March 11, 2014

Mitch McConnell to TEA Partiers: Bow before ZOD

You know you’re running with the conservative pack when you choose to bash the TEA Party in the New York Times.  And you’re prepared to do anything in your power — with all the party machinery at your disposal — to make sure you hold on to your seat at the trough.  Because if you ever did, you’ve long since stopped worrying about the wishes of the electorate, trading that in for tricks on how to manage their expectations, fluff your own voting record through procedural gambits, and both personal and crony wealth gathering.

So. Though I was out there on the tip of this particular spear when it wasn’t popular to be so — McConnell, recall, heralded the victory of Obama over McCain by announcing “the era of Reagan is over,” as if McCain was some kind of Reagan conservative and not the poster boy for the GOP wing of the Democrat party, and I blasted him for it, just one of my many unhelpful bits of exposition that has led me into the pundit wilderness — it does not make me happy, sweet sweet vindication aside, to see that, like Boehner and Rove and others before him, McConnell has taken off the mask and vowed to work to defeat every TEA Party candidate everywhere.   That is, that he’s proven he would rather be a lesser noble than one of the people who believe it necessary to challenge the king and assert their individual autonomy.

Instead, it makes me kinda nauseous, if you want the truth.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:52pm

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  1. I’m not voting for Cornyn in the general. Suck on that Establos.

  2. TEA Partiers to Mitch McConnell: Die at the end of our spear.

  3. Ted Cruz won’t endorse Mitch McConnell

    U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz will not endorse Sen. Mitch McConnell for reelection and will immediately suspend his duties as vice chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, according to the Dallas Morning News.

  4. >David Jolly (R)85,833
    Alex Sink (D)83,146
    Precincts In 208
    Precincts Total 225
    % Precincts In 92.44%<

  5. If I lived in Kentucky I would be tempted to write in Boyd Crowder for the Senate.

    “Mr. President, it is with profound regret and no small amount of schadenfreude that I stand in this chamber and remind my colleagues that what the CIA knows about you all is a flea’s eyelash compared to the mountaintops of dirt I have on each and every one of you, and ask humbly that we adopt by unanimous consent my bill declaring Harlan, Kentucky, the nation’s capital.”

  6. victory

    >David Jolly (R)88,171
    Alex Sink (D)84,810
    Other 9093
    Precincts In 225
    Precincts Tota l225
    % Precincts In 100.00%<

  7. for our host

    Mollie Hemingway argued in both a March 11 Federalist article and subsequent radio interview with Breitbart writer and WMAL host Larry O’Connor.

    “It’s time to stand up to this,” Hemingway told the Drive at Five host on his Tuesday afternoon program. “Reshaping the language is a great way to reshape the way people think and to constrain liberty. There is a whiff of fascism about it,” she argued, before adding that it furthers the Left’s “victim” narrative about girls and women

  8. This is Rand Paul’s main man, Mitch McConnell. He’s one heroic motherfucker, that Rand Paul.

  9. >that Rand Paul<

    dynastic enterprises are kinda gay

  10. Sorry melted-candle-looking smarmy piece of cow’s dung Mitch McConnell can kiss my ass. He’s not fit to even change Nancy Pelosi’s colostomy bag, because at least she’s honest about her ruling class desires.

  11. RINO DIABLO (Democrat In All But Label Only)

  12. Rand stands with Mitch.

    Even the best Rs leave much to be desired.

  13. – Progressive capitalism in action. (Because I don’t care how many times the lame-brain media, or Christie himslf says it hes a Demorat in avry way that means anything.

  14. and Sarah Palin stands with Meghan’s coward daddy

    the Rand Paul is showing the marginally better judgment I think

  15. Shorter pikachu: “But, but, but PALIN DID IT TOO!!!”

  16. No pickles for you.

  17. >I think<

    "houston we have a problem"

  18. Good lord, Jolly wins seat, Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz tweets out that Jolly’s win was really a Dem victory cuz Republicans “underperformed”.

  19. >the Rand Paul is showing the marginally better judgment <

    rand has a soft spot for elderly turtles

  20. >tweets out that Jolly’s win was really a Dem victory cuz Republicans “underperformed”. <


  21. yes yes

    the shorter version works just fine

    sorry for rambling on like I did

  22. ? for dws: does sink challenge jolly in the general in nov.?

  23. >sorry for rambling on like I did<

    so really you don't like moose hunters.

    some mitch for you pikachu

    Sing Along With Mitch

  24. thank you for that fun sing along experience with Mitch

  25. the sloppy joe recipe left my desire wanting

  26. As you have said many times, it’s the ruling class against the rest of us. Some people cheer for the ruling class, and others despise them.

    Those of us who despise them are considered crackpots, just like the Founding Fathers would be were they here now, I’m sure.

  27. If I lived in Kentucky I would be tempted to write in Boyd Crowder for the Senate.

    Aw come on! Constable Bob!

  28. Hell, just nuke him from orbit vote for the Democrat if you have to.

    It’s the only way to be sure.

  29. Well, Constable Bob is a badass, it’s true.

  30. Paul is going all in with Mitch because the whole Clinton machine is out to fix this election. Shit, the Donk Mitch is running against RUNS THE ELECTIONS and is a Clinton protégé through and through.

    Here she is:
    Secretary of The Secretary of State also serves as Chair of the State Board of Elections, an independent agency that administers the Commonwealth’s election laws, promulgates administrative regulations necessary to properly carry out its duties, supervises the registration and purgation of voters, appoints political party representatives to the 120 county boards of elections and certifies the official election results.

    So when Paul is out there hammering on Clinton’s record of sexual harassment,Newsmax, you fucking idiots, it’s because Clinton is coming to town to campaign FOR A WOMAN.

    Elections in KY are dirty, and Republicans who get elected in KY usually end up destroyed by trumped-up scandal, or in prison. This is the state machine that ruined a Ms America, and got off scot free after bugging McConnell’s last campaign.

    McConnell’s a douche ,but the TP guy doesn’t have a fucking chance in hell of winning a general election in KY against that. He’s not clean enough, and if he’s like the tea party candidates that I voted for last go-round, he’ll roll over and take it up the ass anyway.

    That’s my $.02 anyway.

  31. Rand Paul wants to be elected President in 2016. He will curry whatever favor he believes necessary with the establishment GOP to that end (they are where the money is, after all). But why not mention that?

  32. Mitch McConnell to TEA Partiers: Bow before ZOD

    Tea Partiers to McConnell: Blow us.

  33. McConnell: You dare mock me?
    Jeff: Mitch, it’s me. Of course I dare mock you.

    (I’ve been having an “x is Goa’uld” moment for the past few years now. All they have to do is get eyes that briefly glow, boombox voices and terrible fashion and it’ll match perfectly.)

  34. I heart happyfoot, he eats spunk!

  35. Well, ‘fingers, some of us have wondered about the eating part, too.

  36. Rand Paul called on Ted Nugent to apologize for calling Obama “a subhuman mongrel.”

    I don’t think a sitting US Senator should be telling a private citizen to curb his speech.

  37. There’s a #DYAC moment fer ya.

  38. I hate spunk – Lou Grant

  39. If Rand Paul thinks that he has a chance in Hell of getting any GOP Establishment support, he’s delusional, at best.