March 9, 2014

Update on Malaysian flight stolen passports [Darleen Click]

Exactly what good is a database if you never check it?

Interpol says no country checked its database for information about stolen passports that were used to board the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared with 239 people on board Saturday less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, bound for Beijing.

In a sharply worded criticism of shortcomings of national passport controls, the Lyon, France-based international police body said information about the thefts of an Austrian passport in 2012 and an Italian passport last year was entered into its database after they were stolen in Thailand.

Interpol said in a statement it was investigating all other passports used to board Flight MH 370 and was working to determine the “true identities” of the passengers who used the stolen passports. […]

A telephone operator on a China-based KLM hotline on Sunday confirmed to The Associated Press that “Maraldi” and “Kozel” were both booked to leave Beijing on a KLM flight to Amsterdam on March 8. Maraldi was then to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark, on KLM on March 8, and Kozel to Frankfurt, Germany, on March 8.

She said since the pair booked the tickets through China Southern Airlines, she had no information on where they bought them. The ticket purchases reportedly took place almost simultaneously, and the tickets were numbered consecutively, according to the BBC.

A U.S. official told Fox News that a key priority is clarifying the status of the passports, whether they were lost or stolen, and determining through airport security screening and video who got on the flight under those names.

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  1. Well-connected ‘terrorists’, since they knew that the passports, although being reported stolen YEARS AGO, were not on anyone’s watch list.

    Seems there’s gonna be plenty of clown noses passed around after all this gets sorted out.

  2. Reminds me of the underwear bomber, where the guy’s father warned the US embassy and still he was able to book a flight to the US without raising any flags.

  3. nr

    that’s spectacular!


    Quote: “A European security official said it wasn’t uncommon for passengers to board flights using stolen passports.”

  5. >that’s spectacular!<

    it is. that's why barackycare and the fda are bad for this country. the only place to innovate without big gov't interference is the 3rd world. but we need 1st world solutions to 1st world probs.

  6. correction: 1st world probs are big gov’t.

  7. Saturday European officials indicated two of the people on board were using passports that had been stolen in Thailand. On Sunday Malaysia’s transport minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, said Malaysian intelligence officials were also checking the identities of two other passengers, according to The Associated Press.

    “All the four names are with me and have been given to our intelligence agencies,” Hishammuddin said, according to The AP. “We do not want to target only the four; we are investigating the whole passenger manifest. We are looking at all possibilities.”

    The mystery deepened on Sunday as Malaysia said the flight might have turned back from its scheduled route to Beijing before disappearing.

  8. as long as everyone what what boarded the plane took their shoes off we should be all good I think

    plus you have to have certain things like deodorant and toothpaste in a freezer bag

    let’s all follow the rules from now on

  9. The mystery deepened on Sunday as Malaysia said the flight might have turned back from its scheduled route to Beijing before disappearing.

    How they know that without transmissions of any sort? Things are not being completely reported. Even 2nd-world Malasian Air has a modicum of sophistication; hell, it’s built in for them by Boeing.

  10. This could be Not-Terrorism, but something as simple as wind shear, complete loss of control, and plummeting whilst rending to ocean. But if someone needs a false flag, OPPORTUNITY!

  11. terroristic threats

    ‘Crush Them Everywhere’

  12. Everyone should own a microscope.

    And, DDT.

  13. wtd

    I don’t have the quote, but while is isn’t “uncommon” for any random flight to have a person traveling on a stolen passport (usually drug smuggling) have TWO people on a flight is very unusual … especially since it is indicated that they were traveling as a pair.

  14. “Nate Hale” always has good summaries and the latest info…:

  15. Please note that the microscope isn’t made entirely of paper.

    It still needs a lens made of glass or some such.

    Of course, that’s not as interesting as “You can make a lens holder entirely out of paper!!!!!”

  16. >Please note that the microscope isn’t made entirely of paper.<

    true. but i think the interesting thing is using advanced technology to make scientifically useful instruments, @ $0.50, for billions of people subsisting on $1-2/day. also what's more valuable to a thief: a pallet of microscopes or a pallet of printed paper?

  17. Yeah, I have to fly to Australia next month for business. I am so super stoked now! Yipee!

    What are the odds Qantas Air is going to kill me?

  18. People?

    It crashed on that island from Lost.


  19. @ $0.50, for billions of people subsisting on $1-2/day.

    As long as they have the non-paper parts sitting around, such as the tiny lenses that they use to magnify the image.

    Without the lens, the paper part isn’t even useful as bumf.

  20. Did I miss the part where you blame Obama for the missing Malaysian flight, or is that come soon?