet and her bipolar piece of shit husband LOVED it

    I might try it with ground turkey or ground chicken

  58. i have a pot of this a persian friend of ours made and that’s my next project – it’s a persian rice that’s WAY easier to make than the saffron kind

    it’s particularly brilliant just with one those trader joes salmon patties and some steamed squashed, which is a good lunch to take to work, but it’s really versatile

  59. at aldi they had red cabbage w/apple which is ok

  60. oh. In that recipe they tell you about washing the rice a lot but this can’t be emphasized enough – that’s where almost the whole character of the rice comes from is my understanding. Just wash wash wash wash wash and you’ll be all good.

  61. “white washing” – microaggression

  62. The galloping squirts gourmets, indeed.

    What’s in that secret sauce?

  63. oh.

    “steamed squashed” was supposed to be “steamed squashes”

  64. If you can’t handle “micro-aggression” then you can’t handle life and should prepare to get mugged a lot.

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  68. “he’s uncommonly short and ridiculously homosexual though ”

    compared hussein?

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  70. puty putin, the orthodox catholic, is a threat to proggtardian west.

  71. Homosexuals that act like real men (outside the bedroom) are OK in my book.

  72. Hi-Yo, Escargot! Away!