March 15, 2014

Articles of impeachment ignored by the press [Darleen Click]


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  1. We still had a non-compliant Media in 1972.

    Now, if any network or reporter dares cross The Obama, s/he is ignored, mocked, sidelined. And that’s done internally; Barky doesn’t have to lift a finger.

  2. Some of it was the fact that the media wasn’t afraid to take out presidents. The other part of Nixon was that pesky little R after his name.

    This kinda crap has been going on longer than we think. Did anyone know that JFK was taking drugs and partying like a madman? Nope. But if JFK had been a Republican…

  3. Thinking seriously about impeachment is a nice sieve for separating lawyers from non-lawyers, is one takeaway.

  4. Impeachment should surely be in the cards.

    Too bad the Establicans are all pussies.

  5. Law-yers are creatures of the Law. Impeachment is not a matter of law but is of a higher plane which created that which then creates the law.

    Law breaking can be grounds for impeachment and removal but it is oath breaking that is the real grounds on which an impeachment is based and on which removal from power is required.

  6. The [R] after Nixon’s name was part of it but his real “sin” was his pursuit of Alger Hiss. For the left, and that was what the Democrats had become by then, he was a marked man who was to be brought low by any means that could be used.

  7. pocket pool player that baracky – see caption – “the useless search for balls”

  8. Oh, that’s a cigarette, ha ha ha, I thought he was pushing a button. He smokes cigarettes! That right there is im PEACH a bull.

  9. Just for fun, look at the photos from the hashtag #EjercitoLibertadorYDePaz, meaning Liberating Army of Peace. Many of the photos are being posted by official Chavistas and their useful idiots.

    Do those images say liberty and peace to you?

    No! Look! They save turtles!

    They are Jesus!

    Also, “They burned some of our armored cars. Don’t worry! Hundreds more are on the way!

    Also, if you leave the radio on all night and early in the AM they do a program about investment yer cash, you get really weird dreams.

  10. Roger Kimball wrote last Sunday on this subject: An ‘Outrageous Abuse of Executive Power’.

    One prominent lesson in any distinctive failure to check the abuse of power (of any sort — regardless of the origin of that abuse) is that more abuse is certain to come. See, for instance, Mr. Putin today, who has learned his lessons well — and being unchecked, proceeds apace. So it is with our political class. So it will be with our so-called political leadership.

    None of that can possibly end well.

  11. I agree, sdferr. Politicians will pretty much do as much as they can get away with to pursue their desire to remain politicians. If no one is checking their behavior, they will stop at nothing.

    Hence, what we have now, and what we will have in the future, which I believe will be worse, or at least more widespread.

  12. Horse gone?

    Well then, close the door.

    Oh, and what lesson did the horse takeaway? Yep. That’s the one.

  13. . . . to pursue their desire . . .

    Within this simple proposition, I believe, lies the origin of nearly all of human folly and wrongdoing. I have a principle which goes to that effect.

    “Never put anything smaller than your elbow with your winter coat on into your ear.”

    Oh, sorry, wrong principle. I try again.

    “Human beings are that animal which wants to have its cake and to eat it.”

    There we go, that’s the one.

  14. That letter the senators are going to send to Obama is more theater. They think we are stupid.

  15. OT: According to Nathan Phelps posting on Facebook, his father the lamentable Fred Phelps, Sr. is “on the edge” of becoming the late, unlamented Fred Phelps, Sr.

    Nathan also says his da was excommunicated from Westboro last year.

    Salt grains go well with such reports, naturally.

  16. Language crap, Paul de Man, The Nazis, and, y’know, the nazis.

  17. Secession!

    Who knew? I did not know. But it certainly makes a kind of sense.

  18. Quebec can quit Canada, join the EU and adopt the euro, until at last through other entrances and exits the European Union becomes the Francophone Union.

  19. That article on de Man is very good. Thanks, sdferr.

  20. “the European Union becomes the Francophone Union.”

    A dog to be walked on a German leash made of money.

  21. Condoleezza urges already-compromised GOP to lose even more quickly.

    She palled around with that California GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari. link a couple posts back. That one who told anyone wanting to buy 30-round machine gun magazines to eff off; his GOP creeds were too weak to support their non-inclusive child-killing ways.

    He’s why we must #AbandonTheGOP. I’d vote for his Democratic opponent before I’d vote for him. A snake in your house is more worrisome than one outside in the grasses.

  22. The GOP let go of California in 2012 expecting a thin string of independents to somehow support its weight, and predictably, it is well inside the Phantom Zone now. They ‘d best quit trying to win it back by dancing left and just let it implode under the immense force of its own profligate delusional stupidity. Let the left own their huge failures for once. Let the demons choke on their meal.

  23. The left will not own their failures in Detroit. Why would the own their failures in California?

    The only own their “successes.” If anything fails it’s because they didn’t try hard enough to do it their way.

  24. The left owns Detroit now whether they like it or accept it, or not. It cost Wisconsin their recall/right to to work fight. It cost the UAW a shot at the VolksWagon plant in Georgia.

    California will be the same. Only bigger.

  25. The UAW defeat in Georgia was not by a very large margin. There are still plenty of true believers out there.

  26. Codevilla: Lawlessness, Small and Large

    *** Once upon a time, when the Mafia used to deny that it existed, rather calling itself cosa nostra, “our thing,” America threw the book at it. Today, our ruling class denies that it is a class, calling itself “the mainstream.” Its bipartisan members deserve a rejection no less vigorous. ***

    Once lawlessness has become the arbitrary law of the land, “throwing the book” at it has by definition been abandoned as a possibility. Instead, what gets thrown will be lead.

    And there’s the rub with the abandonment of the lawfulness of impeachment. It’s the last book at avail to throw, prior to the awful prospect of generalized violence. Choose, one, or the other.

  27. >VolksWagon plant in Georgia.<

    it be tennessee

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  29. Chattanooga’s close enough to the line that when Georgia gets its hooks into the Tennessee River the VW plant will come with it.

    “Surveying error” my ass. They stole the water AND that factory from Georgia!!!!!

  30. Heh. Chattanooga is good people. Tell you what…Atlanta can have all the water it wants. Caveat being that Atlanta Jr., AKA Memphis, becomes Georgia property. Take all of northern Alabama and Mississippi you want to get contiguous land for the canal.. )

  31. >The UAW defeat in Georgia was not by a very large margin.<

    neither was alfranken's "win"

  32. Al Franken won because of vote fraud. I am sure of it.

    They claimed to have found 100 ballots in a trunk and every one of them was for Franken and Obama.

  33. We’ll take Memphis, but we’ll evict the people.

  34. They always circle the wagons and protect their own.

    It started as a plea arrangement between a lobbyist arrested for fraud and the Republican attorney general of the state of Pennsylvania. And it ended not with a bang but a whimper by the new Democratic attorney general, who shut down the investigation without filing a single charge.
    […] quotes Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane, who took office in 2013, as telling the Inquirer that the investigation was “poorly conceived, badly managed, and tainted by racism, saying it had targeted African Americans.”
    “Sources with knowledge of the sting said the investigation made financial pitches to both Republicans and Democrats, but only Democrats accepted the payments,” said the Inquirer.